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    EDIT: Fall Further is going into a "development hibernation" phase so that we can really evaluate what is working and what is not and form ourselves a solid plan for the (potentially) years to come. It may be a while till any major updates are released, but once they are we should have a very solid plan as a team for where we are going and what we are adding.

    For now, I bring you Patch C (version 3): Version 3 due to inclusion of a few small initial (mostly cosmetic) bugfixes.

    Fall Further Patch C(rev 673-729)

    New/Changed Features

    1. New Button Art for Orcish racial promotion
    2. Chislev Mounted units can now gain Orc Slaying
    3. Added "Obscured Line of Sight" mechanic. Archery units in a tile containing Forest, Ancient Forest, or Jungle, recieve no defensive bonus from it, and a penalty to ranged attacks/first strikes.Units with any of the following promotions are immune to this effect
      • Woodsman I
      • Woodsman II
      • Elven (Wood Elf)
      • Elven (Dark Elf)
      • Giantkin
      • Flying
      • Natural Habitat (see below)
    4. Wall Defender now gives +1 Ranged Strength, and +10% Ranged attack damage limit.
    5. Archery units can now gain Wall Defender if the city contains Summoned Walls of Stone, from the Earth I spell.
    6. Rogue (Austrin Scout UU) Gains +25% withdrawal chance
    7. Rogue, Explorer, Tracker, given Adventurer as free promo, to solve issues with the trait not quite working.
    8. Trackers can now carry a hawk
    9. Added CIV4GameText_Promotions.xml for promotion related text keys.
    10. Bhall will no longer spawn Gretchin (for now, might bring them back in future). They are only for the Clan of Embers now
    11. Skeletons get +20% vs Archery units
    12. Skeletons get Free Unit promotion
    13. Barbarian Goblin archers get no defensive bonuses
    14. Pyre zombie penalty vs archers reduced to 15% (from 40%)
    15. Building Glory Everlasting now lowers the armageddon counter significantly.
    16. All Tier IV Priests now have Medic III, and can cast Heal. Full list of units affected
      • Runekeeper
      • High Priest of Leaves
      • High Priest of Winter
      • Prior
      • Luridus
      • Profane
      • Speaker (the Overlords priest)
      • Doomgiver
    17. Maximum awakened spawns for Scions of Patria Increased
    18. Awakened spawn rate decay decreased. Will diminish slower.
    19. Softened difficulty modifiers for Awakened spawning.
    20. Added slightly new Doomsayer art. He has a new helmet-less head. Doomgiver is unchanged.
    21. Ira will now gradually lose strength over time if they're not killing things. They have a 33% chance per turn to lose 1 strength point.
    22. Merged in new FFH Art by seZereth:
      • Elohim Scout
      • Elohim Hunter
      • Elohim Adept
      • Elohim Mage
      • Elohim Axeman
      • Elohim Champion
      • Elohim Archer
      • Elohim Horseman
      • Elohim Chariot
      • Elohim Longbowman
      • Elohim Horsearcher
      • Balseraph Chariot
    23. Only living units can be poisoned now.
    24. "Which Leader?" text for Temple of the Gift, Imperial Cenotaph, Korinna, and the Risen Emperor.
    25. "In a Bright Land" story added for the leaders Risen Emperor and Korinna (Parts I and III), Awakened (Part II), and Cathedral of Rebirth (Part IV). (Korinna's former leader text moved to Martyrs of Patria.)
    26. Reborn discount number-of-buildings fix. (odalrick)
    27. New Scion World Spell: The Breach. (All python heavy-lifting by odalrick.)
    28. Added "Natural Habitat" promotion. Autoaquired/Mustmaintain by lizardmen in jungles. Gives:
      • +5% Heal rate
      • +1 first strike
      • +10% withdrawal chance
      • +55 workrate
      • Immune to Obscured Line of Sight
    29. Reduced Lizardman jungle combat bonuses slightly, to 20%
    30. Illian Temples of the Hand now give +2 :culture: and +1 :gold: as well as having a massive AI weight. Lose the +20% :culture:. This should ensure the AI builds them ASAP
    31. Added Trollkin racial promotion. Given to trolls instead of Giantkin. It has the same effects as giantkin, and trolls will still get the Giantkin age bonuses, plus:
      • Heals while moving
      • +10% heal rate
      • -75% fire resistance (trolls are massively weak to fire)
    32. Removed troll "Regeneration" mechanic. This is now incorporated into their racial promotion.
    33. Dwarves can now learn Giant Slaying
    34. Changed button art for Stoneskin promotion, to match the Stoneskin spell
    35. Jotnar Commander now uses Vala art.
    36. Hippus Commander uses Magnadine art
    37. Reduced Workrate of Lizardman Labourer by 40, to partially offset Natural Habitat. Makes them more dependant on their home terrain
    38. Also added 25% withdrawal rate. Cowardly slaves will drop tools and run at the first sign of trouble.
    39. Boosted Orc Slaying combat bonus, from 20% to 30%
    40. Clan of Embers palace now gives Chaos mana instead of Nature mana.
    41. Warrens cost reduced to 100
    42. Warrens now only duplicates living units
    43. Warrens now gives "Undisciplined" promotion to any units duplicated with it
      • -20% strength
      • 20% miuscast chance
      • 10% less ranged damage cap
      • recieves 50% more collateral damage
      • 1% chance to become barbarian
      • 2% chance to wear off
      • Automatically removed when the unit reaches lv4
    44. Alchemy Lab and Meditation Hall(Khadi alchemy lab UB) cost reduced to 120
    45. Ogre given it's own unitclass, moved to iron working.
    46. Ogre Stats adjusted: 8/6, 1 move, +25% vs archery
    47. Ogre Warchief changed unitclass to immortal, and unitcombat to commander, moved to divine essence.
    48. Ogre warchief Stats changed as follows: 14/10 str, 1 move, Immortal
    49. Ogre Warchief pedia updated.
    50. Stoneskin ogre changed to Phalanx and Mythril working.
    51. Stoneskin ogre Stat changes:16str, +25% vs archery, 1 move.
    52. In addition, all ogres gain:
      • ranged strength 3, cap 50%
      • Collateral damage on attack: 20% strength, 80% limit, 4 targets.
      • City Bombard rate 5%
    53. Enhanced Pedia design by Xienwolf, Filter and Sort dropdown menus. Designed to be modder friendly so more filters/sorts can be easily added, not to include every filter/sort which any player may desire (as that would be HUNDREDS...). It includes the same screens as the previous pedia plus a few more (by way of filtering the main screen)
    54. New Beast of Agares art by WarKirby and seZereth


