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Did Malala fund DreamWorks' aggressive expansion in children's television in the UK and threatened the BBC with violence repeatedly?

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Nov 30, 2022
When I learned that Gladiators is returning to free to air television since 2000, I was shocked and excited to the point where I was telling people about it's return. But, then I developed a theory of why it returned and yet anime is not on BBC 3 along with Robot Wars. This connected with the idea that schools for children in developing countries didn't get the funding. Funding from her foundation that actually helped a company to have a hold on kids television despite the fact that this would have raised alarm bells for the public.

And there is no investigation into it as there's a culture around her. Not of respect, but of fear. This combined with the fact that Mysticons didn't appear in the BBC despite my letter having very good arguments for it to appear and Dragons The Nine Realms shown in it's place raised some concerns.

This led me to realize that Malala threatened violence aimed at people to get her way despite being a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Repeatedly, many times making her a shadow leader of the BBC, allowing her favourite TV shows to appear on it, the decay of impartiality in the news reports and the increasing presence of children on the news, barring Newsround for obvious reasons and it's refusal to cut off all ties with DreamWorks.

Along with the increased presence in DreamWorks' content on CITV and anything that fits her agenda rather than allowing new shows and creators to thrive, this is disturbing to say the least.

This makes me believe that Malala is a saint on camera and a bully behind the scenes who wants everything to go her way or the highway.

If these allegations are true, are those on the grounds for the Peace Prize to stripped off her?
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Any relevant links to support any of this?

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