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My first game and impressions

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by V. Soma, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Infiltrator

    Infiltrator Warlord

    Sep 13, 2009
    I don't think the culture gain is that relevant to winning on Deity. My first game I've won with Scythia (didn't abuse the sell feature) and you just win in all fronts due to the sheer amount of cities you conquered.

    In my game I got assaulted by both brazil and sweden and a barb camp but I had prepped 3 slingers into archers into 2 saka horse archers which cleaned up everything. I got a catapult and destroyed sweden then upgraded to crossbowmen and took over brazil. I did get a great general, could be due to the fact that I had an encampment with stables.

    I was afraid what lied ahead as my military might was half as much as the enemies, turns out that mil might appears to just be the added str of everything so it's grossly favored towards people with mass warriors who just end up clogging anything that can hurt your units. After having 2 civs worth of cities I could do anything I want, but I focused on production into commerce and science and just kept on pressing for domination. Cavalry were good and being able to pump two at a time was really strong, but the real deal came in the form of 2x helicopters per one. I started mowing down cities by either artillery barrage followed by helicopter assault or bombing runs with again helicopters swooping in for the kill.

    I never abused the deals though that would have made some stuff easier at the start I guess. Gorgo might be worth it just to get the governments early, I imagine being the first fascist would make warring that much faster, but at that point the game is already won anyway.
  2. Myth and Legend

    Myth and Legend Prince

    Jan 16, 2014
    Yes, i just never had the time or hammers for an early military district. The failed starts vs barbs were really early, I'm talking scout>slinger and before your second slinger the 7 barb units are at the gates, the one that spawned 3 saka horse archers and 1 or 2 horsemen (can't remember) happened BEFORE my slinger was out, because the camp was so close to my cap.

    Also: aqueducts are useless districts, At best they are very, very situational when you have built 1 tile away from fresh water. My mistake was making them everywhere, only to get neighborhoods 40 turns later.
  3. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Ocean King

    Sep 24, 2010
    The turn time and the city info panels are two of my pet peeves at the moment.
  4. Akbarthegreat

    Akbarthegreat Angel of Junil

    Sep 23, 2010
    Pretty much the same. User interface is poor, and turn times are quite long.
  5. Nikolai II

    Nikolai II Prince

    Jul 2, 2013
    Bergen, Norway
    Civ1's still by far the best.:D

    That's weird. Do you have a HDD or an SSD?

    I have a pretty modern PC, that I built less than a year ago. But my GPU is ancient.


    i5 6600 @ 3.3 GHz
    16 GB DDR3 RAM
    Radeon HD6870 with 1 GB RAM
    Windows 10 64-bit
    256 GB SSD

    So everything's pretty new except the GPU, which is 5-6 years old tech now I think. Still, game runs great, even on mid-high settings. Between turn times in the early late game, which is where I timed last time, was 6 seconds!
  6. Von Falkenheyn

    Von Falkenheyn Chieftain

    Jul 15, 2013
    Thessaloniki, Greece
    After calming down a bit from the initial "one-more-round" frenzy over the weekend, I'd like to offer my two cents about the game as it is.

