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Balthasar has died

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by Vuldacon, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Vuldacon

    Vuldacon Dedicated to Excellence Supporter

    Nov 14, 2001
    tjs282... Thank You for Uploading what you have.

    I worked on this MOD with Parker for 7 years.
    I made and finished the entire Interface and Resources wanted about 7 years ago but Parker and I disagreed on many things that I know would have expedited the Completion of this Game as well as have been more realistic in terms of Graphics, Game Play and the completion without causing any loss of what was wanted.

    Naturally, there is Much More to all of the efforts, thoughts and work between Parker and me through the past years than anyone could know but I seriously tried to help Parker and accomplished a Great Deal of Work for him for this Game.

    I made many units specifically for this Game that Parker wanted and I always thought it would be a Great Game because "Everyone Loves a Western" World Wide.... but Parker sort of "hit and missed" on working on this game and I had to wait on him.

    At one point he said he would put aside his thoughts about making the Huge Epic Game he wanted and go with what I had told him years ago but that never happened.

    Many units are not very Great and many with No Sounds and the Game play and Civilopedia sections are Not at all finished.

    A case of "biting off more than one can chew" in my opinion but I do understand his desire to have it his way... after all, one must please one's self.

    Parker was a Good Friend and I enjoyed our conversations. I seriously tried to help him through the years and I HATE that he died!

    What I have, besides the Work files, are the Biq and Files, dated December 6, 2018. IF Parker made any other additions or changes, he never told me about them or sent them to me and I spoke to him days before he died.

    We Tried to make a "Work Around" for the Transcontinental Railroad so it would work well in Game but due to the Game Tile Positions, the Track was serrated and the Train just ran a straight line across the Land (OFF Track)... I did not like that.

    I am willing to help with this Game as far as Files and speak to anyone interested in continuing it.

    The Old West MOD was Parker's original endeavor and is worth saving... especially if anyone is seriously interested in it and willing to spend a Great deal of Time and Effort toward it's conclusion.
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  2. Blake00

    Blake00 Prince Supporter

    Sep 24, 2016
    @tjs282 and @Vuldacon

    I just posted this in the other thread tjs282 linked to but I've got large file upload access so I can upload these things to here at CFC if you want? A ModDB page is always a good tribute and preservation option too.. eg you can see I recently created one (with Drift's permission) to preserve Drift's Civ3 Master of Myrror scenarios.

    Also Vuldacon I noticed your the creator of Escape of Zombie Island 2 which someone sent me as a candidate for good scifi content that could be used (with authors permission) in a Balthasar tribute mars scenario. I haven't tried your scenario yet though so I have no idea yet myself haha. I've just tagged you in it but here's a link to the discussion. As well as being Balthasar's friend I can see you're another Civ3 guru so your input would be most helpful!


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