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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    My memory only goes back as far as Civ IV. I wiped Civ III from my brain after realizing I sucked at it and didn't care about the game's world. But yes, that's true. XD
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  2. Lord Lakely

    Lord Lakely Unintentionally a feminist.

    Aug 28, 2008
    Since they're likely included in the expansion, I'd like to share my vision of this classic Civ:


    Start bias: Flatlands.

    Civ Ability:
    Yuan Empire: As long as Mongolia has access to one source of Horses, all cities suffer no penality to Loyalty from distance. Starts with the Eureka for Horseback Riding and the Inspiration for Military Tradition.

    Leader: Queen Mandukhai the Wise

    Leader Ability:
    Golden Horde: Light and Heavy Cavalry cost one gold less maintenance per unit. Defeating a barbarian or City State unit with Cavalry has a 33% chance of converting it your side (66% if the defeated unit is Cavalry).

    Leader Agenda:
    Unifier of the Steppes: Will conquer free cities whenever possible. Likes empires with positive levels of loyalty. Dislikes empires with low loyalty levels.

    Both the bonus and penalty to relations scale with the amount of cities in the empire. So, a five city empire will get a lower modifier (positive or negative) than an empire with ten cities.

    Unique Unit: Mangudai: A cavalry archer which unlocks at Stirrups (but doesn't replace the knight!!). Bonus damage vs City State units and cities.

    Unique building: Ger: Replaces Stable. In addition to the normal Stable effects, the Ger provides +1 production from pastures and one additional Great General point.
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  3. chronoturner

    chronoturner Chieftain

    Dec 4, 2017

    UA: *
    Gain +1 Culture from every unprocessed hill tile. Gain extra adjacency bonuses from unprocessed hill tiles. In addition, units defending on hills take less damage.

    UU: Stratiotet
    Although not exclusively made up of Albanians, they made up the majority of this mercenary group. They were used hired by the Venetians against the Ottomans, and would go on to make the heavy cavalry of yesterday feel out of touch with this light cavalry unit.
    Stratiotet gain +1 movement when going through hills, meaning they can move across the map with ease. In addition, the Stratiotet gain bonus damage against heavy cavalry. The Stratiotet replaces the Cavalry, and is moved earlier on the civic tree to around the same time as the Knight to be more historically accurate.

    UB: Kullë
    Replaces Fort, and serves the same function, but also provides +2 Housing.

    Leader Ability:

    Gain +5 in combat when fighting against an enemy that declared war on you. In addition, whenever you defeat an enemy on a hill tile, restore a quarter of your units health.

    Leader Agenda:
    Likes civs who share his religion, and who are not warmongers. Dislikes civs of different religions, or those who try to spread their religion to his cities.

    Leader Ability
    When an Entertainment District is placed it leads to a culture bomb of 1 tile around it. In addition, any hills which are 2 tiles around the Entertainment District are also taken. Entertainment Districts also provide an extra +1 Culture.

    Leader Agenda:
    Likes cultured civilizations, and those who compete for wonders with him. Dislikes civs that are not cultured, or civs that attack city states.

    *I'm bad at naming them so I'm just leaving the Abilities and Agenda names blank :p
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  4. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy "Save a horse..."

    Jul 14, 2013
    Since we know the Mongols are coming, here's what Firaxis ought to have done:

    Leader: Kublai Khan

    Capital: Shangdu

    Leader Ability: “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree
    • +15% to Wonder production in Shangdu during a Golden Age
    • Every Wonder in Shangdu raises the Loyalty of all Mongol cities by 5 points
    • Every Wonder in Shangdu raises the Era score needed to exceed a subsequent Dark Age for all civilizations that Kublai Khan has warred with during the current Era
    Unique Ability: The Hoard
    • Pillaging buildings, districts, or improvements grants light and heavy cavalry units health equal to the points pillaged
    • Raising cities fully heals all light and heavy cavalry units within that city
    • +10 Combat Strength to all light and heavy cavalry when defending vs. city attacks
    Unique Unit: Keshik
    • Medieval Era light cavalry (unlocks with Stirrups)
    • 120 production cost,
    • 4 Movement, additional over plains
    • Pillaging a building or improvements grants +5 to the Keshik’s ranged attack that turn (+10 for districts)
    Unique Improvement: Ger
    • +3 housing on grassland or plains, +2 housing on desert or tundra
    Agenda: ?
    Kublai will always raise captured cities...?
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  5. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy "Save a horse..."

