Bread And Circuses

eek - still same problem i'm afraid xatsman - i open up the game and it still shows me as FDR having your go. its not likely to be some setting on my machine that's messing things up is it?
i don't think it is you..i think it is me...why don't you try and start a pbem game...and send it to me..if it works we can use it...if not then I will try again....
If this doesn't work then you go ahead and try g_storrow...if still doesn't work then I suggest BtS or Warlords...anyone have an issue with that?
I can only play vanilla 1.74 but will be glad to launch the game myself by tomorrow if someone backs me up. =)
I have also started and played a few games and will be glad to help out.
i just did my turn IT WORKED!! and have sent it onto on_clouds....
groovy. do we post on here when we've done a turn by the way - not sure of protocol. also, just one thing - didn't take much notice of the order of play when i started the game - just did it in order of first post. does this mean its going to be flying back and forth across the atlantic and taking days per round? should i have grouped europeans and americans?
Probably should have followed the sun except where players work odd shifts or play at work. It would take a little work. Everyone could PM you their GMT relationship and time of day played. You've started, :goodjob:
well i'll go with the majority - happy to start it again if people want to let me know their playing availability and try and make it make a bit more sense. or if you just want to plough ahead now we've started am happy with that too. let me know if you have any thoughts.
Not bothered either way but it is normal to follow the sun.
I am at GMT I play in mronnig or evenings.
jsut recieved turn by theway play soon.
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