Oghma's Vault: Archive of Canon Lore Posts

Diavolo Rosso

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Aug 2, 2010
I've combed the forums for Kael and MC posts on lore, and been copy/pasting them into google docs. I've gone through every thread, and found enough of their posts that puts each document at over a couple hundred pages. That's right hundreds of pages of FfH lore. Going to call this little project Oghma's Vault, unless Kael or Magister prefers it to be called something else. After all it is Kael's world and MC's work of thoroughly answering our questions over the years. Here's the link, feel free to comment. I find it much easier when searching for specific information, as all you have to do is use the find feature (ctrl + f) instead of the forum/thread tools which can be a pain.

Kael's Vault

Oghma's Vault (full)
In the spoiler tags is the same document split into 4 parts for anyone having lag problems using the full doc.

EDIT: I've separated Kael's and MC's docs. Oghma's Vault is MC's posts, Kael's Vault has his and a couple other team member's posts. Maybe change the name of Kael's Vault to The True Heaven, lol? gonna leave it, cuz i'm used to it now.
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No way that Kael and Magister Cultuum have written more than 500 pages. This is great work, thanks for making it available to everyone.
Thanks a lot for this!

We're digging in a lot of the uncompiled lore at DawnFire Realms at the moment in preparation of our newest FfHII inspired minecraft roleplay survival world. This is really helping us!
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