    Jul 14, 2013
    Edited after the Rise and Fall announcement:

    Papal States
    Leader: Pope Innocent III

    Leader Ability: The Fourth Crusade
    • Receives no War Weariness or Warmongering when declaring the Holy War casus belli, which it receives immediately upon founding a Religion.
    • Any of the Papal States’ Suzerains which follow its Religion have their militaries levied at no cost for 20 turns (on Standard speed) whenever Innocent III declares a Holy War, or if a Civilization which Innocent could declare a Holy War upon first attacks the Papal States. All units immediately revert to their owner if Innocent declares any wars without utilizing the Holy War casus belli.
    • The Papal States' Cultural, Economic, Military, Science alliance types receive the Religious alliance bonuses as well. The Religious Alliance additionally receives the Military Alliance bonuses.

    Unique Ability: Pilgrimage
    • Replaces Traders with Pilgrims, who in addition to the usual trade route yields also produce Faith for the Papal States.
    • Pilgrims exert increased pressure for the religion founded by the Papal States at their destinations, and the Papal States receive no religious pressure from other Civilizations’ Religions via trade routes.

    Unique Unit: Papal Legate
    • Cheaper to produce than the Apostle, which it replaces. Each time a Papal Legate evangelizes to a City-State, the Papal States gain one Envoy there.

    Unique District: Holy See
    • Cost less production than the Holy Site District, which it replaces, and does not count against a city’s district limit.
    • The First Holy See built immediately spawns a Great Prophet if any remain.
    • Holy Sees receive an adjacency bonus for City-Centers, Wonders, and Theater Squares. This bonus is doubled where Relics are held.
    • Holy Sees increase a city’s trade route capacity by 1.

    Leader Agenda: Patrimonium Sancti Petri
    • Likes Civilizations which exert less religious pressure on City States than himself. Dislikes Civilizations that evangelize to or convert City-States.
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  6. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy "Save a horse..."

    Jul 14, 2013
    Leader: Eva Perón

    Leader Ability: Jefa Espiritual de la Nación

    • During a Golden Age, doubles the Culture and Great Person Points per turn from Amphitheaters and Broadcast Centers
    • During a Dark Age, cities with Broadcast Centers cannot secede due to lack of Loyalty
    • Gain Era Score whenever completing construction on an Amphitheater or Broadcast Center
    Unique Ability: Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre, La Reina del Plata
    • Bonus resources behave like Luxuries, granting +1 Amenity per resource
    • (This is the suzerain bonus of Buenos Aires currently)
    Unique Unit: José de San Martín

    A Great General that spawns immediately upon using Liberation, Reconquest, or Protectorate casus belli
    • Aura: +10 Attack against the District Defenses of the specific cities in need of liberation
    • Retirement: +1 Governor Title
    Unique District: Casa Rosata
    • Replaces the Government Plaza
    • New Governors trained here begin with a free promotion
    Leader Agenda: Peronismo
    Like Civilizations that strike a balanced generation of Culture, Gold, and Science. Dislikes Civilizations that focus too much on one to the detriment of the others.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
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  7. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy "Save a horse..."

