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Nov 1, 2006
new alhambra
I know that an internet forum isn’t necessarily the best vehicle for something like this, but at the end of the year, we are all awash in everyone sharing “movie/game/album/novel/etc. of the year” lists, and I thought it might be fun to do that here, but with posts or threads.

No stipulations beyond that, it could have been a well-researched post that you felt like provided a lot of good information, maybe it was one that changed your view on something, or maybe it was just one you found really, really funny or witty. Either way, what were some of the words shared on this forum that stood out to you in 2023? And good luck searching for them lol.
"Someone stoled my camera and my pants"

Oh, wait, 2023. I'll be back.
that was already beaten in 2011 or '12 , if am allowed to nominate any post of mine .
"Someone stoled my camera and my pants"

Oh, wait, 2023. I'll be back.
Not having context for this, the funniest thing is this actually happened to a mate when we were all in Bulgaria one time.
Oh, that's very kind, Bird.

You'll shame me into finishing that Grinch piece.
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'some stoled my camera and pants' is dead, long live the new king of utter, utter mentalness

now , incidentally noticed the camera and pants routine was back in 2007 , by a poster who seems to be banned for a long time . Would do this on the 31st , you know , just 20 or 10 minutes to the new year like "top this if you can" . The Press Office says this is a bad idea , now that it will be hard to do that anyhow , in any time frame .

so ...

finally would be written in as Thrawn , because despite claims to the contrary , there are fans and there are fans . But Musk decided it was cool if he was Thrawn . So , they added an eunuch , like literally calling him that as Captain Enoch , sent a whole team because even if you could say something against the fine looking lady , you literally can not find fault with the guy , added a Grecoroman mask thing because that would also pass because why not due to respect to other civilizations and a great talking point about the DNA profile of the country since 1071 . And now even that's taken away by Bidon , because everybody tells him 10 different things but victory is so sweet .


Spoiler :

of course not true . Just a fan drawing . The American God President would never walk behind Musk , blue in the face or not , so he would not be a Stormtrooper anywhere in SW . This rant is required by the mood in the big city nearby where there supposedly is talk about some affair ı supposedly had (No , ı didn't) Involving Martial Arts training . There had been a move to claim a West Point graduate and ı will not be surprised to see the claims that ı had an affair with someone who was trained by the Shaolin Temple as soon as ı say anything positive about China . The reason people have suddenly discovered ı am not doing evil things as much as ı used to do in the past ? People are not making up stuff , that's why . Am pretty much the same person since that 2012 post but the money is running out , America tells Europeans to take the 300 billion dollars in the frozen accounts and send it over and the Russians were promised they would be helped to win that amount elsewhere . You know , in places where those in the know expect the Starfleet to be in eternal readiness and willingness to defend and stuff . That's why the city thinks am a good guy now .
said it was not the God President of America ! Beware his fans or something . This post remains until the day he singlehandedly defeats an orange rancor . For those who don't remember or wouldn't know , that's the monster Luke Skywalker fights in the beginning of Episode VI .
would say the link should have been to the post where the Gazze thing is on . Would say it otherwise looks like something that is about some person who doesn't post in the Gazze thread , right ?
My own favorite was the OP in this thread:

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