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MLG7: Another Race to Space

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by pholkhero, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. pawelo

    pawelo Emperor

    Jul 12, 2007
    Québec, QC

    Maybe you could, kinda, play your game so that we get the 'critical mass' :lol:
    I have counted 11 reports until now... :D
  2. Meatbuster

    Meatbuster formerly Robo Kai

    Dec 6, 2005
    I really must apologize for needing to post my round 3 early, but I have free time now and I likely won't have any for the next 4-5 days due to office project.

    Play 50 turns to 800AD.
    (forgive me if it's 40 only)

    Spoiler tech, plans, wonders and statistics :

    Tech Since the last turn:
    Iron Working
    Machinery (lightbulbed by Engineer)
    Construction (traded)
    Calendar (traded)
    Code of Laws (I founded Confucianism)
    Monarchy (traded)
    Literature (traded)
    Civil Service (2-3turns)

    Plan for this turnset and next:
    Build Hanging Gardens at Lyons
    Build Parthenon at Paris
    Build army for defense. (Mostly crossbows at this time, Macemen later.)
    Build Hagia Sophia at Lyons (probably trade for Theo after Optics)
    Build Taj Mahal
    Build National Epic at Lyons, the "Engineer hub of the future"
    Tech to Optics to explore the world.
    Tech to Liberalism
    Build city at marginal land with Clam, for Moai Statues.
    Expand by declaring war on Survayaman, hopefully I can drag Montezuma in.

    Paris 3960 BC
    Orleans 2200 BC
    Lyons 1600 BC
    Rheims 450 BC
    Tours 100 AD
    Marseilles 560 AD (bad idea, check the screenshot heh heh)

    Pyramids (Lyons) 350BC
    Great Lighthouse (Paris) 125BC
    Hanging Gardens (Lyons) 350BC
    Parthenon (Paris) 680AD

    Spoiler story :

    * Success! Pyramids are mine. Revolt to Hereditary Rule and Hinduism.
    * As expected, Spain fell before the combined Aztec and Khmer might. The continent experienced many long years of peace.
    * Whose idea was it to move Hagia Sophia to Theology? :( This makes me want to go back to Warlords. I missed the OLD Great Wall, the one that produced Engineers, and I could just head to Engineering to get Pikemen AND Hagia Sophia.
    * Someone else founded Taoism, somewhere in the world.
    * I'm less in score than my rivals, but I'm considerably ahead in tech thanks to my wonders.
    * I didn't build the Colossus since it wasn't needed (only Paris had decent water tiles so far).
    * Heh, great engineers are coming in slow even with Parthenon, I REALLY wish I could assign an engineer via my forge... but then again... let's stick with the "roolz".

    Check out the glorious French empire at 800AD:

    Sure I haven't been providing much in the way of screenshots, but there really isn't much excitement yet. Wait until maces come out. Soon we'll see some bloodshed... nyahaha.

    Attached Files:

  3. Quotey

    Quotey Emperor

    Jul 24, 2006
  4. blid

    blid Emperor

    Jan 27, 2006
    @Robo Kai

    Spoiler comment on round 3 :

    I see you got a fair share of wonders, nicely done. I think you are the only other industrious in this game, so I'll be following

    But wait, building Parathenon in a CE game :spank:

    Marseilles got quite squizzed up there. You're gonna need to relieve some pressure :hammer:
  5. Meatbuster

    Meatbuster formerly Robo Kai

    Dec 6, 2005
    Spoiler :
    Parthenon is for making my Engineer Factory in Lyons better. I will also build National Epic there.

    War, maybe next turn :D
  6. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    @Robo Kai
    Spoiler :
    OMG , no defense in 2 city's very close to the border , and I though I was taking risks!

    You might want to check for resource trades more often , you can make a huge load of trades , even if you dont need them they come in handy for some ++ with that civ.
    You could also just sell them for GPT , that always comes in handy.

    I only spot 5 cottages and now your farming river grasslands at Rheims which already has 2 food resources.

    You might want to consider trying to bribe Monty to war with machinery + CS , Sury will have quite a army standing by with his 10 city's he has.
    Offcourse this can backfire if he makes peace at one point and focuses on you .
    Looking forward to your next turnset.
  7. pawelo

    pawelo Emperor

    Jul 12, 2007
    Québec, QC
    @Robo Kai

    Spoiler :

    I would definitely know where to place the Hermitage if you still have the city by then :lol:
    Small remark, if I recall well, The Parthenon is giving GA points, isn't it ?
  8. Quotey

    Quotey Emperor

    Jul 24, 2006
    Spoiler :
    And the NE gives GA points too. Wonderful, innit?