    Minor Issues
    • The UI could use some tweaking. As it is I find it rather bothersome when I have to assign specific places to my citizens. It would also be nice if district output could be shown visually on the map. As it is, I found it really confusing at first when those white numbers appeared next to the districts. Also, I found the "buying units with faith" button rather counter-intuitive. Perhaps it would have been better to have all build items within a central menu and have dual prices for those which can be bought with faith. I also found it hard to understand how I gathered ammenities and housing. Yes I get +3 ammenities from Luxuries for example, that's crystal clear but perhaps a mouseover of that number could provide additional info (you get +3 from a bannana there, a chocolate here and so on). I also initially found the explanations in the tech tree about the holy site and campus yields highly confusing (grassland (mountain)).
    • As far as the graphics are concerned, there is the noted problem with goody huts which many other users have identified before me. You have to really look sometimes to find them. Also, sometimes when a unit is next to a city it's difficult to select it.
    • Unit cycling has also been mentioned as a problem. I also have not seen (and perhaps I missed it) the sentry command which was really neat!
    • Eurekas can really make or break your game! Ed beach had talked about breaking established patterns since CIV V but trust me, those slingshots he mentioned about V? Well they're back with the Eurekas. They're so big a bonus that they force you to work through them.
    • As has been mentioned by others, production is KING! It took me some time to figure this out until I noticed that some buildings took forever to complete. Geography may be adaptable but if your start is "hill-poor" then you're stuck. Also this disproportionately elevates the relative values of the industrial district and the strategic/bonus resources which can be mined.
    • I have a sense that defense and turtling can be really strong. In one game of mine I had two walled cities and an encampment between them. I managed to defeat two hordes of Arabian invaders with just 2 archers, 2 swordsmen and one spearman. Against prepared defenses and/or difficult terrain an attack needs to be very well prepared.
    • I'm all for unit variation and the new siege units and heavy/light cavalry variance is great news. However there should be more upgrades available. Chariot to Knight and then to Tank is a stretch. There should be at least one more unit there. The same is true about Horseman to Cavalry and then Hellicopter.
    • Automatic road building seems like an excellent idea and I'm not outrightly rejecting it. However, when you begin, your available trade routes are very few and you don't want to waste them building cities between your newly found cities. They should be out there on your most lucrative routes instead of building roads.
    Things I would like to see

    • As I've mentioned before, I would like to see more resource/building interraction. I mean, why is it important to have Gypsum? What advantage does it have over silver? For example, we could combine iron and coal to make steel weapons, we could combine say silk or sheep with a building to make textiles and so on.
    • I would like to see slotted items on units and/or buildings. For example, a slotted item on a warrior could be "tower shields" = Unit recieves +5 defense from ranged attacks.
    • I'm quite sure that we might see this in a future expansion and it has been done in other games such as the "Through the Ages" boardgame. I'd like to see "army type" research. For instance, if you combine say one pikeman and a musketman you get the Spanish Tercio. If you combine two spearmen together you get the Phallanx and so on.
    • I'd like to see (perhaps I missed it somewhere) a war score. The other guy is offering you peace. How beaten is he and what could I ask for. This feature is prominent in most Europa Univeralis type of games.
    This I like about the game

    • I like that the Barbarian AI is aggresive. Early on it gives you a nice run for your money. I also like how the AI handles his units. Although they tend to focus a bit too much on retreating, suicide missions are no longer undertaken. In my games the AI will retreat wounded units and it will move agressively to hunt down yours. It will also somewhat skillfully use ranged units.
    • I know that this is scenery but still, the music is breathtaking! The videos of the wonders are really nice and I really like the natural wonder cut scenes.
    • Every civilization feels unique and equally strong offering great variance in playstyle. I like the fact that each civilization has various features instead of the old unique building/unique ability duality.
    • Tile appeal is a nice addition! I also am looking forward to exploring further natural parks which seems like a great add-on.
    • The lenses are a great tool to gather information! Continents was a very nice idea too.
    • Finally, local happyness!
    • I really liked what they did with city-states.
    • I really - really liked what they did with the religious game!
    In general, I have a positive vibe about this game which I didn't have when I got V on my hands. I'm really excited to see where this installment of the series will take us.
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  7. Arkatakor

    Arkatakor King

    Mar 11, 2006
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Nice review. Personally I would add the lack of city build queues as a minor issue (since you didn't mention it).

