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New Version - 3.2.2 (March 15, 2023)


Already Looping
Dec 19, 2017
The long-awaited release is here at last! I'm very sorry for the long delay in releasing this, life has been hectic and it was a lot of work to put everything together.

Many thanks to @axatin in particular for a fervent streak of bugfixing, including a major rework of the espionage UI, as well as sponsoring and implementing many proposals.

New versions will now be released on GitHub rather than hosted on Google Drive, which should be more reliable as a service.

Lots of changes to playtest in this version - enjoy!

- Now hosted on the GitHub repository
- Uploaded all versions between 1.0 and 3.2 to GitHub (Releases page)
    No more "does anyone have this version?" or "I lost this version" posts will be required!
    Releases as of 3.2 will also have a debug DLL/PDB uploaded to facilitate bugfixing
- Finally fixed the issue with loading screen tips

- Confirmed that several bugs involving Barbarians, unit healing rates, the integrated Religion Spread modmod, and difficulty handicaps were previously resolved
- Code cleanups
- Adjacency bonuses can now give yields that aren't part of the base improvement
- SHIFT+ALT+LCLICK adds an item to the bottom of every eligible city's construction queue
- SHIFT+CTRL+LCLICK adds an item to the top of every eligible city's construction queue
- SHIFT+LCLICK on a building's invest button invests in every copy of this building in every eligible city's construction queue
- Added documentation for keyboard shortcuts to the Civilopedia
- Added lots of code for L. Vern's Squads modmod
- IGNORE_TERRAIN_COST_INCLUDES_RIVERS define added (enabled by default)
    When disabled, Ignore Terrain Cost doesn't apply to the movement penalty from crossing a river
    Unless the unit is hovering or has Amphibious!
- VICTORY_DOMINATION_CONTROL_PERCENT define added: % of capitals that must be owned for a Domination Victory
    Not currently supported by Victory Progress UI

  - A unit now benefits from all auras and adjacency bonuses based on its location BEFORE combat
  - This change/consolidation differentiates these bonuses from flanking, which is based off of the enemy's location BEFORE combat
  - All other location-based combat bonuses are based on the tile that is being attacked
  - Great Generals/Admirals now benefit units defending from ranged attacks
  - Indirect Fire can no longer be chosen as a promotion; only units which have it as a base promotion can use it
  - Naval units in cities no longer modify city strength, and the AI will not use them as garrisons (they do still soak up damage if garrisoned)
  - Bonuses and penalties VS Domain are now applied only when attacking, not when defending
      This means that naval units are no longer extra powerful against land ranged units
      And also that land units are no longer extra powerful against siege units (but see below!)
  - Fixed some issues with unit movement

  Archery Promotions
  - Swapped the names and database entries of the Accuracy and Barrage promotions

    All Industrial Era Buildings
    - Gold maintenance increased by 1 to 7 or 8

    All Modern Era buildings
    - Gold maintenance increased by 3 to 11

    All Atomic Era buildings
    - Gold maintenance increased by 5 to 15

    All Information Era buildings
    - Gold maintenance increased by 10 to 20

    - Removed +1 Gold for each City-State friend

    - Now has 1 Gold maintenance

    Hydro Plant
    - Removed duplicate Aluminum requirement

    - Now +34% faster local border growth instead of -25% tile culture cost

    Nuclear Plant
    - Removed unintended bonus to Civil Servant yields

    Scrivener's Office
    - Now +1 Food per CS friend, +1 Food and +1 Faith per CS ally

    Wire Service
    - Now +1 Culture per CS friend, +1 Culture and +1 Science per CS ally

    - Removed +1 Gold bonus to forest tiles
    - Population scaler buffed: now +1 Production per 4 pop (was per 10)

