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Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
4000 BC (0)
I can tell we've done this to many times at deity. I got a decent start, but cancelled when I realized I didn't start with monarchy.
After fixing to monarchy we still get some stupid starts. I refuse to start next to tundra, next to volcano, etc. Plus I don't want to replay a civ already done.
We are Turkey. I move a square to save a bonus grassland tile.

3950 BC (1)
Worker houses are ordered up.
(IT) A warrior is ordered up.

2750 BC (25)
Edrine is founded. I start with ordering up a flag. We have 3 good tiles to get under control.

2620 BC (28)
(IT) Slavers hut is complete.

2580 BC (29)
I up the slider to 10% happy.
Edrine completes the flag. Next up is walls. If attacks come from the north, this will be the city hit.

2460 BC (32)
(IT) Next up is pottery. It isn't on the path to monarchy. However, we may want a granary in a city or two. Plus we have wines, and it opens up supply center wines. We need every scrap of income we can get on hands on.

2300 BC (33)
I up the happy slider again to 20%.

2140 BC (37)
Istanbul has hit the magic 10 shields. :)

2020 BC (41)
(IT) Next up is the polytheism. It is cheap for us now. We will eventually want temples.

1900 BC (43)
Bursa is founded. A flag is ordered up.

1700 BC (48)
(IT) The wheel is really cheap. It is time to find our horses. Plus we get another small wonder to auto produce units.

1660 BC (50)
I went a little too far in the north exploring. We have met Japan. I dial them up, and immediately declare war.
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The exploration plan
Red line is to continue to map the continent size. I want to know how much land is down there before what it is.
Green line is the exploring enslaver. Let it map the coast, then recall to the capitol to join the fight.
Blue line is a warrior. With the wheat in the area, it is mapping out another possible city site.

The current empire:

First contact

There are no open trades, run as much of a deficit as possible to keep up with tech. The supply wagons from wines with $25 will be appreciated.

First contact is immediate declare war with no other actions.

I suspect the wheat area is the next city. Hopefully we find more nice stuff near it. We also have a decent coastal city site. If those two unexplored tile have some food, it will be better.

We will need to get at least the forward worker stack covered soon.

Jersey Joe (up)
Greebley (on deck)


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I got it.

Edit: Switched Istanbul to Archer. See if we can wipe out Japan quickly.
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Question, just for clarification:
If our Enslaver (invisible nationality) had encountered the Japanese instead of our Warrior would we have had to Declare War? The Enslaver could have killed, or captured the Japanese Warrior without a declaration of war. :confused:
Question, just for clarification:
If our Enslaver (invisible nationality) had encountered the Japanese instead of our Warrior would we have had to Declare War? The Enslaver could have killed, or captured the Japanese Warrior without a declaration of war. :confused:

Is it an "Always War" or a "Never Peace" game ? :D
Question, just for clarification: If our Enslaver (invisible nationality) had encountered the Japanese instead of our Warrior would we have had to Declare War? The Enslaver could have killed, or captured the Japanese Warrior without a declaration of war. :confused:
Yes, any sighting of an AI means declare war
Yes, any sighting of an AI means declare war
I thought that was how it would be handled.

We got a settler. We will learn the Wheel and see Horses in 3 turns.
I favor waiting the 3 turns before picking a spot to settle.
Here is a map of the known world. I marked to spots on it.
F is for a future spot I like because it has 7 hills and 3 mountains. If it had any bonuses I would be in favor of immediately settling it.
P is for a future Port site. Also, no hurry to settle, we do not even know how to Sail.

Hopefully we will find Horses near by.

How did the enslaver get inured by Bursa?

Did we get over aggressive exploring north and find another civ?
We need some time to get a core up before getting into to many wars.
Are you done the set? I don't see a save.
I posted because we got a settler. I am planning on playing a few more turns since it was mostly "hit enter; go to next turn; repeat"
Most of my exploring was on the tundra in the south. To the North it was fog busting moving toward the Japanese.
Looks to me like France may have captured a Japanese city.

