Baal Predator, Chaos Predator & Chaos Vindicator (Jan 11, 2008)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Holy lord. The 40K team are forever endebted to you mister Aaglo sir.
You're gun effects, both large-caliber and rapid-fire, are wonderful/perfect. The spiked rails on these things make them look like "cathedral tanks" or something, I know you didn't make up that style, but it's cool nonetheless.

I somewhat was expecting a camoflaged alien warrior. But these tanks are very nice as well! ;)
Great job! You just manage to keep putting them out in record time with out loosing any detail or craftsmanship. The 40K mod team definately should come up with a special unit in game to pay homage....... Or maybe a forgeworld would be more fitting!!!
Sweet units, Aaglo! Beautifully designed units, as always, and the affects when the guns are fired are excellent.
Awesome units as always! Loved the WHFB mod and Im sure 40k will be as great when its done.

Some sort of beam attack animation would be more suitable on the Chaos Predator though since its equipped with lascannons.

Erm, good point, we haven`t seen the attack in the previews.. Think you could fix it aaglo? :) Its kinda muy importante that laaayzers look like Friggin Rayz of Death..

Love the toys! :thanx:
One can configure a Predator to have either autocannons or lascannons :)
But if Aaglo wants to make another atack I sure won't object, I just think that it's not really needed :D
"you haven't seen the attack in the previews?"

I don't know what previews you are talking about, but the attack animation is included in the preview. And yep, they're autocannons - not lazers.

We'll see if I'll make a laser-version of this tank...
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