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UI - Improved Military Overview

UI - Improved Military Overview 2.3

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Various improvements to the Military Overview popup. Very useful when managing huge armies :)
- Displays column with units' XP and Level (can be sorted).
- Displays Health Bar if unit is damaged.
- Shows icons for Great People.
- Shows Religion and Religion Spreads for religious units.
- Shows an indicator if a unit is ready for a promotion.
- Shows City Name for garrisoned units.
- Shows Fortification bonus when applicable.
- Tooltip showing Unit Type.
- Camera moves to a selected unit.
- Fix: Trade units show "Trade (Automated)".

Works with BNW, EUI and Vox Populi. Doesn't affect saved games.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.3 Compatibility with VP 1-14

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  2. Version 2.2 More improvements

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  3. VP 2/27 compatible

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  4. Support for unique names

    Added support for unique names. It will be displayed in the Name column instead of unit's type.
  5. VP compatible

    Added reference to CBO/EUI, so there's no need to delete any files from VP.

Latest reviews

Wonderful resource to identify traits, can't live without.
Very helpful, I especeially like the feature which shows the user-given names. Well done!
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