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King Alfred the Great!

The Navy Seal

Aug 4, 2006
North Carolina
I just completed one of first leader heads King Arlfred the Great! Here's a brief history about him:

Lived: 849-899AD

Reigned King Alfred ruled as the king of the Anglo Saxon Kingdom of Wessex from 871-899AD.

During King Alfred's reign as king he led the war to liberate his Empire from the barbaric Danish Viking warrior in Scandinavia. Although king Alfred is most well known for his battlefield leadership, he also accomplished many projects such as the "Deeming" which set out a legal code for his Empire. And he also constructed an Educational system both for military discipline and for a general education of his citizens.

Download Here

I hope you guys like my leader head and don't forget to rate it!

P.S being it's my first released leader head just give me A+ for encouragement! j/k :lol:
ahh this is great my dds converter isn't working when I tell it to convert the .png to .dds it doesn't! I uninstalled then reinstalled it but still doesn't work! this sucks. :sad:
I already looked for paint.net couldn't find it. Looked for ddd plugin for GIMP couldn't find it either and stupid dds converter don't work at all. I'm having a bad day! :(
Just install DXTBmp, it can save dds textures.

EDIT: My keyboard is malfunctioning, it is typing everything backwards.

EDIT: It's working again, I retyped it.
here's the GIMP dds plugin if you still need it; DDS plugin

Nice job... btw your seals formations will be highlighted in my mod... hopefully within another month or two, a major update will be released.

I definitely prefer GIMP but Irfanview is invaluable for their thumbnails, and you can edit with it too.... both need a dds plugin though. Really PS is my favorite for dds's, but it cost money.
I debating if I should post this guy: See screenshot

It's supposed to be Philip II of Spain but I can't get his helmet to look right maybe Ekmek can help! :D


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