    Jul 14, 2013
    Updated ideas for Babylon if it's in the Rise and Fall Expansion:

    Leader: Hammurabi

    Leader Ability: Code of Hammurabi
    • Upon completing a Government Plaza building, receive all three Legacy Policy cards associated with that Government Tier
    • Can re-slot policies or switch government once a turn without paying gold to do so or receiving any penalties for returning to a previous government
    • Founding your first city triggers an inspiration for Code of Laws
    Unique Ability: Babylonian Captivity
    • Whenever a warring civilization agrees to a peace treaty, Babylon receives half of its accumulated Great Person points per each Great Person type
    • Capturing a Great Person from another civilization grants Babylon a Governor Title
    Unique Unit: Bowmen
    • Replaces Archer. Bonus to Attack when garrisoned in Babylonian cities, and bonus to defense against foreign cities' strikes.
    Unique District: House of Wisdom
    • Replaces the Library
    • +2 Science
    • +1 Great Scientist point per turn
    • +1 Great Writer point per turn
    • +3 slots for Great Works of Writing
    • Great Works of Writing slotted in Houses of Wisdom produce Science instead of Culture
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  8. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy "Save a horse..."

    Jul 14, 2013
    Someone in the thread “Based on the new features - which civilizations and leaders should be introduced in R&F?” facetiously suggested the Confederacy, but I’d love to see their inclusion. The American Civil war was a fascinating period in history with compelling personalities on both sides, and feeding the American South into Firaxis’ alt-history generator would make for some compelling counterfactuals.

    Dixie Empire
    Leader: Robert E. Lee

    Leader Ability: Gods and Generals
    • Third tier Worship buildings provide +1 Great General points per turn
    • Military Academies provide +3 Faith per turn
    • Half cost to produce or purchase either
    • Half cost for purchasing Great Generals with Faith
    • All Great Generals can use their retirement ability an additional time
    Unique Ability: Peculiar Institution
    • International overseas trade routes to Confederate cities generate a free Builder
    • International trade routes (land or sea) from Confederate cities to cities with an Industrial Zone yield +1 gold per Antebellum Plantation
    Unique Unit: Johnny Reb
    • Replaces Ranger
    • +10 melee and ranged strength in Confederate territory
    • -5 melee and ranged strength outside Confederate territory
    • Has a chance to capture enemy military units and turn them into Builders
    Unique Improvement: Antebellum Plantation
    • Replaces Plantation
    • +2 Culture
    • +1 Gold
    • +2 Food
    • +1 Housing
    • Yields increase exactly as the regular Plantations
    Agenda: "T'is a Land Not Soon Forgotten"
    • Likes civilizations that send an overseas trade route or develop numerous industrial zones. Dislikes civilizations with whom the Peculiar Institution does not synergize.
  9. clapyourhands

    clapyourhands Chieftain

    Jul 16, 2017
    The California Republic

    Unique Ability: Gold Rush
    Mines provide +0.5 housing. Other civilization's trade routes to California provide them with +2 Gold; California receives +10% population growth per each civilization sending a trade route to it, up to a maximum of 30%.

    Unique Improvement: Long-Tom
    Unlocks with Construction. Must be built next to a river. Provides +2 Gold. Also provides +1 Production for each adjacent mine.

    Unique Unit: Forty-Niner
    Replaces the Settler. Settling next to a mineable resource or river will claim all of its surrounding tiles, even those owned by foreign cities (if Mining has been researched, a mine will be built on the resource).

    (Alternatively to the UU...
    Unique Building: Saloon
    Replaces the Arena. Does not provide base Amenities, but provides +1 Amenities for adjacent improved Wine, Tobacco, or Wheat resource.)

    Unique Building: Forty-Niner

    Leader: John Fremont

    Leader Ability: Pathfinder

    Reconnaissance units gain +1 Movement and can cross hills with no penalty. Gain points towards a governor title when a reconnaissance unit is promoted.

    Agenda: Westward Ho!
    Likes civilizations who explore and develop their territory with improvements. Dislikes civilizations who do not explore and leave land undeveloped.


    I decided to focus strictly on Gold Rush-era California, post-Bear Flag Revolt but pre-statehood. That does make "The California Republic" a bit of a misnomer, but so are "Indonesia" and "Germany". For this reason I stayed away from Mexican goverment-based units and infrastructure as well as the agricultural and cultural aspects of later California.