Before Ending 1660 BC:
Switch Istanbul to Archer.

Warrior kills Japanese Warrior (1, 0).

1580 BC – 1460 BC:
Edrine whips a Granary in 1460BC.

1420 BC:
Our Enslaver, while on his his way to join the Troops in the Japanese campaign, finds a dark blue (maybe purple) border. The only AI ruler we can speak with is Japan.

Between Turns:
A foreign worker runs out of the border into our Enslaver and becomes our worker. :lol:

1380 AD
Looks like the border belongs to France since our Foreign Advisor can talk with them. We Declare War on France.
Treasure will go negative next turn so drop research to 60% delaying Wheel by 1 turn.

1340 BC:
Our troops are marching toward the Japanese (still not in sight).
Between turns:
Japanese Galley lands an Enslaver near Bursa.

1300 BC:
Our Troops spot a red border. Given the Red Japanese Galley this border is most likey Japanese?

Our Enslaver kills Enslaver near Bursa (2,0).

Supply shipment helps our treasury. I increase research to 80%, Wheel is now due in 3 turns.

To be continued
If horses don't make the decision, I like something by the wheat.
Edit 2: Despite liking the potential of spot "CP", I think spot "W1" would help us more right now.

Horses are not visible in the known world.
Istanbul has completed the Royal Stables thanks to a pre-build.
We are now learning how to work Iron.

Here is an updated "dot map"

I like spot "CP" for the next city. With the Cow and Pig it could work the Hill and a Mountain and give us more shields than either of the wheat spots I looked at. I included the "S" spot because it gives us a new Happy item. Probably a better way to get the Silver is to colonize it (we have 3 slaves right now). Spot "F" would be a long range plan since we need extra food from irrigation to work the mountains and hills. Spot "W1" has the wheat and a seal so it could grow easily.

Edit: Continued
1300 BC – 1220 BC:
Our troops continue their march toward the Japanese.

1180 BC:
We learn the Wheel. No Horses in sight. :( We start research Iron Working.
Istanbul builds the Royal Stable (thanks to prebuild).

Enslaver captures invisible unit in French Territory. (3, 0).

1140 BC:
Archer killed by Japanese Spearman (3,1); Enslaver kills Spearman and captures Settler (4,1).
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The good news is Royal Stable is done already. :thumbsup: We need to get a couple of chariots in the rear between cities as an emergency reserve.

With the settler capture, we are doing good on the worker front. We need get a road connecting the front to the homeland. We already really crippled Japan's growth. :dance:

The bad news is no horses. I hope the same isn't true with iron.
For the next site I marginally go with CP. It will be a power house long term. However, it also comes with a penalty. F, W1, W2, port city (north), and Southern Bursa have very low risk of another contact. CP has a much higher risk of another contact.
Which ever city is picked we need to get some road there ASAP. AW with no roads connecting cities is dangerous.

I would like to have made a dent on Japan and / or France before another war starts. We are already cutting it tight with no units under construction...

Mid-term goal is a silver colony. Please don't build until we can pick a spear on it to keep the pillaging crews away.
Pretty strong start for AW based on the shape of the land.
That is why this one was worth trying. No super city, but at map edge. I think any at one edge of the map is strong.

We still don't know how big our land mass is. It could turn out that Japan and France are the only CIVS. AW with island hopping early could still be tough.
1140 BC: (continued)
Between turns:

Our Spearman defends against attack by invisible unit (5,1).

1100 BC:

Our troops sight Kyoto.

1060 BC:

Troops move next to Kyoto.
Between turns:
Warrior is killed by invisible unit (5, 2). (Marked on map in red)

1020 BC:
Archer kills Spearman (6,2). Spearman killed by Spearman (6,3). Enslaver captures Spearman (7, 4) and captures Kyoto plus 3 workers. Kyoto has Horses in Fat Cross. :dance:

The save is attached.

Settler plus a Spearman are 1 move away from CP.
I think our Warrior may have been killed by an Enslaver. (red dot)



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