    Hey, Pawelo, turn off debug mode or whatever is showing the unit script. When Monty was marching towards Issyyou could see it.
  9. pawelo

    pawelo Emperor

    Jul 12, 2007
    Québec, QC

    Spoiler :

    Yeah, I've noticed these orders when I was taking the SS.
    I think I have the debug on since I setup PW-02 - by the time it was necessary.
    I'll have to check what to use to turn it off.
  10. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Question about the cottages :

    As SE players we cannot build them and have to raze them if we capture any , my question however is , are we supposed to raze them right away after capturing the city or can we destroy them after the war is over (offcourse dont work them)

    If we have to destroy them first it will harm a rush without some extra horses bigtime taking up turns you could move to the next city or heal the units.
  11. Meatbuster

    Meatbuster formerly Robo Kai

    Dec 6, 2005
    @ pawelo/Quotey:

    Spoiler :
    I don't think the Hermitage is necessary, after the next turn rolls around (I haven't played that yet due to lack of time) I'll be building armies to crush Sury or Monty (yes, and he's the top scorer I know, but hey).

    Also the Parthenon was not built in the G.Engineer factory (which currently does have both Pyramids and Hanging Gardens AND hopefully soon, Hagia Sophia). Yeah, I know N.Epic gives Artist points, but what can I do? :(

    Oh yeah, I can do something, walk up to Sid, get down on my knees and beg that in the next patch National Epic gives NO GREAT PERSON POINTS.

    By the way, if you already think National Epic is "pollution", wait until you see the French Salons. Astronomy ain't that far away. :cry:
  12. Tatran

    Tatran Deity

    Aug 23, 2002
    Wang Kon CE, Part 2

    This means I can now also look safely at other first round games.

    Spoiler :
    Pholkhero already spoiled the info (I hoped he was wrong),

    1960 BC (turn 51)
    Montezuma, founder of Buddhism, is also on the same landmass.

    1760 BC (turn 56)
    Research : Iron Working is known -> Writing
    I want to have open borders with Monty to get Buddhism.
    Iron is spotted to the south of Seoul, the only river tile I haven't cottaged. :D

    1680 BC (turn 58)
    Settler is ready to claim the gems area in the west.
    Seoul starts another one.

    1440 BC (turn 64)
    Research : Writing is known -> Animal Husbandry
    There are cows + sheep, I also want to know the location of horses.

    Sign OB with the Aztecs. the others can wait.
    Izzy has 2 cities, the other two 3.

    1360 BC (turn 66)
    Wonsan founded, to claim dyes + gems + wheat
    P'yongyang starts also a settler. I've 5 more spots in mind to settle.

    1320 BC (turn 67)
    Seoul starts another settler.

    1240 BC (turn 69)
    The Aztecs have completed the Stonehenge.

    1200 BC (turn 70)
    Research : AH is known -> Hunting
    The only visible horses are 2 tiles above P'yongyang.

    1120 BC (turn 72)
    Montezuma has ivory + horses, that will be fun.

    1080 BC (turn 73)
    Research : Hunting is known -> Archery

    Pusan founded.

    1040 BC (turn 74)
    A negative event, 20 gold gone to prevent damage to a mine.

    975 BC (turn 76)
    Monty has metals too.

    One more settler to build in Seoul.

    950 BC (turn 77)
    Research : Archery is known -> Fishing
    The Aztecs are coastal, trade routes + another opportunity to get their religion.

    925 BC (turn 78)
    Monty has finished another wonder, the Great Wall. He has stone.

    P'yongyang starts the last settler for now.

    900 BC (turn 79)
    Namp'o has been founded.

    875 BC (turn 80)
    Research : Fishing is known -> Sailing

    850 BC (turn 81)
    Montezuma has enough on his hands.

    This means some changes.
    First the new settlers will be delayed.
    Second, research -> Masonry.

    825 BC (turn 82)

    The Oracle has been built somewhere.

    800 BC (turn 83)
    The Aztecs have declared on Spain.
    So, I can return to previous builds.
    Cheju has been founded.

    775 BC (turn 84)

    Suryavarman gives -2 instead of -1 when refuse a demand of gift.