    The crux of the playstyle I had in mind for California was to grow fast, but haphazardly and maybe a bit recklessly. One of the biggest problems of early Gold Rush "politics" (if you can call it that) was the mess of land rights after the Mexican-American War. People flooding to the west paid no heed to things like "property rights", for various reasons (Mexico had lost the war to America, so Mexicans also lost their land to Americans; Manifest Destiny; etc.) They settled where there was gold, period. The Forty-Niners didn't arrive at the start of the rush, but they're synonymous with it, and a land-stealing ability fit right in with the haphazard settling of Californian cities. Until the later years, such cities weren't even cities at all, really; just locales in places conveniently situated near gold where wooden shacks and tents could be erected. Obviously this will likely piss off the original land owners, but it fits with the theme: "mine now, figure out the rest later."

    The civ ability provides housing from mines, which I thought would be very fitting; housing is the cap at which your population can comfortably live, and while the mines didn't provide more housing in that sense, they did encourage miners to lower their expectations of living conditions, drastically. This is the first half of California's population-growth oriented ability. The other plays off of the influx of immigration to the region by increasing population growth based on trade with other civilizations. To be the most accurate, this perhaps should have been based off of tourism, but tourism is such a late-game factor that population growth wouldn't be very useful by the time California had enough of it. With a boost to growth and to housing, California would be poised to rapidly increase in size; but again, it pushes to the side a few other important factors, namely food and amenities. Both of these were also severely lacking in Gold Rush life, with food prices being ridiculously inflated, and gambling and drinking being the main ways to obtain the latter. It's also important to note that this deficiency also translates to very low loyalty in California cities, however large or expansive they might be; the miners were never loyal to a nascent state-to-be, but only to gold and how to obtain it.

    The saloon is an alternative to the Forty-Niner UU that does deal with the amenities issue in exchange for the land-grabbing ability. I wasn't sure which fit better--the UU ties in more with the haphazard settling at the start of the rush, while the UB ties in more with the gradual town development towards the middle and end of the rush. I'm leaning towards the UU since the playstyle would be more unique.

    Fremont led a number of (somewhat reckless at times) expeditions westward and also was a major player in California politics as well. Given the strength of California's other uniques, I thought this one could be simpler and more easily tunable; faster Scouts help find more places to settle, especially in hilly areas, and the government title progress can be easily tuned so that it isn't excessive.

    Overall, California is meant to grow big and grow fast, but also struggle at odds with its own size due to food shortages, lack of amenities, and disloyalty. It is encouraged to grab land whether it is already taken or not; claim the land and its resources now, and deal with the consequences later.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  10. TahamiTsunami

    TahamiTsunami Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2017
    Based on the Civ V custom civ by Colonialist Legacies and Firebug.


    Leader: Gush X'een

    A Tlingit chief who (with a killer whale headdress and staff of office) may have been similar to Gush X'een.

    Capital City: Ch’aal’in
    Gush X'een lived in this village but the custom civ for Civ 5 had Chilkat as the capital so I'm not sure if that should be the one to use or not.

    Icon: Killer Whale

    Agenda: Woosh yáa awudaéi
    Means 'respect for each other.' Likes civs that ask for a peace treaty when possible and who don't pillage enemy tile improvements. Dislikes civs that have wars last longer than necessary and that pillage enemy tile improvements.

    LA: The First Chief Shakes
    Peace treaties heals all units on both sides and last twice as long. A Great General is earned at the start of each era and can have additional charges for their bonus abilities if the Tlingit are in a Golden or Heroic Age.

    UA: People of the Tides
    Each resource provides +2 Production and Housing. If war is declared on the Tlingit, all units gain +3 Movement and Visibility on shallow water and coastal tiles (+1 on all other tiles).

    UU: Xaa
    A ranged unit with melee defense that can also attack while in water.