    Personally I find it to be a major issue. I can already see this as the primary reason that I will grow tired of and quit games in later era's late games once I have quite a few cities up and I have to manage building troops / buidlings for each city.
  8. jozef57

    jozef57 Warlord

    Jun 18, 2009
    i just find the suveryablility of the game lacking.. it is pretty but.... well this could be lack of experiances with this version. other thing i am realy being swaremd with missianary's dozens of them litteraly.. from arabia ofcourse but also germany.. and even with over 2000 faith point no great prophet to start my own reelgion,, could not find answer in the ciivilclo? well it is new game new engine tweaking, and patches will come
  9. Lord Yanaek

    Lord Yanaek Emperor

    Aug 15, 2003
    You don't get great prophets from faith but from great prophet points. You get those from holy sites districts and one wildcard only Social Policy Card. Also GP are limited and Arabia automatically receives the last one, so if they have a religion it's tool late for you this game. If you want to found a religion, you need to either build Stonehenge or otherwise focus on Great Prophet points early as the AIs will try hard to get one, even on Prince.
  10. Larsenex

    Larsenex King

    Oct 31, 2005
    Ventura CA

    I just wanted to write a bit about my current game. It is my first game since launch and I am still playing it. 10 civs, Huge map with me as Rome. A few fun things happened up to this turn which is 345.

    • Stability is fine. Crashes were due to <my hardware> and not the game at all.
    • I am playing on max video settings and game is beautiful. Thank you Art Department!
    • Immediately AFTER I took the last city of Kongo, France DoW'd me. We had just finished an alliance and she Dow'd me. She had dozens of horsemen in my empire and My tired armies were in the north after months of hard fighting destroying Kongo. I had an Infantry, a crossbowman in the south and an em-placed artillery in a built up encampment to the far east. That far east city was well built up for invasion as I planed on using it as a staging city to invade her anyway. well...I had some district damage a farm or two pillaged while my main armies made fair use of Roads. I previously had a General that gave +1 movement and attk bonuses so I created a Corp infantry with two strong Infantry units and attached the general. This was my vanguard unit and the army followed.
    • I proceeded to annihilate France as my southern units <barely> hung on till the main forces arrived to settle things well in hand.
    • While this was happening back in the recently appropriated cities of Kongo I had but a long Calvary unit to roam around for Barbarian control. Alas those cities did not like the recent change in management. After 4 turns into my war with France and when the main armies were engaged and pushed east, 4 infantry and 1 Artillery BARBARIANS spawned AROUND one of my Kongo cities! Good times!
    • The Rebels went on to plunder some things but stayed around the city, enabling me to eventually kill all of them off.
    • Someone stole rocketry the turn after I got it, I suspect it was Cathy but I refused all peace deals and she is buried under her home city in Paris...RiP.
    • Spies! I know I need to do 'counter intelligence and will make more..but.. how many can an empire support or build? How can increase the effectiveness and prevent sabotage missions or stolen tech? If I can find out who it is I will threaten them!
    • I completed the Ruhr valley wonder and now I am going to crank out some spies to protect my industrial areas on my two major cities. Observation Balloons are retardedly good. Attach one to an artillery and blast at a city or across a channel 4 hexes away!
    • Next up is spaceports. I was planning a science victory. I have the entire continent to myself but Freddy is far up north hemmed in. I may need to have him 'incorporated' into the Empire. I am more worried about Russia as he is across the channel to the south. I will build up my units into armies and keep the general attached to them along with balloons and built up artillery. This should keep invasions out if I can put them on the coast.
    • Amenities.... Will entertainment districts mitigate my need for amenities? I am not fully understanding how the system works but as soon as one of Kongo's cities get large enough I was going to build an entertainment district there, production is slow as well. I have these districts now build throughout the empire. What is the formula on number of cities I can have and amenities I need to keep folks happy?
    • Seaside resorts. Builders build them but what do they do? I have decided to build them along with more farms.
    • Strategic resources are very rare. You all thought Iron was rare but hell OIL was NOWHERE to be found ANYWHERE on my ENTIRE continent, nor in Peters area, I am talking about 2/3rds of the ENTIRE map and not a single barrel! I finally found one very far to the north in a completely crap area of all tundra north of Freddy. I settled a city up there during the war with Cathy and sent some infantry up there with him. I now have ONE oil and I am building tanks on one of my main military encampments. Talk about tough. NOBODY is gonna have tanks it seems but better for me I guess!
    • The main thing to take away is I rarely stay up past 8pm. I get up at 345am and go to work by 6am. Since Friday, I have been up til 10pm playing late! Idiocy! Addiction! The game is entirely fun. I cannot fathom folks who complain about the game not being worth paying for it or comments about crappy ai or such. I play to entertain myself and Civ VI entirely delivers a great civ experience. I have not had this much fun since my very first games playing Call 2 Power 2.

