football thread No11

Liverpool still on top despite getting thrashed and tossed aside by Arsenal, though they could get leapfrogged by Manchester City who have 2 games in hand.

Into February and we still have a five-horse race in the Premier League (I'm an optimist and I believe in Spurs and Aston Villa). May this be a sign of things to come :worship:
What a match that Iran-Qatar game was. Even the referee didn't seem to want to end the game.

And Jordan playing like they're having the time of their life. Which they are. But the way they played so fearlessly and fabulously against South Korea you'd never think this was the first time they had come so far in the AFC Cup
Even so, from what I recall Dortmund have shot themselves in the foot on several occasions which is what leads to Bayern winning the league comfortably each season. I think Dortmund have really improved if they're giving Bayern a run for their money this year. There may be more to this than Bayern's troubles.
OK, maybe this time someone will break Bayern's dominance
Paraguay has won the pre-Olympic tournament and, along with runners-up Argentina, will be playing the Olympics in Paris.
Hey, Abbaman, with the current setup you could just score a league title every other year.
Well, somebody had to score a goal for Real Madrid who was on Real Madrid's personnel list.
Brahim Díaz has switched allegiance to the Spanish national football team for Morocco. Which is cool.

Australian angle: My sister runs art and craft tours in Morocco. She's in Tangiers atm with a group to see Bryan Dawe (the other half of the Clarke/Dawe comedy duo) and his latest exhibition of paintings. RIP John Clarke, the best NZ/Australian comedian ever!

The United Kingdom was recently ranked in a global survey as the second-worst place in the world for mental well-being. The only country that scored lower was Uzbekistan. Two countries currently at war—Yemen and Ukraine—scored higher happiness levels than us poor beleaguered Brits.

Seems Uzbekistan took their 10-0 loss to the Matildas very badly! My niece will be there in about 2 weeks so I must tell her to wear a NZ flag patch instead of the Aussie one.
The new, one-sided, non-hegemonic Intercontinental Cup is here, folks!
One new super-sized Club World Cup every four years, the rest to be held in this new ‘normal’ fashion in which everyone knocks each other out and the last man standing gets to face the European champions™.

Also, Andreas Pereira delivers a sick burn to the English.

When asked about how to "close the gap" with the hosts, Fulham's midfielder Pereira cheekily pointed out that Brazil has won five World Cups and the Copa America in 2019, as well as the last two Olympic gold medals.
The former Manchester United star said: "About Brazil and England, we don't necessarily feel that there is a big, big gap.", reports the Mirror. "The last time Brazil won a tournament was fewer years ago than when England won a tournament. We could say there is a gap. But Brazil will always have big, big players and a big team. England as well. I think they have a lot of players that I think the Brazilian fans like. It is more the flair players - players like Rashford and Saka.
"We respect them and we know it is going to be a tough game but we are ready and we know what we are capable of. We want to win the game. We are Brazil. We always want to win everything."​
clearly the final should be Conmebol vs UEFA, other federations can fight for 3rd.
Two three-team semifinal groups (or even quarter-final) should work out nicely. Gives room for shock defeats and what-not.
International friendlies weekend! CONMEBOL countries clearly are up to scratch with the rest of the world.

England 0 - 1 Brazil
Argentina 3 - 0 El Salvador
Basque Country 1 - 1 Uruguay
Peru 2 - 0 Nicaragua
Ecuador 2 - 0 Guatemala
Albania 0 - 3 Chile
Spain 0 - 1 Colombia
Algeria 3 - 2 Bolivia

All in all, 6 won, 1 drawn, 1 lost (in added time!).
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