    675 BC (turn 88)
    Research : Sailing is known -> Masonry

    625 BC (turn 90)

    A cautious or pleased Monty doesn't make much difference.
    I have to decline for now.

    600 BC (turn 91)
    Research : Masonry is known -> Polytheism
    I want to run one of the religious civics, OR looks best.

    550 BC (turn 93)
    Hyangsan founded.

    525 BC (turn 94)
    Ulsan founded.

    525 BC (turn 98)
    Research : Polytheism is known -> Monotheism

    525 BC (turn 99)
    Last city, Inchon, has been founded.

    Next round I'll have to focus on economy + military.

  13. pawelo

    pawelo Emperor

    Jul 12, 2007
    Québec, QC

    Spoiler :

    EIGHT CITIES ? :eek: :drool:
    Looking forward to see how you'll manage it.
    How many workers do you have at this stage ?
  14. Tatran

    Tatran Deity

    Aug 23, 2002

    Spoiler :

    I've only 1 worker and I'm not running Slavery.
    I'm thinking about not using it all and go for Serfdom.

    I think I can recover to 50% tax/research when some good tiles (gems) are on-line. I've also trade routes with all 3 leaders.
  15. Tatran

    Tatran Deity

    Aug 23, 2002
    After reading the first round posts, it looks like religion will determine
    whether you'll have an easy or hard game.
  16. Tatran

    Tatran Deity

    Aug 23, 2002
    Wang Kon CE, part 3

    Spoiler :

    325 BC (turn 102)
    Montezuma switches to Hereditery Rule.

    300 BC (turn 103)

    I don't think I'll ever hit the tech trade limit with him.
    I'd also like to get +4 trade relation modifier with the Khmer to improve relations ASAP.

    275 BC (turn 104)
    Buddhism spreads to Khmer lands, Surry converts.

    200 BC (turn 107)
    The Khmer has founded a city 3 tiles away from Wonsan to claim marble.
    I've no intention to build wonders, but that Khmer city has to go to avoid more close border hits, -1 already.

    175 BC (turn 108)
    Monty is very busy, he's at war and building wonders too.
    The ToA is another one for the collection.
    Btw, the Khmer has built the Great Lighthouse.

    150 BC (turn 109)
    Confucianism has been founded in a distant land.

    125 BC (turn 110)
    Research : Monotheism is known -> Monarchy
    I will feel much better with longbows in my cities.

    75 BC (turn 112)
    The last leader, Isabella, also converts to Buddhism.

    75 BC (turn 113)
    Well, not everything looks ok.
    Suryavarman is able to research Philosophy so there's a chance he has founded Confucianism.
    To be sure I need to scout more Khmer lands.
    After a better look of the map, Barcelona is Confucian.
    It's either Izzy or Surry who has founded it.

    25 BC (turn 115)
    Angkor Thom is the Holy city of Confucianism.
    This means trouble, when Surry adopts it and he will sooner or later.

    That's funny, the Aztecs are number one in score, but have only 4 cities.
    Spain has 6 cities, they have just captured one of the Aztecs.

    100 AD (turn 119)
    Peace between Spain and the Aztecs.

    200 AD (turn 123)
    Isabella adopts Confucianism, I see a second Aztec-Spain war coming up.

    225 AD (turn 124)
    I ask Surry for Monarchy, he gives it.
    Research -> Feudalism

    Civics : HR (+ OR)

    250 AD (turn 125)

    I cave.
    More bad news, the Khmer has enough on their hands.

    275 AD (turn 126)
    Christianity has been founded in a distant land.
    Could be Spain, Theocracy is Izzy's favourite civic.

    300 AD (turn 127)
    Guess what? Isabella adopts Theocracy.
    This is becoming very interesting, all 3 leaders have founded a religion.
    In the future I'm forced to make a decision who to be friendly with.

    375 AD (turn 130)
    Another problem is gone. Confucianism has spread in one of my cities.

    400 AD (turn 131)
    Montezuma has completed the Statue of Zeus.

    500 AD (turn 135)
    Cordoba is the Holy city of Christianity.
    Btw, Izzy is moving around with a stack, but she hasn't enough on her hands.

    620 AD (turn 141)
    The Aztecs have declared on Isabella.
    The Khmer has Feusalism.

    660 AD (turn 143)
    One thing is clear, the Khmer also declared on Spain.

    700 AD (turn 145)
    Another goal has been achieved, Suryavarman is friendly.

    720 AD (turn 146)
    Somehow I was expecting this,

    I've already decided to make the bond closer, so I agree.