  - Should no longer apply trespassing penalties to civs that enter their territory to kill units they're at war with
  - Heavy Tribute now grants Gold equal to normal tribute, plus 25% of that Gold as Culture/Production/Food/Faith/Science
      Still based on the City-State's type
  - City-State quests that didn't have a duration now expire after 50 turns
  - City-State quests can now be given starting on turn 3-6, depending on game speed, instead of turn 30 on standard
      Didn't change this to turn 0 because most quests require capitals to be founded for both players
      Barbs also spawn only at the end of turn 2
  - Fixed several old bugs with City-State quest cooldowns - personal and global quests should be given more frequently
  - Changed the formula for City-State coups based on proposal 2-02
      Successfully rigging elections now increases the success rate of coups
      It is now possible to have a 100% success rate for a coup
      Enemy counterspies are no longer shown in the displayed coup chance
      Probability of rigging elections is no longer shown in the espionage UI (since it reveals whether enemy spies are there)
  - The scaler for Influence decay is now based on the difference between your Influence total and your resting point (instead of 0)
      >= 100 over resting point adds -1 decay, >= 200 adds -2.82 decay, >= 300 adds -5.2 decay, and so on

    - Royal Library now grants +2 Great Scientist Points to match School of Philosophy (was +1)
    - Siege Tower no longer obsoletes

    - Diplomatic Marriage no longer freezes Influence decay, but resting point increased by 200 to compensate

    - Stele now +34% faster local border growth instead of -25% tile culture cost

    - UA bonus now +2 Science per CS friend, +2 Science and +2 Culture per CS ally, scaling with era

    The Huns
    - Captured units now gain the Conscript promotion (consume no unit supply)
    - Tooltip clarifies that units are not guaranteed to be captured

    - Removed +1 GPP for Artists, Musicians, Writers from Candi to match Garden

    - Righteousness promotion (Dojo): +20% CS vs units at or below 50% HP (instead of all wounded units)
    - Respect promotion (Dojo): +20% CS vs units above 50% HP (instead of 15% vs. all melee and gun units)

    - Ger now has 1 Gold maintenance
    - Ger now increases local border growth rate by 34% instead of reducing tile culture cost by 25%

    - UA buffed to 15% of gross GPT instead of 10% of net GPT
    - Satrap's Court now provides 1 GPT per 3 citizens (was 1 per 5); GAP per 5 citizens removed

    - Melee and Gun units can construct Fishing boats, instead of Melee Naval units

    - UA Change: Forcefully annexes City-States instead of demanding Heavy Tribute
    - UA Change: Conquered City-States continue to provide bonuses at a friend level
        Militaristic CS continue to spawn units at an allied level
    - Keeps +15% Production bonus towards buildings in capital
    - Loses "retains all buildings" and additional territory upon city capture

    - Clarified UA text: the UA is -25% culture cost for all tiles
    - Ostrog production cost reduced to 600 (was 800), Gold maintenance reduced to 4 (was 5)

    - Conquistador-founded cities now include a Lighthouse, not a Harbor

  - Fixed cities being initialized with the lowest possible espionage resistance instead of the highest one
  - Fixed replacement spies starting with the XP of the dead spy they replace
  - Fixed spy mission durations being longer on quick game speed than on other game speeds
  - Fixed mission durations not being updated when the mission duration modifiers change
  - Fixed a bunch of unintended VP changes in community patch
  - Fixed wrong tooltip for killed spies
  - Removed unnecessary/incorrect information in notifications (like spy kill chance for completed missions)
  - Spy Mission Result Screens now show the correct values
      (those of the completed spy mission and not those of the next one)
  - Siphon Mission now shows an estimate of the amount of yields that will be stolen
  - Modifiers for mission duration and security level are now explained in the spy screen

  - Max # of religions that can be founded is now (# of major civs at game start / 2) + 1, capped at 8
      Was previously based only on map size
      > 8 player games have more religions available
      Both players in a Duel map can now found a religion
      No change on standard size maps

  Game Options
  - Disable Victory Competition & Endgame Aggression have been moved to the advanced Game Options menu
      No longer can be changed midgame, but now much easier to turn on

  - Instant Yield scaler for Quick speed buffed from 50% to 75%

  - Global Settler production penalty now scales smoothly (-2.5% Production per approval rating % below 50)

      United Front
      - Influence with allied City-States now decays, but resting point increased by 100 to compensate

    Logging Camp
    - Removed (merged with Lumber Mill)

    Lumber Mill
    - Can now be built on Jungles
    - Gives +1 Production to Forests, +1 Gold to Jungles
    - Adjacency bonus buffed to +1 Production, +1 Gold per two adjacent Lumber Mills
    - Metallurgy: +1 Production, +1 Gold (was +2 Production)
    - Combustion: +1 Production, +1 Gold (was +2 Production)