    Thanks again for a great game. Thanks to the community we have to keep us informed and a big thank you to our modding community who will likely make Civ VI even better than it already is!

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  11. mr_j936

    mr_j936 Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2016
    I think I liked civ 5 more. This was micromanagement overkill.

    Actually, the exact opposite of this happened to me. The game stopped showing me catapults for example and started showing me cannons and telling me I can't build cannons since I don't have gunpowder(I forgot the exact name of the resource but it is used for gunpowder based units) And it wouldn't let me build a catapult, same thing with spear/musket and I ended up stuck not being able to build military, so I advanced in tech and ended up with less options instead of more.
    I pretty much agree with everything else.

    And damn it give us some more automation/common sense management. My endgame got exhausting with around ONLY 10-13 cities and 13 traders. At a point I do not care where the traders go or where the individual builder upgrades or what specifically the city builds, just work, doooo, if I have something specific I want I can override. There should be a checkbox for cities that says automate, or better yet, 5 select options (automate production, automate commerce, automate military, automate culture, automate science) It doesn't need to be the perfect smartest AI, it could waste its time looping over the science grant for all I care, but stop asking...

    And the spies counterspying, do I really need to keep telling the spy to counterspy where he was? again, a checkbox for loop action would have gone a long way.

    Automate for builders, yes I know he dies after 3 builds usually but I still don't want to bother with them mid/late game, if it is a hill put a mine, if it is a forest put an encampment, if it is a grassland a farm, if something else is there don't override I probably put it there and want it this way.

    Also, this bothered me more than it should. Where is the cannon fire sound? In civ 5 it had this awesome explosion sound that made it seem powerful, in this game, I didn't hear anything. Bring it back. Not having took the excitement out. Unless it is another sound glitch(I already have a bug where at 24 hz the game sound would run at 10 x speed and makes Sean Bean sounds like he's on meth)
  12. eternal_blue

    eternal_blue Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2016
    Hello. It's just a joy that Civ6 it was released last week, and all of us are playing it with passion, dedicating all of sleep time to just do "one more turn".

    This thread is created to expose the first look at the game , the first gameplay and what we feel when Civ6 was played for the first time. This thread is adresed to experienced and newbies civ players alike, and is not about to describe the entire experience, but how it was feeling the first gameplay... Presentation, graphics, animation, gameplay, everything.... and of course in comparation with civ 4 or civ 5 product.

