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Modcomp: Historical Favourite Civics

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall Modmods' started by lumpthing, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. civfanatic14

    civfanatic14 Chieftain

    Jan 20, 2009
    It's actually good to point out that for Lincoln, I found out from a reply that I had on another topic that Abe Lincoln was more of a Police State as he abolished Habeus Corpeus and had an iron fist governing america during the civil war
  2. Panopticon

    Panopticon Utilitarian

    Aug 4, 2007
    ... But it clearly wasn't a police state.
  3. Le1bn1z

    Le1bn1z Chieftain

    Dec 14, 2009
    First time poster, with some issues with your choices. I love the idea. I'm a histroy nut who has sometimes been exasperated with the favourite civics. But some of these suggestions don't quite match the historical personalities either, or would really cramp gameplay.

    Napoleon -- Bureaucracy. Better than Representation (he was a dictator.) But, since he tried to build a europe-wide empire, a civic that limits your city count might not be best. He more than anyone popularised French Nationhood politically, and regularised the army and state.

    Elizabeth -- Representation. Actually, he was renowned for increasing the personal power of the monarch. Furthermore, her Parliaments were largely aristocratic. The HoC was not very powerful. Free Religion is better, as her tolerance of Catholics and dissenters was rare in Europe.

    Victoria -- Free Market. Actually, her PMs (in the UK and Dominions) were a mixed bag of Empirial Marketers (closer to what Mercantilism represents in the game) and Free Marketers. UK didn't go free market until late in her reign, and she had personal reservations about it. I liked her at Representation, because she's one of the few legitimate represenatives of this style of government.

    Rome, Julius - Representative. I hate this. He was dictator for life, and did away with Republican freedoms. Here's a switch up that fills a gap -- Ceasar was in a line of leaders who switched the Roman economy from one that was primarily driven by freehold citizens to one driven by slave labour. Make his favourite civic Slavery. Far more representative of his leadership, and Rome during his rule.

    Rome, Augustus -- Vassalage. No. There was no concept of Lord and Vassal in Rome until the middle ages. Someone said Viceroyalty. I like that, if its possible. Perhaps police state (which is what his rule was?) After all, Fascism (prereq tech) was based on Roman values exemplified by Augustus.

    Hatshepsut -- Hereditary Rule. Strictly speaking she was outside the hereditary line. Better at Organised Religion, as she was famous for trying to organise a new one, and the strict religious laws were big motivators for building culture in Egypt. Hered. Rule better for Ramses. But Bureaucracy works for him too. Still, his legal systems were closer to vassalage lord-serf relationships. Slavery works too.

    Netherlands -- Free Market. No. They did not have one. They were Mercantilists during William the Silent's leadership, and later, excluding others' from their trade. Free Religion was the defining trait of the Dutch Republic. The revolution was fought over religious freedom. Representation works as well, as their government was based on regional representation. Free Market really doesn't.

    Asoka -- Caste system. That's a Hindu thing. Asoka was Bhuddist. And he really is THE free religion leader with the most cred in the game.

    Other than that, I love the rest of it. I particularily like what you've done with Churchill and the Aztecs, far better for them then their defaults.
  4. lumpthing

    lumpthing generic lump

    Sep 11, 2004
    Lumpinium, England
    Hi Le1bn1z, welcome to civfanatics and thank you for your thoughts.

    However I think you misunderstood my idea. The favorite civics are meant to represent the favorite civics of the civilizations for the period of time when that particular is leader in Rhye's and Fall, not the historical leaders.

    So for example, in RFC Elizabeth I is RFC-England's leader until about 1800 – over 1,000 years of history, not just the reign of one queen. So Elizabeth I's favorite civic represents England's favorite civic until around 1800, not Elizabeth I's favorite civic. For most of that period, Representation is unavailable so it makes no difference. However when Representation does become available England will be likely to choose it. I think this is realistic because from about 1630 England's government was characterized by a very strong parliament compared to other nations. If it were about England's favorite civic during the reign of Elizabeth I I would 100% agree with your comments.

    Perhaps you could revise you comments with the civs, not the leaders, in mind.
  5. Vikkinggod

    Vikkinggod Chieftain

    Dec 21, 2009
    New hampshire, U.S
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