  New Fighter Line Promotions
    Air Recon II
    - Replaces Air Recon I for Fighter/Zero (reveals 7 tiles instead of 6)

    Air Recon III
    - Replaces Air Recon I for Jet Fighters (reveals 8 tiles instead of 6)

    Aerial Torpedo
    - Requires Ace Pilot III
    - +20% CS when attacking Naval Units

    Bomb Rack
    - Requires Dogfighting III
    - +20% CS when attacking Land Units

    God of the Expanse
    - Now +34% faster border growth in all cities instead of -25% tile culture cost

    Goddess of Protection
    - Palace now grants +3 Faith (was +2 Faith, +1 Culture)
    - Walls now grant +2 Faith, +2 Culture (was +2 Faith, +1 Culture)

    God of War
    - Faith from unit kills nerfed to 175% of enemy CS (was 225%)
    - Melee units now heal 10 HP after killing an enemy unit
    - Added +2 Faith, +2 Production from Barracks
    - Removed +10% RCS bonus to cities
    - Removed +10% unit production

      - Loses Culture from CS tribute
      - Gains +40 Science and Culture from founding and conquering cities (scaling with era and for conquest, population)

      - Now increases Heavy Tribute non-gold yields to 50% from 25%
      - Loses science and culture from founding and conquering cities

      - Now gives +1 Happiness and +2 Culture from Barracks instead of garrisoned units

      - Now increases Heavy Tribute non-gold yields to 75% from 50%, instead of providing Culture from CS tribute

      Civilizing Mission
      - Conquered cities retain all buildings (except the Unique Buildings of other civilizations)

    Bronze Working
    - Now grants +40 Production upon chopping a forest/jungle (up from +20)
    - Now reduces chop time for forests/jungles by 2 turns

    Iron Working
    - Loses +20 Production upon chopping a forest/jungle

    - Loses reduction to chop time for forests/jungles

  Trade Routes
  - Base Gold yield nerfed to 0.8 (was 1)
  - Increased INTERNATIONAL_TRADE_CITY_GPT_DIVISOR from 65 to 80 (another GPT nerf)

    Air Units
      - Ace Pilot II replaced with Dogfighting I

    Recon Units
    - Removed penalty VS Barbarians

    Siege Units
    - Nerfed CS by ~33% across the board due to the Bonus/Penalty VS Domain change
       New values mean mounted units should still OHKO them
    - Catapult: CS now 5 (was 7)
    - Ballista: CS now 6 (was 8)
    - Trebuchet: CS now 8 (was 12)
    - Hwach'a: CS now 9 (was 13)
    - Cannon: CS now 11 (was 16)
    - Field Gun: CS now 17 (was 25)
    - Artillery: CS now 27 (was 40)
    - Rocket Artillery: CS now 37 (was 55)

  We Love The King Day
  - Resource demanded is now rerolled after 30 turns
  - Resources you don't have the tech for can no longer be demanded
  - Only resources that have been discovered on the map by you or a player you've met can be demanded
      This restriction is lifted after researching Astronomy

    Angkor Wat
    - Now +50% faster border growth in all cities instead of -25% tile culture cost

  World Congress
    - Now affects all players except those with a Sphere of Influence active, not just a single player

    Sphere of Influence
    - AI trained to use them properly again

- Automated explorers should be more careful when enemies are around
- Automated Workers no longer run away from nuclear fallout
- AI should get escorts for their first settle operations more quickly and be less volatile concerning target plots
- AI early expansion desire reduced if the AI is going for culture or science victory
- Tactical AI improvements to combat simulator
- AI road building logic improved
- In Industrial Era, AI will now build railroads on its borders with other players
- Reduced AI spam of Forts
- AI produces Workers more quickly after disbanding one
- AI reinforces combat zones with increased priority
- AI spies less likely to waste their time in insignificant cities
- Blocked AI from building projects in cities under siege
- Adjustments to building flavors
- Rome AI now has 10 bias for bullying City-States and 3 for conquering them (was 6 and 10)
- Blocked AI from purchasing cities during peacetime in order to liberate them, as this is exploitable

