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Mod preview: Sons and Daughters of the Double Cross


Pthooey of Tomainia
Mar 31, 2002
Oulu, Finland
Read the Tomainia Daily! Will chance the name to Tomainia Weekly, or Monthly - must be more realistic. :lol:

Do you want to be Adenoid Hynkel, the Pthooey of Tomainia? Do you want to invade to Osterlich? Do you want to show that insolent pompous Napaloni of Bakteria who has the power? Do you want to eat bread baked from the finest sawdust your mills supply? Do you want to dance with a globe?

Or perhaps, you would like to be the Jewish Barber, who wants to restore freedom and democracy for all Tomainians...

Happened so far:

Adenoid Hynkel regained his control after being sen to a concentration camp as he was thought to be the Jewish Barber, who had taken Hynkel's personality in an attempt to flee from Tomainia. War was started and carried on successfully, but after conquering the big part of Europea Tomainia fell in to anarchy. Rivalry between two leading figures, minister of internal affairs Garbitsch and Field Marshal Herring, led to a civil war between Gerbitsch's stormtroopers and internal police forces and mainly Herring-controlled air force and paratroopers. The former believes victory will be his, because of his high intelligence. The latter is confident of his triumph, with all his experience in modern military science - just wait when he get's those flying amphibious dreaghnoughts ready.
The Jewish Barber, exiled in Osterlich saw his chance and formed an army of refugees and dissidents, and conquered a part of his former fatherland and restored freedom for a small corner - can he continue to set his fatherland free, even he is supported by his wife - the wonderful and unselfish Hannah. Colonel Schultz, friend of the Barber and respected figure within the Tomainian army seized former Tomainia-occupied Osterlich with his followers, who are mainly soldiers, but well-meaning ones. Similar move was made by famous World War I commander, General Schmelloffel who wants to see Tomainia as a Kaiserdom, and himself as the Kaiser - his soldiers are not the nicest people around. All this has made Adenoid Hynkel mighty furious.

Meanwhile in Aroma: Constant arrogance and vulgarity of his Husband starts to drive Madame Napaloni insane. She wants a divorce, but Benzino is persistent. She and her secret lover, minister of diplomacy Spook scheme a plan to seize power in Bakteria - as a result country is split in half.

And again Humanity was kicked around somewhat...

I'm currently creating a slightly fictional mod based on Charlie Chaplin's excellent movie "The Great Dictator" (1940). Work is in its early phase, but soon I'll be free to focus to the important stuff, like civ3.

In Sons and Daughters of Tomainia -mod there will be eight Tomainian or Bakterian Civs:

Adenoid Hynkel of Tomainia - fascism (militaristic, industrious)
Jewish Barber/Hannah of Free Tomainia - democracy (scientific, commercial)
Herr Garbitsch of Schtapo - fascism (commericial, industrious)
Field Marshal Herring of Bluffwaffe Alliance - monarchy (expansionist, scientific)
General Schmelloffel of the Tomanic Empire - monarchy (militaristic, commercial)
Colonel Schultz of Osterlich - republic (militaristic, scientific)
Benzino Napaloni of Aroma - fascism (expansionist, industrious)
Madame Napaloni of Bakteria - republic (religious, commercial)

I'm planning to add 3 or 4 or 5 different civs like to portray Finland (of course), Great Britain, Soviet Union, etc. Of course will have funny names for example Funland for Finland (yeah, right... PLEASE help me with this one - it's hard to come up with German sounding funny English/Latin names if you own language in Finnish)

The map is a variation of Europe, with somewhat similar shapes of regions, actually somewhat but not much similar everything.

As you may have guessed it there'll be new buildings too. To name a few:

Important improvements like Sawmill, which is needed to build Sawdust Granary, which will double the growth rate.

Modern art wonders like "The Venus of Today" and "Thinker of Tomorrow" to provide happiness. Prof. Kibitzen's Workshop will give you military benefit's. Hynkel gate with a huge clock couple minutes late will increase chance of leader appearance.

There'll also be:
New leaderheads, advisors and new sounds etc. stuff.

As I know funny names etc. carry the game only so much I will make my best to make it to a worthwhile gaming experience.
In words of Adenoid Hynkel: "Demokrazie - Schtunk! Libertee - Schtunk! Free Sprechen - Schtunk! Tomainia mit de Grozte Armee in de Welt!"

If you prevail, you'll be awarded the most valued medal of Tomainia: Tomainian Criss Cross!
Here's a preview of Adenoid Hynkel. I'll make probably him era-specific since I often play as him. Other will be just for industrial and modern times. The pic is from a poster originally.


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Here is a preview of the wonders mentioned. A question also, I'll probably make two sizes of maps, one huge, something like 200x200. How small should be the small one be for people with slower pc's? :confused:


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Adenoid Hynkel looks like Rowan Atkinson in the Black Adder Goes Forth! :lol: (Not to insult...)
Originally posted by UglyBoy
Never seen the movie but this mod looks so much fun.

The movie, The Great Dictator is a true masterpiece, and Chaplin's first "talkie." (A lot of acting careers were ended by the advent of sound.) He doesn't speak until the end of the movie, but boy, he has a lot to say.

Here's to Ukas, Hynkel and Greater Tomainia!
Thanks guys. :D Have to create lot of stuff for it but that's ok, eventually it will be ready. Anyway modding is more fun than playing.

stgelven: wich country is there in your mod ? i mean, for exemple i'm french and if you have france i the game, i could find you funny names in french (with the explication of course), a spanish could do the same etc... interested?

Sure, at the moment I'm thinking to create two versions, one big and one small for people with slower pc's. Small will have smaller map and fewer civs while big one has more everything. France will be a civ in big one, but also city names will be used in the small one. So I'm happy if you can help - send your list in private mail. Thanks a lot, camarade! :)
Good idea, I'll be sure too check this out when it's done:)
And that paper is great:D
Just wanted to inform you that a new civ has born out of the chaos. It's leader is infamous Heini Whimmser, former Gruppenpthooey of Waffler SS and notorius occultist. Here is a serie of photos of him: in first pic he's generally content, in second he's happy to meet you and in third he thinks you're not so cool guy anymore.

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