    1. Fixed OnUnitKilled python event not triggering when a unit dies. This fixes Angel/Manes spawning, the Soul Forge, and Mokka's Cauldron
    2. Fix for UnitInfos modular loading (Defense value and Asset/Power values)
    3. Stackable Promotions now remove properly
    4. Fixed fireballs increasing supply costs infinitely upon death.
    5. TXT_KEYs added/changed.
      • Full details 051 Patch Cycle post
      • 40.
      • Armored Cav tech
      • FUR_NO_DEAL Cualli diplo
      • Promotion help: Warden
      • Spell pedia: Stoneskin
      • Spell help: Charm Person
      • DoM text: Grigori, Malakim
      • Unit Strat: Anubite, Ogre Warchief
      • Fixed Archos Devour Mate TXT_KEY
    6. Take Root: Removed erroneous "Cause War" tag.
    7. Gretchin and Engineer Corps are now properly blocked from worker promotions
    8. Commanders authorised for hundreds of promotions and spell effects.
    9. Changed all references of getNumRealBuilding to getNumBuilding in CvEventManager.py. This fixes the Amurites' free spells from Wizard's Halls not working with Catacomb Libralus.
    10. Button art fixes:
      • Take Traveller's Cloak spell
      • Compelling Jewel promo
      • Use Potion of Restoration spell
      • Take/Use Healing Potion spells
      • Use Newt's Draught spell
      • Commander Defense promotions
      • Dural Tactician unit
      • Fixed Broken Art:
      • Fixed Hippus War Chariot art
      • Fixed Balseraph Galley art
      • Fixed Grigori horsearcher Art
      • Fixed battlemage art
    11. Added iPrereqGlobalCounter 70 to Bane Divine and Glory Everlasting. They will now actually require the armageddon counter to be 70 before they can be built.
    12. Fixed incorrect type and txt key for Commander Defense III, which made it unuseable.
    13. Fixed a minor bug in Kahdi elemental spawning
    14. Fixed the Civilopedia failing at Longbowman, or when capturing longbowmen, while playing as the Austrin. Longbowmen that the Austrin capture from enemies, will now have Recurve archer Graphics.
    15. Fix for Dural Courthouse UB - Great Hall may now be built.
    16. Tower Shield Event - Shock promotion changed to Cover.
    17. Barbarians can no longer trigger Foxford
    18. Added a few debug spells for modders. Several spells to control the AC within a game, and a spell to place every unit in existence, for art testing. To activate them, give yourself the Never tech through worldbuilder.
    19. The Peace Spell (corlindale and seven pines) now correctly halves the AC
    20. Malignant Flora can no longer end up in cities.
    21. Removed references to "Scions Sympathisers" in spellinterface
    22. Fixed a syntax error in RandomEventInterface
    23. Fixed Dural Schools of Cernunnos and Fallen One being unbuildable
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    Sorry to hear this, although I've known since yesterday. At the very least FFPlus will continue development.... Although after next week it will probably be a bit slower. I'll be switching over to working on the Bezeri near-exclusively. Vermicious I'm sure will continue to put out new content, but my own will be slowed drastically. ;)