    In my case, talking about the graphics because it's the first thing that our eyes analyze, when I was seeing the "cartoonish screenshots" I was just not impresed and I was thinking that the 6th itteration it will be some like mobile "clash of clans" type game with microtransactions. But I was wrong and now playing it, I´m just impresed how stylized are the graphics in the actual game, giving a good pleasure to the eye in terms of colours, contrast and nice art of fog of war and the entire map. It's something unique of how Civ 6 is defined and it gives some beautiful view of the terrain, watter, resources, districts, wonders and units that maintain you playing it for hours.
    The other nice aspect that I notticed at first was the UI, that is changed and in some way gives some nice organized menus that are very nice implemented, but has his little issues that will be fixed, about mouse scrolling and other minor changes that it needs to be done.
    The districts are so enjoying and they are a huge positive addition to the gameplay to the middle-late eras when in other civ games there are some turns that gives you a "boring feel" just clicking to add a new building button in the same place of the city without seeing it and without giving a strategy feel in terms of terrain or to feel that actual changes something. With this mecanic in Civ 6, I was just feeling that the middle-late game is just important like the first part of the game, and the implements of the civic tree is just improving the playing experience.
    The music is fantastic, the main theme "Sogno di Volare", the music in the game that improves alongside the eras with every civilization, the naration of Sean Bean, the sounds, everything, it's just gorgeous in therms of music and sounds and in combination of the graphics and the intro video gives a "VERY UNIQUE CIV FELL" that was in CIV 4.
    But there are other aspects that I think are working "cheap" in the game like: religion, espionage, tourism and the diplomacy in therms of having a major impact. The religion is great and I thing that it has his purpouse in the game, but is just very simple and I think that it needs to be improved in a expansion with the espionage to count more and to give more to do, and to be important. The tourism and culture in general is more or less like in Civ 5 where you build, discover archeological sites, create works or improvements to expand the culture and tourism but I think that it needs to be more polished to be noticed like an actual "cultural victory". And the diplomacy I feel like is very slight improved just in comparation of Civ 5, where are dialogs with actual sense in therms of borders, trade, and other interests and the implementation of the casus belli, but it's thow very simplistic. The diplomacy needs more actions I think like in Europa Universalis, to have more impact on the trade, religious actions, espionage, the casus belli to make more sense and the AI to not do the same predictable actions every time. The world congres is missing and in the future expansions I think that would be nice to reestablish a new diplomatic more advanced sistem with some world congres actions that counts to introduce a "diplomatic victory".

    Thow, having those minor problems, and a few bugs, I think Firaxis needs to be praised for the long work to give us a beautiful polished product with all the content from the other civ games on the launch day and improve it and to give some new additions with the expansions in the future. And of course it will be very nice if every one can give in this thread his own detailed first impresions of the game, the comparation with the other civ games, and the improvements that you want to see in future patches and expansions.

    Thank you, and I want to know your opinion, because every single detail count...
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
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  13. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra Conquistador

    May 27, 2016
    Civ VI had me at Sogno di Volare.
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  14. bite

    bite Unofficial Civilization Cartographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
    Same the music is just so on point
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  15. Lord_Azazel

    Lord_Azazel Prime Swatter

    Dec 29, 2003
    It felt snappy at first, the main menu felt really well done. (Having played Fallout or Skyrim you'll know what I'm talking about) Now they just have to add some more settings there and I'll be happy about that.
    In game felt good. Like the art style, not the minimap.
  16. PlayAsPericles

    PlayAsPericles Chieftain

    Jul 29, 2012
    BTW- Haven't played as Pericles in Civ 6 my reference here is from playing Pericles from earlier Civ games.

    So far it's a mixed bag for me. While i enjoy the game overall some things i am not a fan of include:

    1- the greyed (or yellowed out if you will) areas of areas you visit if unit leaves the area- this is more a function of older tired eyes than game play but annoying nonetheless

    2- The complete disregard for the greatness that was coastal cities. Not a fan of how it works now even with some of the compromises they appear to have implemented.

    3- While some civs have glaringly obvious cultural, religious and war bents for victory type IMHO there isn't really one like Babylon in Civ 5. They are defintiely some science leaning civs to be sure but none that give that all out go for science victory bent that other victory conditions have.

    4- I play huge maps 95% of the time and the size of that map is much smaller than it was in civ 5 which means tons of early contact, cities on top of each other super early and less exploration the exact opposite of the reason i play huge maps.

    These are just a handful of things I could mention but wanted to get your thoughts on these first.....
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
  17. fatgordy

    fatgordy Chicken in Pants

    Sep 21, 2010
    Pennsylvania, USA
    1. Agree
    2. Agree
    3. No opinion
    4. Agree
  18. Pico 22

    Pico 22 Chieftain

    Sep 22, 2016
    I finished my first game today: Scythia, warlord (I haven't played a Civ game for a while so I decided to take it easy), standard/standard, 500 turns (I wanted to see it all). In principle, a pacifist game but if someone attacks me I get seriously pissed off. Some observations:

    - judging from trailers, YouTube videos and various pics I thought I would hate the graphics. Actually, I loved them; IMHO, the best so far. Great models (e.g., inquisitors straight out of Monty Python) and animations (some are hilarious, like builders repairing stuff). My main problem: unreadable city names, especially Scythian - not all of us are hawks in free time.

