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World 2016 - Black Ops Mod 2016-10-05

World 2016 - Black Ops Mod

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody,

    I am glad to upload a new release of the BK's mod.
    You are probably asking: "what's new this time? You have continously re-make several changes to the BK's mod...".
    Well to answer to this question the title of the mod says all.... As the title can suggest, this time I decided to improve the idea of Special Forces.
    Now every civilization has its own specifical special forces squad. How I did it? Well I didn't add new units to the mod, unfortunately I my modding skills are weak to do so. What I did is to turn the already existing specifical units of the mod into special forces:
    Here you are some example to help you understand what I did:

    - Navy Seals now are a Special Forces unit, so now they don't substitute Marines, but the Special Forces units. As result, USA now can train NAVY SEALS and also MARINES.
    - SAS now are Special Forces of UK and EU (UK is still in EU so for now it may be ok).
    - Shayetet now are Special Forces of the State of Israel
    - South American Infantry is now a Special Forces unit. They no more substitute Modern Infantry but the Special Forces indeed. I called them Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales from the special forces of Mexico really existing.
    - Indian Infantry has been turned into a Special Forces unit. As the SA infantry they no more substitute Modern Infantries. I called them Indian Para, which are very skilled paratrooper really existing in the indian army.
    - Spetznatz of Russia, I took them from the basic Special Forces unit. I just changed the name.
    - Terrorists have been turned into Special Forces of the civilization of Terrorist I added in my previous releases. I called them Foreign Fighters. They are slightly weaker than the other special forces, but even their production cost is lower. They are the unique special forces unit who cannot perform paradrops, but can attack without declaring war and perform terrorist attack in your cities.
    - Peacekeepers are special forces of UN.

    and so on...

    I did a game to test the mod and the unique bug is the paradrop of these units that in the basic mod doesn't perform paradrop. They can perform paradrop now, but you can't see the animation of the paradrop. A small bug who can be fixed adding the animation of the paradrops of these units, so everyone of good skills in modding is invited to upgrade this mod.

    Then I readded nuclear weapons which can be produced in unlimited quantities.
    The same for futuristic units like Battle Mechs and Dreadnaugh.

    I hope you enjoy, after all if you think about it, Navy Seals, SAS, Shayetet, Spetznatz, are special forces in the reallity.

    Have fun!!!


    1. black_ops_gHP.jpg
    2. african_black_ops_squad_xd9.jpg
    3. arabian_special_security_forces_HyO.jpg
    4. cuerpo_de_fuerzas_especiales_L1y.jpg
    5. foreign_fighters_56N.jpg
    6. indian_para_syP.jpg
    7. navy_seal_MXA.jpg
    8. sas_2p6.jpg
    9. shayetet_13_3qe.jpg
    10. spetznatz_cXn.jpg
    11. peacekeeper_xIq.jpg