    UI: Noow
    Provides +2 Culture and +10 Combat Strength to units on adjacent tiles.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
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  11. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Nice images, but how will the unique buildings, etc be improvements on the original? You could add text to signify the bonuses of the unique buildings and unique units. :)
  12. Authopius

    Authopius Chieftain

    Dec 28, 2017
    Quezon City, Philippines
    The Philippine Republic


    Emilio Aguinaldo



    Tapat sa Katauhan (Meaning "Faith In Humanity")

    Likes Civilizations which have at least one allied Civilization and one or less Enemies
    Dislikes Civilizations which have at least two enemies, regardless of allies

    Leader Ability:
    • Holy Sites adds +4 (instead of +2) to Faith yield for each adjacent Natural Wonder, +2 (instead of +1) to Faith yield for each adjacent Mountain tile, and +1 (instead of +½) to Faith for each adjacent district tile and each adjacent unimproved Woods tile.
    • Free Great Writer appears in capital upon discovering Writing
    • Free Great Artist appears in capital upon discovering Education
    • +20% Production if Catholicism religion is chosen

    Unique Ability:

    Tiwala Sa Diyos

    • All land units recieves +15% Strength if an enemy is inside their territory (Disappears when no enemy units are inside territory)
    • Missionaries have an additional +1 movement

    Unique Improvement:

    Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan

    Must be built on a Hill. Provides +3 Food, +1 Housing, and +2 Culture

    Unique Unit:

    • Katipunero

    Replaces Pikeman of the Medieval Era. Melee Strength reduced from 41 to 38. Production cost reduced from 200 to 150. Maintenance reduced from 3 to 2. Same Movement

    • Mounted Katipunero

    Replaces Knight of the Medieval Era. Melee Strength reduced from 48 to 45. Same Production Cost. Same Maintenance. Same Movement. Receives Barding I Promotion for free.

    • Balanghai

    Replaces Quadrireme of the Classical Era. Melee strength reduced from 20 to 10. Ranged Strength increased from 25 to 30. Attack Range increased from 1 to 2. Movement reduced from 3 to 2. Same Production Cost.

    Unique Building:

    • Simbahan

    Replaces Temple. Production Cost increased from 105 to 120. +5 Faith (x2 with Simultaneum Policy). +2 Citizen Slot. +1 Great Prophet per turn. +1 Relic Slot. -5% Faith Cost for Religious Units (Can be stackable up to 10).
    • Kubo Post

    Replaces Trading Post. +2 Gold if placed near the capital.

    (BONUS) City Name Order:

    Manila (Capital)
    Quezon City

    Cebu City
  13. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy "Save a horse..."

    Jul 14, 2013
    Leader: Hernán Cortés

    Leader Ability: El Virreinato de Nueva España
    • Each Silver mine in Mexican Territory grants +1 Trade Route capacity
    • Building a Silver mine grants a free trader
    • +1 gold per Silver mine in the sending city on international trade routes
    Unique Ability: Mestizaje
    • Missionaries receive the ability to convert adjacent Barbarians
    • Tribal villages always grant a Population point in addition to their random bonus
    • Mexican cities receive the special district project Día de los Muertos (grants faith, tourism, and amenities if the city has a Worship Building, Broadcast Station, and/or Stadium, respectively)
    Unique Unit: Vaquero
    • Replaces Cavalry, but available earlier at Gunpowder
    • 4 movement, 55 combat strength
    • Treats Pastures as if they were Forts (+4 defensive strength and 2 turns of fortification)
    • Building a Pasture over Cattle after researching Gunpowder generates a maintenance-free Vaquero on the tile
    Unique Improvement: Cantina
    • Must be built Dessert or Plains tiles with a road
    • Acts as a trading post, extending the reach of Mexico’s Trade Routes and increasing their gold yield
    • Increased tourism to civilizations connected to Mexico by trade routes passing over a Cantina
  14. Lord Lakely

    Lord Lakely Unintentionally a feminist.

    Aug 28, 2008


    Leader: Tigran II
    Spoiler :
    Leader Agenda: Holder of the Primacy: Approves of Empires with loyal cities. -2 relations for every city in your empire which is losing loyalty, -20 for 50 turns if one of your cities declares independence. +2 for every non-capital city in your empire which isn't losing loyalty; +10 if none are (bigger bonus applies).

    Armenia's Unique Ability: Vadar
    van: All Cities on Hills or next to Mountains have instant access to fresh water. Aqueducts provide +1 Amenity and +1 additional housing.