    Next turn set, more economic recovery and archers will be replaced by CG3 longbows.

  17. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Ghandi SE

    Round 3 : Who needs army's of swordsman when you can have a army of scientists !

    Pre-Turn plan:
    Spoiler :
    The plan for this round is to continue expanding while getting the great library and get me into pole position for liberalism.
    If im able il try to keep the war going with Monty to get me a GG and a 10XP unit so I can pump some lvl 2 units and get the HE going.

    Round 3 is underway!
    Spoiler :

    Pre-turn: I change some stuff first , Delhi still doesnt have a granery and needs to grow 4 pop , that aint good!
    Also notice my clams and pig city is undefended so send a archer in.
    Also direct all my EP's towards Baldy .

    IBT:We are the most cultured !

    325BC: Literature > mathemathics , trade aestics with Baldy for monotheism , I need OR to speed up the great library. Also start some settlers.

    250BC: Monty gets the statue of Zeus , yuck!

    200BC: Remember Monty made peace with Bella last round ?
    Well it seems he doesnt mind giving his units a nice long walk since they are on the move! My scout is doing what he should , scouting .

    150BC: Mathemathics comes in , start on currency.
    Baldy gets a city down near the dye , ivory banana 2 turns before my settler finishes ...

    100BC: First settler is on the move , second is also almost done .
    I have to make a decision here since I dont have enough army to protect my new city's from Monty's stacks and I would hate losing the spots to Baldy so I make peace with Monty , I give him alphabet .
    Only baldy will trade with him but I can bribe him into a war later when I got more techs to give him so alphabet wont be of much use to Monty.

    75BC: Agra founded
    Its quite a nice city once the jungles are cleared , lots of food.

    25BC: GE born somewhere.
    Baldy is getting a nice tech lead.

    Attacking him in the near future is out of the question.

    1AD: Parthenon build by Monty , I guess he got the GE .
    GP born somewhere.

    25AD: Shwedagon paya build by Monty , is he a wonderwhore now?
    Hindu shrine build in distant land.

    50AD: Calcutta founded , looks like a amazing city , a river 2 gems , 2 dye's and a irrigated wheat!

    75AD: Currenry > Code of Law

    100AD: Christianity founded in Barcelona , a double holy city!

    125AD: We get The Great Library !

    After looking at the map for 10 min I just cant decide where to build the NE so im gonna wait , im leaning towards Agra.
    After checking for some tech trades im becoming scared , here is why

    However since we still have a peace treaty I think (hope) it wont be me he will be comin for , I need some military soon , he has a lot more power and is running theology and police state coupled with a free combat 1.
    Baldy wont trade for now and Bella hit the WFYABTA limit.

    150AD: Thank God! He declares on Bella.
    Bella builds the Judaism shrine.
    We pop a GS , settle in Delhi.

    Power graph looks scary , I hope Bella survives cause im in no position to help her.

    200AD: CoL comes in starts on Calender

    Check with Baldy , he doesnt want to fight Monty any more , damnit!
    Start building courthouses all over.

    250AD: Another GS is born , bulb Philosophy

    Get a second holy city , I dont plan on spreading these though.

    275AD: Baldy gets a GS , Bella gets a GG
    Lahore is settled (forgot SS) its on the spot that had a sign with city on it a few screenshots ago. It gets sugar and banana.
    My scout gets to Madrid only to find 4 units left that are heavily damaged , looks like it was a close fight here , only 2 of Monty's unit here badly wounded.
    Gems are finally online , my economy is down to 10% but the slider is meaningless anyway , all my science comes from specialists , first courthouses are finishing , whipped a few aswell.

    375AD: Calender comes in , start on Civil Service.
    Bribe Baldy to attack Monty at heavy price , it costs me currency , CoL and literature but I think its worth it , Baldy is about as strong as Monty and it saves me from building to many units.
    Sell literature to Bella for 140g

    400-500AD: 2 requests from Monty to stop trading and declare on Bella , no.
    I make a demand to Monty for some gold and hope he agrees so the others cant ask me to declare war but Monty laughs at my power .
    Baldy wants me to join in on the fun , im scared but its the best choice to agree , I need to get to friendly so they finally trade with me again.
    I convert to caste + pacifism .

    520AD: Fight comin up!

    Im starting to feel sorry for that scout , he has been alive for more then 4500 years and seen so many battles, could it be , is he THE highlander?