    As for the changelog...

    This sounds interesting... Hadn't thought you'd finish that so fast. ;)
  3. westamastaflash

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Thank you all for your hard work on this project!
  4. Lanstro

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    Sep 20, 2004
    Thanks for the update on things and the patch. Hopefully you all find more spare time soon!
  5. WarKirby

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    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    On my end, I personally have plenty of spare time, and modding drive. But I'm just not prepared to shoulder a project of this size alone. That, and several parts of FF's infrastructure are personally dependant on vehem. It's no exaggeration to say that FF development literally cannot continue without his cooperation, as he owns the server we use for SVN/hosting downloads. With over a month of no response or activity, it's not unreasonable to assume his cooperation may cease in future, and entirely possible the FF downloads could go dead at any time. It would be a good idea for someone to reupload FF and Patch C to somewhere else, like mediafire. Just in case.

    While I'm not lacking in free time, this marks my official retirement from FF, until such time as Vehem returns, and is willing to resume development. Art is what I'd really like to do, and while I certainly don't mind a little bit of bugfixing work and such here and there, Patch C was about 85% my work alone. I just can't continue that kind of workload. I joined FF originally to be part of a team, and sadly it seems that team has gradually fallen apart. Of course, I have no plans to cease modding entirely. FF+ could always do with art, I'm sure, and with valk and vermicious working already, 3 people is a team, if they'll have me :) . And sometimes even a little work outside of Erebus, I recently did a little unit art for the Planetfall Mod.

    Sadly, I didn't get around to putting in Ogre Magi or a clan Champion UU. Maybe I can poke valkrionn into doing it for FF+ :)
  6. sylvain5477

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    Dec 30, 2007
    Sad, if not predictable (I have been asking about vehem for some weeks myself).
    So after going from FfH to FF, we'll go from FF to FF+ :)

    Thnak you all for making us capable of modding!
  7. WarKirby

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    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    The great thing about xienwolf's work is that he releases everything opensource, so even if he should horribly die tomorrow, his wonderful effort will not go to waste, as it's distributed both in souce and binary form with every ff Patch.