    (note: this means Armenian Aqueducts function like Roman Baths. Romans still have the best Aqueduct however, since theirs is half price.)

    Tigran's Leader Ability: Nakharar: Forts within your borders do not replace Farms, Mines or Khachkars if built on top of them and exert loyalty pressure. Military Engineers unlock at Engineering, have +1 charge and cost 25% less.

    (note: the Forts on top of mines and farms are destroyed if tile is claimed by an enemy. The forts on top of Khachkars are maintained as the Khachkar is destroyed instead.)

    UU: Ayrudzi

    Heavy Cavalry between the Chariot and the Knight. Unlocks at Horseback Riding and upgrades to both Knights and Tanks. Takes 20% less damage from melee attacks (this bonus is doubled to 40% vs Ranged attacks).

    (note: the upgrade to both Knight and Tank is added to allow the player to still build Ayrudzi after Stirrups, since they are an excellent counter to medieval and renaissance archers and siege)

    UI: Khachkar

    +1 Identity, Faith and Culture per adjecent mountain. Can only be built next to mountain tiles.

    (note: This also works on mountain National Wonders like the Kilimanjaro and the Matterhorn)

    City List:
    Spoiler :

    (The first half of city list largely takes the Armenian (or Urartuan) names of historical cities which were important during Tigran's reign. (e.g. Yerevan = Erebuni, Artashat = Artaxata). Further down the line, you'll find important cities during the medieval kingdom and present-day Armenian republic for a more overal spectrum of this fascinating civilization.)
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  15. Stomper66

    Stomper66 Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2018
    Leader: Hiawatha

    Capital: Onondaga
    Leader Ability: Founder of the Five Nations
    • Trade routes to other civilisations in alliance with Iroquois provide +2 Production +2 Science for Iroquois.
    • Trade Routes from other civilisations in alliance with Iroquois provide +2 Gold and +2 Culture to that civilisation and +2 Gold for Iroquois.
    • Iroquois gain 5% Science from every civilisation declared friend who have a trade route with the Iroquois
    Unique Ability: Strategic Alliances
    • All land units receive +1 combat strength for every declaration of friendship the currently hold and +1 combat strength for every alliance that they currently hold.
    • All land units receive +5 combat strength when fighting a joint war with an ally.
    Unique Unit: Mohawk Warrior
    • Unique melee unit that replaces the musket man after gaining the gunpowder technology.
    • Does not require nitre.
    • Movement bonus when moving through forest tiles.
    • Heals at every turn. Even after moving or attacking. (This is based on the iroquois concept of mourning wars where defeated rivals would join the iroquois to replenish numbers.)
    Unique Tile Improvement: Longhouse
    • Unique tile improvement that comes available after the irrigation technology
    • +1 Housing +1 Culture +1 Production +1 Food
    • +2 Production + 2 Food and +2 Gold to every unworked forest tile adjacent to the longhouse
    • +1 Production to forest tiles adjacent longhouse if adjacent river, +1 When steel technology is unlocked.
    • Longhouse provides additional +1 housing after sanitation technology is unlocked.
    • Longhouse improvements cannot be built next to each other
    AI Agenda
    • Likes civilisations who have sent a trade route to his cities. Does not like civilisations with few trade routes or have not sent a trade route to him.
    The Iroquois are meant to play as a civ who settle in heavily forested areas to make the most use out of their longhouse tile improvement. Their starting bias for starting near forests would be 1 or 2. The iroquois would turtle up in these areas concentrating on food, gold, culture and production. In the mid game the Iroquois could catch up on science through forming alliances and sending trade routes to these civilisations. The Iroquois could also become much more aggressive and expansionist in the renaissance era as they will gain access to their unique unit and will gain a large combat bonus from fighting joint wars with allies. When the Iroquois learn to plant new forests, form more alliances and create additional trade routes they could go on to become a production and science powerhouse, making them a strong contender for the science victory.

