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Dedicated to Excellence
Nov 14, 2001
Greetings Zombie Fans!
Welcome to Escape From Zombie Island 2 Elite
by Vuldacon Game Updated December 10, 2022

The New Biq is now EFZI2 Elite v5

Name Change to separate this version from past versions.
Same Game with New Units, Key Locations, Improvements and adjusted Game play factors.
The included "Game Update List" states the adjustments and Additions.

The Zombies intend to Conquer You!


Including Special Guest Star Appearances from resident Civfanatics. :cool:
I thank all of the individuals who contributed to the development of this Game in its beginning along with those of you who have played the past versions. Prepare for an Elite Challenge!
Previous Credits from EFZI2 Complete can be found:
This game has a long history and required thousands of hours of ongoing work to develop. I want to express my Appreciation and Thanks to those of you who have played the previous versions of this Game. You helped make it a real pleasure for me to continue working to develop this New Elite Game Version. Credit goes to Firaxis for the Great Civilization Games that made this MOD/Scenario possible. Each Unit and Game folder has a "Read Me" File with credits.

Extra Special Thanks goes to my Wife, Elizabeth, for her Loving Support, Patience and Understanding.

I wish you all the Best experience in your game play and hope you Enjoy Escape From Zombie Island 2 Elite :)

EFZI2 Elite was made from the Original CivIII/Conquests Game with No Changes to the original programing.
NOTE: If you use Flintlock's MOD such as the latest R15 version, you will have to adjust for the Game to play correctly.

* D O W N L O A D *

***** Download EFZI2_Elite Zip File Updated December 10, 2022:


Requirements: This is a MOD/Scenario for Civilization III v129f, Conquests, v 1.22 and Play the World v1.27f.
These all are now collectively together as Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete.

Download the Zip File and extract All Files to: Civilization III/Conquests/Scenarios Folder.

To Play:
Start Civ III Conquests and select "Civ-Content", then select "EFZI2 Elite v5" Scenario.

Please Review and Consult the Civilopedia for Game Information.
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Key Location Example

Elmo's Farm Trucks

More Examples

Spoiler :

*****These are a few more examples of the 98 Key Locations in the Game*****

Police Department:

Chemical Factory

Detective's Office

Chainsaw Club

Security System

Paratrooper Academy

Mike's Auto Shop

Acme Hazardous Transports

Movie Theater

Machine Gun Facility

Survivors Think Tank

Great Crab Cove

Security Bot Factory

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The Beautiful Adventure Island

Screen Shots

Spoiler :

Kill Giant Squids

Zeb's Farm

Dead Room

Dark Sky IV

HazMat Office

Bull Barn

Kitty Shack

Company Spaceship

Company Launches Spaceship... Escape Victory

Zombies Offer Zeb Peace
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Additional Game Information
There are:
5 Playable Factions
103 Key Locations
4 Minor Locations
58 Improvements
52 Capabilities
55 Resources
258 Base Units

Starting Buildings:
Zombies - 31
Authorities - 7
Company - 7
Farmers - 4
Survivors - 6

1825 Sated Alpha Zombies

Situation Advisor = Domestic Advisor
Trade Advisor = Same
Combat Advisor = Military Advisor
Faction Advisor = Foreign Advisor
Status Advisor = Cultural Advisor
Strategy Advisor = Science Advisor

Capture or Rescue Unit List:
Annihilator Project All Factions
Captain Spiff All Factions
Cargo Truck No Fuel All Faction
Dr Lazar Company and Zombies Only
Elvis Putnam ALL Factions
Friar Thomas All Factions
Jake Stranded All Factions
Jeff Morris Survivors, Farmers and Zombies Only
M1 Mech Project Company Only
Mr T Drugged All Factions
Rescue Helicopter Disabled All Factions
Reverend Simmons Survivors Only
Sam Hammer ALL Factions
TARDIS All Factions
Steam Road Roller Disabled All Factions
US Marshal Stranded All Factions
Waterfall All Factions, No Upgrade

Most of the above Units can be rescued or captured by Any Faction and they can be recaptured until they are Upgraded.

Units that will be Killed or Destroyed by other Factions.

Dr Lazar
Jeff Morris
M1 Mech Project
Reverend Simmons
UH34 Helicopter

IF you would like to print out the Zombie Capabilities and Turn Times to view as you play... here you go. NOTE that you can also use the "Capability Guides" I placed in Game Concepts.

