mrtn's graphics library


Shaven not stirred
Mar 26, 2002
calm yourself stormrage :)

yay mrtn! i didnt know you made THAT much stuff! wowee!!
WOW - there's so much cool stuff here. :eek:

Now you can be added to Pounder's big library. :smug:
This is going to make me make a bigger Tech Icon libaray someday and thereby benifit the community of CFC; thanks mrtn for the inspiration.
William GBTW said:
I'm gonna make a bigger Tech Icon libaray someday!

William, please! I know you're very ambitious but making so much advertisement for oneself in another guy's thread isn't very nice. ;)
Its not an ad. Actualy mrtn's got a good and vast graphic library (did I spell it right); its the most diverse I've seen; I'd say he is going to inspire people to make more graphics. I edited it to clarify some.
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