    Because there is little information on Hiawatha Firaxis could take some artistic license with the new leader. I would like to see a Hiawatha who is lacking in science at the start but eventually beats other civilisations at their own game by boosting his science through trading and eventually becoming the undisputed leader in technology. It would also be nice to see him not as just some stereotypical passive peaceful native American ( ''Oh hey pound maker'') but as a cunning leader who draws his strength through trade and alliances and fights opportunistic joint wars. It would be good to maybe make Hiawatha intimidating, industrious and slightly sinister. I was thinking along the lines of Magua from the last of the mohicans. I've added some pictures to give an idea of how I envision the Iroquois.


    Hiawatha based on this Badass


    Mohawk Warriors
    balance-of-honesty.jpg BU00034lg.jpg
    Iroquois bennefitting through trade and alliances.

    A good idea to introduce the iroquois would be a French Indian war scenario where the civ plays the British and French off against each other and uses trade the terrain and its unique unit and abilities to come out on top from the conflict. Sorry for the long post i'm just really passionate about this civ and i don't think i'm the only one so please let me know what you think.
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  16. Uberfrog

    Uberfrog Warlord

    Jun 26, 2007
    Nice ideas, if possibly a little strong. The longhouse in particular would give the Iroquois a very good start with a forest bias.

    You could pretty much repeat the leader ability for a female leader in Jigonhsasee, who according to tradition co-founded the confederacy with Hiawatha and the Great Peacemaker (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jigonhsasee).

    A more historical leader would be Thayendanegea (aka Joseph Brant), but I see the appeal of a pre-colonial leader for a Native American civ, even if the details are sketchy.
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  17. Stomper66

    Stomper66 Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2018
    Thanks for letting me know what you think. Yeah the longhouse might be OP but it only works with forest tiles and to find a large area of it is quite rare in my experience. Plus they would have to sacrifice farms and districts to preserve forests I based it on Indias stepwell, which look beautiful by the way.

    Ergh yeah i thought that. Jigonhsasee one of the 3 founders of the confederation. I couldn't find much more information on her than that to be honest. I thought about adding her as an alternative leader and swapping the science benefits for culture ones. But I think a female leader concentrating on trade and alliances would be to similar to Cleopatra or Jadwiga.

    It's not how i image the Civ leader to be though Iroquois would play as an industrial militant opportunistic civ and I can't imagine Jigonhsasee representing that. I definitely can't see the great peacemaker representing that. Would want to steer away from the more modern era leaders.

    Tell you what i don't want to hijak this thread because it's for everyone to design their own civ. I will set up a new thread about native American civ ideas or just a thread about the Iroquois or something.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  18. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Judging by her Wikipedia entry, Jigonhsasee would bring housing and diplomatic/alliance bonuses, and either an agenda or leader ability named "Mother of Nations".

    She seems to have been very important for the founding of the Iroquois Confederacy given that her hearth was a neutral zone for all, including warriors (Jigonhsasee means "she who lives on the road to war"). So there is a slight avenue for giving her military alliance bonuses too, or maybe healing wounded units faster near neutral territory, etc.

    I think Jigonhsasee could mesh well with the trade related bonuses you considered in your Iroquois Civ idea. :)
  19. Stomper66

    Stomper66 Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  20. AnonymousSpeed

    AnonymousSpeed Pink Plastic Army Man

    Nov 21, 2014
    Spoiler :

    Leader: The Queen

    Capital: Uganda

    Leader Ability: Marriage to Da Commanda
    • Capital City acts as a Great General
    • Gain Faith when Great Generals are recruited or retired

    Unique Ability: De Wey
    • Permanent diplomatic visibility boost with civilizations you have a road connecting to a city of

    Unique Unit: Knuckles

    • Replaces every military unit.
    • Similar to the War Monk, it increases in power over the game through unique promotions
      • Promotions include making clicking sounds (a superior version of war cry) and spitting on enemies to give them ebola
    • Gains additional strength when certain technologies are researched

    Unique District: VR Chatroom
    • Doesn't actually take up any space because it's virtual
    • Provides Amenities, Culture and Tourism

    Agenda: "Do You Know De Wey?"
    • Likes civilizations with Ebola, dislikes those without
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