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Nobles' Club 215: Hammurabi of Babylon

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by AcaMetis, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. krikav

    krikav Theorycrafter

    Aug 25, 2011
    Spoiler :

    Well, he finally died. :)

    Still a while before anyone launches their spaceship.
    Mansa have gone culture I think, but still 70 turns left on his third city (In free speech)

    18 cities, and room for 7-9 more decent ones (and a halfdozen no-food-fillers).
    Got a whole lot of heavily promoted maces that one coult promote to grenadiers and go snipe all of Roseys coastal wonderstuffed cities.
    Should be quite doable!
    400 units killed.
    4 GGenerals settled in capital (that has heroic now), and a fifth is waiting to make a Military academy.

    So the map is at least in theory beatable on deity, but it takes a much more skilled player than me to do it first try and to do it blind. :D
    Won't play this one to finish, I was content with the notification "The Aztec civilization has been destroyed.". ^_^
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  2. pandamancer

    pandamancer Prince

    Aug 18, 2013
    Great to be back again!

    A bit rusty so I will try this in IMM.
    Spoiler My thoughts on the starting postion and leader :

    Not really a bad location to settle but I want to explore what lies south. (I smell hidden resource nearby). Oh Mansa is present.

    One for the biggest strengths of Hammurabi is the starting techs. Agri and Wheel IMO is one of the most flexible starting techs. It is one tech away from AH which allows Pasture and reveals Horses thereby early chariots. Another path is BW which synergizes with his AGG trait. Early pottery is also possible if you think the capital has a potential.

    I really do not like bowman. personally I would prefer axeman or chariots for choking. From experience, I am more successful choking AIs with chariots rather than bowman. Another passive use of bowman is to "fake" your power rating. Defensively, bowman are actually good especially on a forest hill spot. Too bad they are not strengthen by the AGG trait.

    Gardens are below average. Sometimes building it in order to give away the health resources for a better trade. Not really useful until factories come to play.

    Overall, as a whole package Hammurabi is an below average/average leader. It is just that he is consistent in all ages. Without a big empire, his ORG trait cannot shine.

    Spoiler Here is how it went :

    Settled 1SW and went for AH. The food in the capital is very generous so I decided to temporarily mine the pig. Met only Monty for a long time so giving me the impression that this is semi isolated. Found horses north, so my second city is 2W3N of the capital. The land aside from the capital sucked. There is simply no rivers and happy resources except for the incense. So to prevent me from being broke before the third city, I went for pottery before BW. Good thing there is a stone nearby. At first, I am reluctant to try pyramids because of Monty nearby but it seems this is the only way to go (rep happiness, specialist beakers).

    Completed Pyramids in 900BC, went for mathematics because I thought I could snatched CoL for chicken-pizza (a wonder to "fake" power rating up) and confucianism (Monty did not found a religion :sad:). tried to grab 2N5E in order not to be overwhelmed by Monty. Did not open borders from him because he might know I lacked defenses. Preemptively build wall/barracks in the border cities to "fake" the power rating up. Unfortunately Confucianism was discovered early so grab HG for consolation instead.

    Realizing that getting semi isolated, Monty is going for me sooner or later. Detoured for Iron Working, discovered iron and founded another city nearby. At this stage, Monty is getting annoyed at me but no red fist yet. So stacking up axes for the upcoming defensive battle...since I refuse to tech hunting > archery, hopefully promoted swords can deal chariots/HA :crazyeye:

    For a while, some strange idea came to me. Given that my capital produce four engineer :gp:. Would it make sense to switch to literature, pop a great engineer and rush the great Lib. That will synergize with the representation civic and boost my :science: and future :gp: (and of course deny the AIs from the other continent). And before the plan was completed and without warning. Monty declared war [pissed] At that time I have 5 cities, Monty has around 8-10.

    Defending is quite easy as long as unit number ratio lies between 2:1/2.5:1 and in good defensive position, knowing that Monty has high attack courage. We need to remember to lure him to attack on the well positioned areas and not allow him to consolidate his army to a massive stack of doom. Later the great library was founded on 50AD. The funny thing is there were some great generals popping up...not from me or Monty but from regions unknown. Hopefully wars from the foreign land will slow down their tech rate. Sooner, I got my first great general. I did make a super medic while sharing some of the experience points with new units to make them veterans. The city Akkad (the 2nd city) while producing axes, partially build the Moai for more :hammers:. This is also my future HE city. I also made my capital the NE city.

    Still after winning several defensive battles, Monty simply does not want to accept peace. With some fail in scouting in my part, he moved to my other city. Luckily the right border city was able to hold on for another turn before the reinforcements arrive. The second/third great general arrived at this point. Around this time, he is starting to build catapults. I have not choice but to lure him on open ground and decimate his siege units before he merge all of his units to attack the city. some of the veteran units were lost but I was still able to hold my ground. Also added two more cities in the south for silver and future whale resource.

    Finally wiping out his SoD, pushing the power rating to 0.7. He accepts peace at 820AD. Gifting alphabet, aesthetics to put him to Cautious. While on my part, I am waiting for the second GS for astro bulb and finishing the NE and HE (1st GE goes into Great Lib, 2nd GS goes into academy, 3rd and 4th GS goes into Astro).

    This is a period of uneasy peace, he ask for horses. I decided to give him for a few turns to tech uninterrupted and to open borders with him. Finally found the other continent and first to circumnavigate. Everyone is of different religion, no wonder so much warring has occurred. As usual Mansa is leading so much. I think Mansa also got Liberalism. The others with the exception of WvO is about as advanced as me.

    In this relative time of peace, I started to build trebs with my HE city. Other cities started to build maces. Some axes were also upgraded to maces. Finally declared war on Monty because he is going for guilds. Traded for archery to make sure my longbows will defend maces from incoming xbows (which was mistake for i traded gunpowder the next turn). Taken his 6 cities and he capitulated in 1460AD.


    At this point in game, I believe this is still very winnable... Although Mansa is leading in tech, he does not have Sistine Chapel. So his cultural victory may take for a while. In the meantime, let's toy Monty with privateers :lol:


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  3. krikav

    krikav Theorycrafter

    Aug 25, 2011
    Nice to have you back @pandamancer !

    Spoiler :

    Sounds like you had a pretty nice game. It's a tough map so well done! :D

    Chicken Itza and power rating, that sounds like a new trick to me, care to explain abit? :)
    Rushbuying GLib sounds like it does make some sense, but it's not an idea I would have come up with. Whenever I got a GEng I settled him.
    Bulbing machinery might be an option, as it speeds up optics!

  4. pandamancer

    pandamancer Prince

    Aug 18, 2013
    Spoiler :

    Here it is, in the soldiers section


    Archers 3000soldiers,
    Bowman 4000soldiers,
    Chariots/Spears 4000soldiers
    Axes 6000soldiers,
    Swords, Jaguar and HA 6000soldiers
    Chichen Itza 8000soldiers
    Great Wall 10000soldiers
    Barracks 3000soldiers
    Wall 2000soldiers
    And some techs like archery also adds to the soldier count....

    But the point is moot, Monty ALWAYS declares war when annoyed. And also this only works if your soldiers rating ratio is higher than the AI... I dont remember the ratio.

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