Zombie Capability Turn Times:

Mmmm Brains........14 Turns
Damned Dogs.........28 Turns
The Mutation..........42 Turns
Species Jump........56 Turns
Zombiegeddon........70 Turns
Horrible Things........84 Turns
The Dreaded...........98 Turns
The Omega...........112 Turns
Deadly Evolution....126 Turns
Domination............140 Turns or earlier with Dark Sky IV

Adjustments- December 10-2022
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Argl! I had just almost managed to survive in the last version! I fear to discover the new horrors! Downloading tonight in terrified anticipation! Argl! :eek:

PS. Thank you for many hours of fun horror! :goodjob:
Playing as any of the Human Factions, you will need to seriously help the Other AI Human Factions. Otherwise the Zombies will capture them and gain more power.
Please read the top list of additions and adjustments in the Game Update List included in the Download File.
Also consult the Civilopedia.

You may experience what seems like a slow or quiet period anywhere around turn 20 through turn 30+. This is due to the Zombies spread out fighting all Human Factions as well as building their Improvements.
So don't be fooled into thinking it will all be too easy. Go for all you can because there will be Major Hordes to deal with.

Because there will be many Zombie Units to deal with, you should gain at least 50 Great Leaders that you can Upgrade to Champions by the end of the game.

The Zombies will have you spread out all over the Map, helping the other Human Factions but eventually you will gain Great Power.
I am sure everyone will like the Annihilator Armed that now can Move/Shoot 50 times.

Very Important to be in a Good Position by the Omega, Turn 112.

Just to mention a few additions:
The Steam Road Roller at City Utilities, can be Upgraded when you gain Do It Yourself and build a Machine Shop there. It can transport 1 unit and repair Roads as well as Run Over Zombies :)
The US Marshal awaits your rescue at the Penal Colony.
The Cargo Truck in the Warehouse can be Upgraded and Transports 8 Units.
Each Human Faction has an additional Starting Champion.

Zombies have several New Units and will be more aggressive over all.

Your decisions and how you play will Affect the AI Game Play, so in that sense you are programing your Game from what has been programed :)

I recommend spreading out your Cars and Trucks so they are ready to use when needed such as taking a Great Leader to a Building that has a Machine Shop for immediate Upgrade to a Champion and also to be able to transport many Lethal Shooting Units where you need them fast. Line them up in a Chain so you can use each of them to Transport Units long distances.

Keep your Population as Happy as you can with as much entertainment you can apply... "We Love the King" will greatly help you.
I always sell the Security Cameras in each Building when I build the Security System at the Detective Agency. This will provide you a Few Thousand Supplies if you have Many Buildings.

Other Tips to Help:
When you want to Build an Improvement or Key Location, you can see how many Shields your Building makes each turn then divide the Shield Cost to Build the Key Location or Improvement with the number of shields the Building makes each turn. Then set the Building to Make a New Headquarters. Before the Headquarters Builds, change it to Build what you want.

Due to the way the Turns are set up, when it is your Turn and the Advisor Pops Up, go to the Situation Advisor Screen. Navigate to the Building where you want to Immediately Build a Key Location or Upgrade a Unit and Spend the Supplies to build it immediately. Then when you get out of the Building, your Turn Starts and You will have it that Turn. I do this on many things such as Sewer Tunnels and Mike's Auto Shop, etc...

This technique also works with the Annihilator Armed.

Time Matters... plan and take action. By knowing what to expect, you can plan better.

By the End Game on turn 121 Play Testing as the Survivors, I Captured 3 Farmer Buildings, 3 Company Building and 3 Authorities Buildings... All Dead. Yes, I planned and prepared for a couple of turns before.
The reason for Capturing all 9 Faction Buildings was because they all had Mutual Protection Pacts and I did not want them to gain more power as they were basically guarded by the position of my Buildings from the Zombies. I make this point to state that you will have Great Power toward the end and Extreme Power at the end so when you are overwhelmed at certain times during your game, hang in there. Vengeance will be yours :)
Must… test game… kill Zombies… survival… necessary… supplies…
I have started my first ever Farmers game. At first I have planned to be an Evil Farmer and take Human buildings for myself, but ended up taking over Dog Pound and immediately getting in war with Zombies due to Sam Hammer. Oh well...
You're playing as the Farmers without taking back Human buildings? That's not how to play 'em, ma boy.
Is this "elite" in the sense of radically increased difficulty compared to earlier versions? Or is "elite" used in the sense of it being more like a "director's cut"?

Both but yes, it is set up to be more challenging as well as new additions.
Same Game with More to consider, deal and play with.
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