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CIV Gold 3.0 - Warlords 2.13 patch


CIV Gold - Project Lead
Nov 26, 2001
CIV Gold 3.0 Warlords 2.13 XML patch

Fierabras deserves all the credit for his hard work in getting this done and squashing many bugs along the way.


- Firaxis civilizations updated to 2.13
- CIV Gold UU's and UB's updated to 2.13
- Missing Firaxis first contact texts added
- Missing CIV Gold first contact texts added (Ho Chi Minh, Karl XII, Robert the Bruce)
- Albanian UB fixed
- Brule warroir CTD fixed
- Highlander combat animation fixed
- Missing UB strategy texts added
- Missing unit formations added (Mohawk Archer, Moorish Cavalry, Kopassus, Qimuksiit)
- Missing multilingual text tags added for French, German, Italian, Spanish
- Missing special characters fixed

Install instructions:

- Extract ZIP to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\CIV Gold3\Assets

You can get the file here:

I've got it working now. However, Qin Shi Huang's leaderhead has been replaced with Kublai Kahn's... is this right?


I do remember swapping the leaderheads when I was updating the XML. Firaxis made the actual swap and I just copied it. How it is now, it is how it should be historically. The guy with the two-pointed beard is Kublai and the other one is Qin.
I believe the correction of this notorious bug (there have been whole threads about this) was made by Firaxis in the Warlords 2.08 patch. BTS also has the correction.
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