Bread And Circuses

2 weeks with no reply =(
what do you say, should we restart the game? I could set it up and maintain the turn order and all settings discussed.
In a nutshell...

The HD on my main PC died 2 and a half weeks ago. I've installed Civ 4 on an older PC and have been able to continue play in the 5 other PBEM games that I am currently in.

However, I am having issues with this game. As stated in a previous thread, I am having issues with the player order, i.e. when I open the game it says it's someone else's turn. I did try and go in and change the "My Details" but when I tried to finish the turn, I never get the "Continue..." prompt, only the "the game has been paused..." message and I cannot do anything to end the turn so I can send the game turn on.

I am scheduled to get my main PC back tomorrow and I am planning on trying the turn on that PC but quite frankly, I dont think it'll have any impact.

Bottom line, I'd like to continue in a game with this group but if you guys want to create a new game and pass over me in the game, I won't be offended.

I appoligize for the issues...

okay then... I will launch a new game tonight... the play order will start with me and follow as previously. will post when this is done.
Could you post the order please.
order is:

onclouds...joaocarlospinheiro (at) gmail (dot) com
egypt802...egypt803 (at) hotmail (dot) com (dot) storrow (at) gmail (dot) com
kellym...eqkellmon (at) yahoo (dot) com
chasbolt...chasbolt (at) gmail (dot) com
xatsmann...jwmchughjr (at) gmail (dot) com
Bread_and_Circuses_BC-2160_to_xatsmann SENT again to be sure
this game seems dead! =0
I propose every player involved that is indeed interested in continuing the game posts in the thread and perhaps we could restart it.
another option would be someone (could be me) PM's every player in the game to see who is missing.
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