1. Thorburne

    Modding Tools availability

    So, I'm a little concerned that there has been no talk about the modding tools for Civ VI whatsoever. There was a brief mention when the game was first announce, but very little has been talked about since then. If I recall, by this time, there was much more information available about the...
  2. I

    Made a mod. Where do I post?

    I made a mod that lets you zoom in more than normal in Civ VI but since I am brand new and lack permissions I cannot post it in the mods section. How do I change that? Or can someone give me privileges?
  3. Byrnzy

    Is There An IGE Yet???

    simple question does anybody know of a IGE for Civ VI yet???
  4. Shiroifushicho

    A call to modders ! A call from modd-addicts

    CIVILIZATION 6 - A Call to Modders A call from modd addicts I am only a little a skyrim mod creator but if I were a civ6 mod creator, hell I would like to see a sum up of what I could work on. So I gathered the things brought the more often on the table in the last weeks. I also removed those...
  5. DreadHerring

    Cyrus the Great leads Persia in this Mod of Civilization VI 1.4

    The First Persian Empire Leader / Cyrus the Great Civilization Trait / Gate of All Nations Each Envoy sent to a city-state counts as two, if its Suzerain has a different government than Persia. Leader Trait / The Cyrus Charter +2% Gold per City-State you are the Suzerain of. Unique unit /...
  6. S

    Crash when loading game

    I can no longer load modded games (yes, I double-load the mods first), because while loading the save civ crashes with the following message. How do I fix this? Yes, I was using the same mods the game was saved with. Saved games just stopped working this weekend, and I can't get them to work...
  7. ariel552

    World Map with true starting locations

    I hope we can download soon a real world map with true starting locations! Have someone seen one around to download? I just can't wait! And better if we can choose between different game speeds and map sizes!
  8. Firebug

    The Ministry of Modding [Firebug and ryanjames]

    The Ministry of Modding, which concerns itself with creation, entertainment, education, and the arts. MiniMod, where mods created by Firebug and Ryanjames (and any friendly collaborators) will be showcased. No mods are currently in production, as the Ministry is currently busy "researching"...
  9. donald23

    Civ6 mods from donald23

    Hi all, Now the game is out, here are my first 3 mods!
  10. Akinaba

    [Overview] Modpacks combination (non-fictional) YOU use most

    Comming here for a long time I can see that it may be hard for a novice to look over all mods this great community made and to choose what mods in what combination and order a player should use to make his own CiV experience best. So I decided to adress the community with a question:
  11. J

    Custom Civs have wrong UA

    I just installed a large amount of custom civs from the Steam Workshop (a lot of JFD's, TPangolin, Sukr itact, MC, Mez's Japan, etc) to add some much needed variety to my games. Unfortunately a good amount, maybe 60%, have incorrect UAs. All of them have Maria Theresa's Habsburg diplomacy which...
  12. Firebug

    Firebug's Pre-Release Civ Designs

    I wanted somewhere to keep my designs, and discuss my future mods. I would then migrate to a new thread at release (similiar to the Firebug's Civilizations thread on Civ5 C&C) where i can actually post any future mods i make. Oh and maybe attract the attention of people that might want to help...
  13. V

    MODS compatible with Vox Populi (VP)

    Mods compatible with the Vox Populi (VP) This thread is meant to track compatibility of mods you might want to try in combination with the standard Vox Populi (VP) (ex Community Balance Patch). The mods are divided into following categories, each category is in its own post: Compatible "out...
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