- Added options to separate city production list items, check Options Menu to activate
- Many text fixes
- Various effects that granted an unspecified number of yields have had those numbers added to the text
- Reduced brightness of happiness icon on DX 11

- Fixed several crashes
- Fixed adjacency bonus bugs
- Fixed Hospital not actually converting 5% of Food to Science as advertised
- Fixed various Worker AI bugs
- Fixed AI belief scoring bug
- Fixed bugs with unit XP caps (no more unlimited XP barbs)
- Fixed AI army pathfinding bug
- Fixed Infiltrators promotion not functioning correctly for melee units
- Fixed Evasion promotion for Bombers increasing instead of decreasing damage received from cities
- Fixed inconsistency in the code regarding Trade Routes between teammates (should be treated as internal everywhere now)
- Fixed Barbarians not capturing cities for real this time
- Fixed Barbarian encampments spawning on top of (and replacing) Ancient Ruins
- Fixed overflow error with World Congress project production cost
- Fixed non-major civ cities demanding resources (performance drain, since they can't actually get them)

Link: https://github.com/LoneGazebo/Commu...s/download/Release-3.2.2/Vox.Populi.3.2.2.exe

Online as of 2:58 AM CST. Not savegame compatible.

Version 3.2.1 released. Link above has been updated.

- Fixed bugs in implementation of Authority changes

Online as of 6:30 PM CST. Savegame compatible, but the fixes to the Authority tree won't apply to saved games if the policies have already been chosen.

Version 3.2.2 released. Link above has been updated.

- Fixed city screen bug when using Squads modmod
- Pilum promotion (Roman Legion) no longer lost on upgrade

Online as of 12:19 PM CST on March 15. Savegame compatible, although existing Roman Legions might not be affected.
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Aug 12, 2021
Great work, much appreciated!

I am wondering if the change to the Legion (pilum kapt on upgrade) was also implemented in this or an earlier version. Iirc, it was also part of the Rome proposal.


Jul 17, 2018
City-State quests that didn't have a duration now expire after 50 turns
I think CS quests that already have an expire condition (e.g. coups) should not also have an expire time.
And the city taking quest should expire if the target city owner becomes your friend/DP, instead of having a timer.


Jan 11, 2016
Can't wait to start a new game, hope there's not many bugs. Many thanks to the whole team!


Nov 21, 2022
After installing VP, it appears that certain UI elements are missing from the top panel in the vanilla game even without any additional mods loaded. VP of previous versions did not have this problem. That means if i want to play vanilla, I need to uninstall vp to get the ui to display properly.


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Jan 18, 2023
Excited to play this new patch!! Thanks to the all the moders and the team behind all this amazing work.

As per tradition for the community patch project. I've gathered a bunch of older clothes and shoes to donate to the local charity along with signing up for monthly support to my local charity where I live.

Thanks again guys, it is much appreciated 😊


Sep 4, 2015
Text on most of the Authority policies doesn't reflect the new changes in the changelog.

Seems to be a mix of forgetting to remove old features and/or forgetting to add the new effect
Tribute mentioning Heavy Tribute changes, not mentioning city conquest bonuses
Militarism doesn't refer to the barracks changes
Finisher bonus is unclear. Sounds like it doubles Imperium's Heavy Demand, so it would go from 50% non-gold yields to 100%, but the patchnotes says finisher should put it to 75%. Both it and Imperium's text should just say the raw %.

Spoiler Policies :

L. Vern

Sep 5, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Could anyone tell me what modmod it is? Google didn't help.


Already Looping
Dec 19, 2017
Version 3.2.1 released. Link in OP has been updated.


- Fixed bugs in implementation of Authority changes

Online as of 6:30 PM CST. Savegame compatible, but the fixes to the Authority tree won't apply to saved games if the policies have already been chosen.


Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Nice. So now Rome isn't a warmonger anymore? Is it the anti-Austria civ now?
In my 2 plays of Rome so far they are still definately a warmonger. Its just now they get a big leg up in initial conquest by grabbing a CS through forced annexation. There is still plenty of reasons to keep conquering with Rome beyond that though.
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