    - music: the main theme is no Baba Yetu but it is quite good and in-game themes are excellent.

    - Sean Bean: good job but no match for a Vulcan. Hearing the same (rather uninspired and badly put together) text every time you reload becomes quite irritating.

    - UI: functional enough but lacking some important stuff. I especially missed the old city screen and the production queue (essential if you have to insert something, usually a military unit or two, without ruining your almost finished previous project).

    - AI: appalling. Like everybody, I experienced stupid enemy rushes and even more stupid attacks by single weak units. Also, AI kept sending unaccompanied settlers and builders into my territory while at war: thank you but you don't seem very bright to me. Also, Norway burnt one of "my" city state's farms early in the game and they remained burnt right to the end, centuries after Norway was gone. Etc. etc. - I know AI was never brilliant (and I understand why it had to cheat) but I don't remember it being as stupid as in this game.

    - new ideas: I always thought a city being the same size as a stack or, in Civ V, a single unit of archers looked rather strange so I believe districts are quite an improvement: at last, a big city looks like a big city. Not so sure about builders but I got used to them. I liked the double science tree and policy cards. More micromanagement is good, at least for me.

    - pet peeve (beside AI): barbarians. Challenging in the early game but a bloody nuisance in the late game. Get civilized, for god's sake.

    - an oversight most curious: I was able to buy (but not to build) military units (like swordsmen and, later, tanks) long before I had the appropriate materials available. An ancient E-bay? Once more, thank you but ...

    - finish: underwhelming, to put it mildly.

    On the whole, a good game but rather rough at the edges. I'll try out other civs but I don't think I'll replay a full game until some essential corrections will be made.
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  19. rockhpi

    rockhpi Chieftain

    Nov 2, 2001
    I've played around 5 hours now and there are things I'm enjoying but a lot of adjustment. I started on Prince just to not be overwhelmed while I learn the new systems.

    I think my main disappointment is the diplomacy and AI. My normal plan is to build up my first city just a bit and then send off a Settler to get to two cities fairly early. I did this, while sending a Scout west, and by the time I had founded my second city, the scout had found 8 or 9 English cities already on the map. Not sure how they did it so fast. Victoria sent me a message about how nice it was to be continent-buddies and two turns later declared war on me. No idea why - she said her repeated requests had gone unheeded or something but she hadn't requested anything. She attacked a few times but I repulsed her fairly easily (defense seems way easier than offense in this game) and she gave up and sued for peace. Meanwhile, Gorgo was to the east (also with a million cities by the time I had two) and she exhibited the same sort of schizophrenic behavior. She would angrily send me messages about lacking courage or honor and just giving up or something without me even knowing what I was being cowardly about. Eventually, she declared war as well. I only had the two cities and guess what? No iron, so I pretty much just had spearmen and archers. My archers had several improvements earned in the English wars and would just decimate anything that came near. But that didn't stop Gorgo - she just kept sending wave after wave of soldiers to their doom. Victoria at least had the good sense to call a stop to the slaughter (before resuming again later) but Gorgo must have kept it up for 30 or 40 turns. I would contact her for peace but she wouldn't hear of it. Eventually, she FINALLY accepted a peace proposal (by now, the majority of my buildings had been built with Greek bones) but though it was good fun massacring Greeks, as a result of the constant warring (and relentless expansion by these two) I found I was pretty much unable to do much else. There's nowhere else to expand into. I could try and go on the offensive but I think I'll just start over.

    I also find it very difficult to see inactive units, especially units in a city or on a wonder. The inactive shields need to be a bit more visible. The edge scrolling is really not very good.

    I do really like the ability to "lock" a soldier to a settler. I like the new "card" system for civics but I wish they'd mark your new cards with a star or something when it's time to select. Still getting used to the new workers and road-building and I don't know if I like those improvements yet or not.
  20. eternal_blue

    eternal_blue Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2016
    First of all thanks to V. Soma for merging my thread with his, in this way we can talk about the impresions and the beautiful game that Civ 6 is.

