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A Brave New World Part 2

Persia please!!!!!
Russia please. Too bad Brazil disintegrated.
Russia be quoo I'm afraid. He was unable to post but his name should be up on the front page.
My bad EQ, I just saw what people claimed. You know what I like to do in NESes, any good suggestions for what I should take?
Well let's see, if i recall you were having fun being authoritarian in Brazil, doing domestic stuff. Austria could be a solid choice for you, they have some considerable influence over their neighbors and could rebuild their empire given time and a chance. Another possibility could be the Sauk or Tennessee. Also, South America is well divided, brazil could still use a leader, as could most of the other nations. Really, there's a lot of choices.
Sounds good, I think I'll stick with Brazil this time around again.
The Republic of New England is here!
qoou said:
The Constitutional Empire of all Russias checking in.

From Russia
To New England, France

The states of Russia, New England, and France have been on amicable terms since even before the War of the Second Union. We all co-operated in China, the Middle East, and to construct a trans-continental Eurasian railroad, no half a century ago. Therefore, I, the Prime Minister of the Russian people, would like to propose that we resume our age-old alliance. Long live the Entente!

From Russia
To Afghanistan

There are many evil forces afoot in the world that seek only to destroy the livelihood of innocents, like your nation. We would therefore like to take you under our protection, much like we have done with the Muslims of the rest of Central Asia.

From Russia
To Alaska

We will gladly open talks with your government on the issue you are wishing to discuss.

blargh chicka
To: Russia, New England
From: The Imperium of France

We would be honored to reinstall the Entente, our years of friendship with Russia and New England were some of the most prosperous years for the Imperium. Long live the Entente!
To France
From New England

We would gladly reinstall the Entente.
All front page is updated, including tech tree. Update 0 will be tomorrow afternoon and orders are optional, everything except spending will be accepted.

To: Serbia
from: Greece

We would be more than happy to open up trade with our neighbors. We hope that this signals an end to Serbian duplicity and militarism.

To Serbia
From: Bulgaria, Moldavia, Translyvania

We are contented with our trade relations with the Russian Empire.
Tech trades are absolute, not blueprints.
Italy Here. It's Time to reunite the peninsula.
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