[LP] Leader Pass: Great Commanders - 12/14 Developer Livestream Discussion

Laurana Kanan

Don’t underestimate who I am.
Apr 10, 2014
Near the Greatest Snow on Earth
The leaks were true!!
Tokugawa is going to insanely OP...
Also, I really liked the gift card, with smol Tamar(?) and Lincoln building a snowman.
Tokugawa's LUA only applies to specialty districs.
It was already visible if one payed close attention to the leaked photos, but thanks for saying anyways. :)
Tokugawa's Agenda is Sakoku. He dislikes players who have conquered other's Capitals.
Love this fan map of the Great Wall!

Civ 6 Fan Map.jpg
"Hat Meta"

The memes are real, lol! :lol:
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