    540AD: Monty gets a GG , great even more XP , he also builds the MoM for longer golden ages.
    Bella is getting battered!

    Where the hell is Baldy!

    560AD: Monty burned Santiago

    580AD: Civil Service > Paper , get another GS , sleep for now.
    Baldy is on the move

    600AD: Baldy gets a great artist,
    IBT: My highlander gets attacked by a catapult :lol:

    620AD: Hanging gardens build somewhere.
    BIG FIGHT comin up , you can see Baldy's units next to my scout .

    640AD: Change research to Theology for 1 turn , Bella is friendly and need a turn to get the trade in.
    Switch to bureaucracy
    The fight continious.

    660AD: Yet another GS is born , sleep for now.
    Get the trade done with Bella , needed a turn of research towards Theology.

    Continue researching paper
    Monty is a beast , he killed nearly all of Baldy's units and all Bella's units. Even with 1v3 he keeps killing us!

    My entire army besides garrison units , DONT LAUGH!

    I captured the city , lost 1 sword and got a nice bonus , the city holds the MoM !
    Check for peace but Monty wants his city back , HELL NO!
    Monty still healing at Sevilla.

    680AD: Paper comes in > education , decide to burn 2 GS on it even though I waste 600 beakers , I hope faster university's and faster oxford makes up for it , I have plenty of GS comin in anyway.
    Start building university's everywhere that has its courthouse and granery.
    Start researching liberalism but will go slowly .

    720AD: Bella makes peace , dont wanna take the risk of his stacks comin for me so I make peace and give him theology , he has all the religious civics anyway.

    740AD: Another GS is born , sleep for now.
    Gonna stay in these civics for a bit longer despite needing OR and slavery to whip university's.
    2 GS incomin in the next turns.
    Steal HBR from Baldy , the spy gets cought but no -1 on the diplo screen.
    Now I can finally make some elephants.

    800AD: Another GS is born , these guys grow like weed!
    Switch to OR and slavery and whip a ****load of stuff crippling my research.
    Trade philosophy and paper for metal casting and feudalism with Baldy.

    I wish I could add more screens but I am at the picture limit so no screens of tech status / demographics /map .

    Spoiler :
    This was a incredible fun turnset , the fights where intense and its fun to keep check of the AI's , the constant fear of getting attacked was there but I think I handled the diplo rather well which let me focus a bit more on my economy while still being able to grab a city(and a free wonder to boot)

    We got 4 extra city's this turnset , the great library and a whole load of great scientist that put is in pole position for liberalism , I can also get printing press practicly free .

    Im still undecided where il put oxford , I have 2 GS still sleeping , 1 will be used for PP while the other will probebly make a academy in the oxford city in case it wont become Delhi , the NE will probebly be build in Agra.
    Im in desperate need of workers , ive been making the mistake of using them all to chop the jungles while I should have used them to farm all over and forget about those city's for a while.

    The only thing I regret is I still dont have 10xp for HE or a GG , thats hopefully for the next turnset.
    The plan there will go representation , beeline rifles and go on a killing spree.
    Im not quite sure if I should let anyone alive on MY island , im so used to playing domination/conquest that I dont even know what a spaceship looks like!

    Attached Files:

  18. Tatran

    Tatran Deity

    Aug 23, 2002
    Spoiler :

    You just gave me an excellent idea.
    Wow, you're already building unis.
  19. Meatbuster

    Meatbuster formerly Robo Kai

    Dec 6, 2005
    Spoiler :
    It's nice you have a reporter in the middle of the war. Makes your turnset very interesting.

    Looks like you are in a very good position. It'll be hard to top that... unless Monty decides to go medieval and swallow up Izzy... be careful, man!
  20. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Spoiler :
    The philo+spir traits are a huge boon here , most of the city's have quite some food so I could run 5-6 scientists in 3 city's (not counting the free ones from TGLib) giving me tons of GS and research even without the pyramids , imagine if I would have had stone! All the civs are at war so I can focus pretty much everything on my economy in stead of on army for now, lets see how it evolves.

    @Robo Kai
    Spoiler :
    I only have to be carefull if he makes peace with Bella cause then his units have nowhere else to go then to attack my city's.
    If she happens to make peace il just pay wathever price I have to to make peace .
    As long as I can keep 1 civ at war with Monty he wont declare on me so il normally il have defenses up when I declare on him for diplo bonuses.

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