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Leader Pass: Rulers of the Sahara - 2/14 Developer Livestream Discussion

Laurana Kanan

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Apr 10, 2014
Near the Greatest Snow on Earth

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Why are they playing China's theme? Wouldn't Egypt's or Mali's themes be more appropriate?
I might as well hide the Youtube chat. I don't think anything worth seeing is usually on that. :p
Finally they play Egypt's theme! Am I the only person watching this thread now? It's rather lonely in here.....:cry:
ah PurpleMD/YellowLT jersey for ramses, makes sense, they havent added new ones for a while. oh well i can change it :p
Ramses LUA.jpg
so if ramses can get suzerainty of ayutthaya he can get 25% culture from buildings and 30% from wonders, right? very cool
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