    Even as now, FF+ will have xielnwolf's latest binary to work with, until/if valk learns C++ of his own. So converting modular mods from FF to FF+ should be fairly easy
  8. Gattamelata

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    Aug 18, 2005
    Thanks for all of your hard work making the mod! I just started playing it today. Unfortunate coincidence, I suppose.

    I have a question. Every Civilopedia entry under "Fall From Heaven Concepts" is blank. Some of them I know from FfH, but others, like the Scions entries, the Malakim+ entry and (hopefully) something explaining the various promotions types are ones that I would really like to be able to read.

    I'm not a modder, but I browsed through the XML file structure to try to find the text there and came up empty. Maybe that's even the problem. In any event, is there a place I can find these entries in the XML or online?

    Thanks again!
  9. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    You should ask Valkrionn about that

    sadly, most mlhich valkrionn might have lked to comment on had been discarded. #And that which has bit (mostly my stuff) has been adcepted wthout explanation
  10. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm see above
  11. stupidnewbie

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    Jun 19, 2008
    This makes me sad in the face. I'd be happy to help out, but I don't know how much use you'd have for newbies like myself. :eekdance:
  12. xienwolf

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    Oct 4, 2007
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    I just re-uploaded patch C to include a fix for the concepts screen. Easy fix which I just hadn't tested before (looked at the screen, but not the pieces inside it). For those not wanting to re-download the entire patch, I have included the 1 extra file needed in this post with proper folder structure. Just overwrite your Assets folder.

    I re-iterate: if you downloaded Patch C AFTER this post, you do not need the attached file. (If it exists in your directory already, it is the right one, this file was previously unmodified)

    Attached Files:

  13. Opera

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    Sep 21, 2008
    I knew it already too, even if only since two days... Quite sad :(

    (but anyway, I'm going to happy-steal things :))
  14. MaxAstro

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Wow... That news completely caught me by surprise. :(

    I'd been waiting impatiently for patch C all this time, but I wish it hadn't come with such melancholy news... Still an awesome patch, at least.

    But I can only hope Vehem resurfaces and Fall Further pulls itself together again. Until then... well, back to work on the next version of RLD. :)
  15. [to_xp]Gekko

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    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    thanx for all you've done guys, hope you all have GREAT lives and come back soon. Patch C is sweet. now, if only someone could fix that dreadful bug that makes the elves take ages to build stuff into forests... :lol:
  16. Iceciro

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    Jul 12, 2006
    in ur empire, takin ur cities
    This makes me sad I haven't been quite able to grasp the DLL modding, as well as just generally sad (the news isn't new to me either.) But I'm going to soldier on too - I've been unofficially part of FF+ for some time, maybe I should direct some workload that way. First things going to be first - getting the final round of Fall To Pieces together (and hopefully, with the right links.)
  17. Rickie_Rain

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    Oct 27, 2007
    In my room
    Time will tell what happens I suppose, and while I've not been very forum active I can say that I've played a lot and your work is very very appreciated.
  18. ~Bamboo~

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    Feb 10, 2006
    Sad news. One of my favorite all time games. Right up there with X-Com. Thank you for the good times though.

    This sucks.
  19. Ahwaric

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    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Sad news, but RL has to come first, right?

    Thanks for all the work on FF. I played it, liked it, and it was FF that inspired me to release Orbis. Not to mention all the features I have "stolen". ;)

    Xienwolf, just in case you are going to visit CFC less often, Great Thanks for all the help with code. I don't think I would start messing the dll without your tutorials and help.
    And all this times I bugged you with my code problems... :mischief:

    So, I hope it is just a temporary hiatus. But... THANKS GUYS!!!
  20. stupidnewbie

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Yeah, the DLL is something I could do in theory, but it's so gigantic and I'm not familiar with any of it. Plus I'd have to get me a new compiler...

    But I guess the python was also mini-gigantic and unfamiliar not too long ago as well, and these days I'm regularly going in there to change things or just to see how it works.

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