    In my case, like I said in the last post there are a lot of aspects that makes the Civ 6 the best in the series, even greater than Civ 4. There is the special feeling of nostalgia that was in Civ 4 about combining the music graphics narations and sounds with the game mechanics, and in Civ 6 is the case when this combination is working perfectly.

    The first game that I was playing was: Random Civ, Standard Map on Continents, Prince difficulty (because I don't want the AI to cheat, that leads to inconsistency), standard game pace from ancient era, and all the advanced options on standard. So in this case the game chose for me to play with Russia, in the middle of the continent, green terrain lands with rivers with a lot of resources and near with some city states. The other 3 civs that were in the same continent that I was: Rome on the East, Grece on the North - East, and England on the south east. So all the preasure was going to have in the game from the east, because in the west were just the city states.

    In this case I was settle the first city in the location where I was initialy and I was starting an agresive expansion making some units to block the entrance of the other settlers from other civs to put the cities on the west or near me. I just put 3 cities that block all the entrances and units in the locations to not let the AI pass to ensure that the west coast with all the riches is mine. Of course they wanted to open borders with me , and refusing that, they very pissed off. The same tactics I was applying in the Civ 5 games, but it didn't feel like the same involvement and strategy like Civ 6. After making 3 or 4 cities I just want to stabilize my empire improving my resources to gain amanities, improving the relations with the city states, making some trade routes to gain gold and make sure that the growth of the city is working normaly with the housing capacities.

    In the medieval renaicsance era I was pushed to do some districts especialy in science, and gold. Then I just produce units to go to war and conquer England that declared war on me because they just wanted to expand on my territory and that was their fall conquering all their cities. Then after some 20 turns I was surprised that Rome they want to convert all of my cities on their religion so I denounce them and had declared war on them (of course my units having a lot of experience gained , the conquering of their cities was very easy with my 3 bombard units, some flexible cavalry that can traverse very fast the map and some melee units. That was the doom of them and after that Greece was denuncing me because they were considered that I was an "Warmonger". After conquer all the continent I upgraded my units and put them every one in one city to and fortify because I had one card policy that sais "for every unit estationed in a city generates 1 amenity" so was cool.

    The only problem that I had, it was with the religion and the great people. After defeting all the civs on my continent and converting all the cities on my religion, I just had a lot of faith points that I dont know what to do with them. In the case of the great people that spawn in the cities I don't know what to do with the musicians and the writers because the amphiteather and the broadcast towers gives you just one slot, and I didn't want to put turns in wonders just to have 1 or 2 more slots. And of course the diplomacy was very week. Hello, Friends? Denounce... WAR !!!! and thats it. Just a few interactions with some demands and discusions about borders or some trade, but nothing else.

    And finaly having an entire contient at my disposal with more than 20 cities , having trade routes with a lot of city states (because I don't like to declare war on them, they generate more benefit if you are ally) I was leading in everithing: score, science, culture, religion, and in domination (I have 3 capitals, and the other civs didn't had any), I just was going for a science victory completing the mars program. I just think thow that they need to revamp the diplomacy and implement some diplomacy victory In addition with world congress, and expand the cultural victory because the tourism mechanism is very simple and weak right now ( having more than 10 great people stationed in the cities because I don't have any more slots to put them to generate tourism).

    In conclusion the first game that I was playing it was a very good experience , and I just wanna so bad to see some more elements on the culture, diplomacy, add some new cool things in exansion with more civs, and of course fix some UI interface with future patches. Civ 6 is reflecting the feeling that it was in Civ 4, the combination of the intro video, music, sounds, graphics and naration offers a lot of positive energy (I just watched the intro so many times, listen the full song of "Sogno di Volare" that in combination with Sean Bean pleasant voice naration is just the best, and just watch the gorgeous graphics with the day/night cycle) a very polished game and the best in the series from my point of view that takes the francise on a new level.
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