Tensions Arising: World 2016 Scenario 2016-10-05

Tensions Arising: World 2016 Scenario

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody!!!

    Here I am uploading the upgrade of the great Barbarian King, Jedi Pimp at al. map.
    I called it Tensions Arising, according to what happened in the last few months in which relationships between Russia and the West (USA, EU, NATO and of course especially Turkey) got worse.
    What's new of this scenario. Well I increased a lot the espionage points of the big four civilization of the scenario: USA, Russia, China, EU. This is what media call: The World War III, an invisible war, not fought in the field as the past world wars but fought on the espionage.
    The Terrorists state are still present on the map, but following the suggestions of some users of this forum, I weakened their forces. Then, Ukraine and Rebel Ukrain are not at war...
    So now get ready for this Espionage World War and remember... INFORMATIONS ARE POWER!!!!!
    Another important thing.. Russia in this scenario is an economical superpower (as really is) because I added better terrain improvements, infrastructures, buildings in their cities boosting its productivity (which in the original BK's scenario was poor)

    Have Fun and Merry Christmas :):):):):):):):):):):)

    P.S. To play it just unzip and add the scenario in the Facing Terrorism Folder Mod I uploaded last year. Yeah I didn't create a new mod, just a new scenario.


    1. image_putin_a1x.jpg
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