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Multi-Player Bugs and Crashes, v43 & SVN after January 2023


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Jun 10, 2011
Report any OOS errors or issues with Multi-Player simultaneous games here.
You CAN play Simultaneous Multi-player as a single player and get a semi-real time turn based game that processes turns a bit faster since the AI is moving when you do. We can also try to debug those as well.
If you are trying to play actual multi-player, the IP connection is the most valid but you're likely to hit some OOS errors. To minimize these,
1) Turn off events in the game options when you set things up - yes this negates flammability but you'll have lots of OOS errors all game if you don't.
2) Make sure Rev is off. This tends to cause some as well.
3) Make sure to try to avoid building any wonders other players are building, even if it lets you, especially if you are on the same team.
4) Avoid automating anything at all, including sending units beyond the reach of their movement for a turn. For some reason, this is a known issue.
Beyond that, when you DO get an OOS error (which sometimes happens in the first round even) you should:
1) report the autosave if you have one from the immediate round before the OOS takes place and you find you can repeatedly hit the same OOS error that round.
2) report the logs you get - you should have logging turned on for all systems through the config ini settings.
and more importantly:
3) save the game AFTER the OOS has taken place, have everyone get out entirely to desktop, all reload and reinitialize the game. If you try to shortcut this to get back on track, you will doom yourself to immediate OOS errors again.
If you're having a LOT of OOS errors, please post here to let me know to look into it. A 2 player game is something I can TRY to evaluate somewhat, and just knowing the era and when things are beginning to OOS a lot can help.
CivilizationIV.ini tends to self-destruct itself once a while.
Remember to back up it, file can be found at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword


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At the moment, it is my understanding that nothing keeps us from OOS errors right now and being one of the few who can help with that, and working some 60 hrs a week, it will be a while before anyone can do anything about it. In the meantime, PBEM and Hot seat games are working pretty well from what I gather.
Hello, sorry to trouble you all with this, but I'm stuck with a problem that I can't figure out.
Me and my friends keep trying to play in multiplayer using space maps (both snorfu and ТРЕНЕР ones), but after loading our game keeps crashing on first turn or going OOS once someone founds a city. Attached is our last game, on an Earth space map, that has gone OOS after luckily not crashing at load. The problem does not occur on non-space maps.


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I have to apologize because right now there is little to no support for trying to fix OOS errors. I'm usually the one that can try and my time is devoured at the moment.
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