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Raliuven SG3.5 Regent

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by Raliuven, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    Turn 0 -- 150 BC

    MM Babylon.
    Move Bowman in Iron Range to Sugar 1N of Shuruppak.
    Change some builds to Workers.
    Move some extra bowmen to Red Man Tobacco.
    Gift Korea to the MA. They got Feudalism. :/


    Silky Red Pajamas receives its 10 shields from forest chop.
    Spain boots us out of their territory.

    2/2 Barb Horse v. 4/4 Bowman in Shuruppak.
    Victory, down to 3/4.
    2/2 Barb Horse v. 4/4 Bowman 1N of Shuruppak.
    Victory, full health.

    Turn 1 -- 130 BC

    Mr. Ed: Horseman -> Library (6 turns)
    Iron Range: vBowman -> Library (7 turns)
    Forest Clearing: Barracks -> Library (10 turns)

    We get a palace expansion! I add some steps.

    We also hear that the English are building The Great Library.

    Move some guys to the staging point, workers work, etc.

    Gift Ottomans to the MA. They got Engineering! Trade Feudalism for Engineering and 13 gold.
    Switch research to Monotheism.


    Barb comes out from the west near

    Barb comes off the mountain

    2/2 Barb Horse v. 4/4 Bowman 1N of Shuruppak.
    Victory, 2/4 health remaining.

    Another horse comes out from the fog and parks itself 1NW of Shuruppak. :/

    Turn 2 -- 110 BC

    Seaside Shores: Medieval Infantry -> Library
    Silky Red Pajamas: Library -> Barracks
    Backwater: Worker -> Bowman

    Move 2/4 Bowman into Indian Food, take 4/4 Bowman outside of Miss Scarlet and move next to horse to try to draw fire. Take 4/4 Bowman from east and put 1N of Shuruppak to defend from barb.

    Found Iron River Resort 1SW of Iron Hill, barb horseman is revealed 1SW-1W. Bowman fortifies.
    Iron River Resort -> Worker

    Move Bowman 2NW of mr. Ed to draw its fire, reveals 3 barb horsemen 2W-1SW of Mr. Ed on a hill. I halt the settler inside Mr. Ed until they are taken care of.

    Explore. More people move to staging point.


    Didn't realize that the barb was in range of two undefended workers. A slave and a homebred. :/
    Other barb pillages our spices. :/

    Turn 3 -- 90 BC

    Chaos ensues in Mount Ellipi. I fix it.

    Red Snappers: Harbor -> Bowman
    Corse: Worker -> Bowman

    The Carthaginians are building The Great Library.

    4/4 Bowman v. 2/2 Barb Horseman
    Victory, spices cleared, 2/4 health.
    Worker heads to reconnect.

    Found In The Middle 1S-2W of Seaside Shores. Starts on a worker.

    Clear the Barb away from Iron Range.

    MM Red Bulls to avoid disorder.

    I take the Babylon warrior and place him in Mr. Ed for extra defense. Babylon's undefended, but gets a Pikeman next turn anyway.


    Barb Horse comes from northwest of Iron River Resort.
    The 3 barb horses move next to the bowman 2S-1SE of Mr. Ed. Good, drew them away.

    Turn 4 -- 70 BC

    Babylon: Pikeman -> Marketplace
    Red Bulls: Settler -> Settler
    There Is No Cow Level: Settler -> Library

    Move people around for defensive purposes against barbs, manage workers.
    MM Iron Range to avoid disorder.


    The triple horses retreat back to where they were. :confused: AS, I guess.

    Iron River Resort
    2/2 barb v. 4/4 bowman
    we win, 3/4 health

    Turn 5 -- 50 BC

    Nothing is built.

    4/4 bowman v. 2/2 barb horse
    victory, 4/4 health

    3/3 curragh v. 2/2 barb galley
    victory, 1/3 health

    not much else going on.


    All three barbs attack the bowman in the foest. He survives with 1 health and is promoted to l33t.
    Other barbs move around.

    Turn 6 -- 30 BC

    Iron Range: Library -> Bowman

    Skirmish. Victory.


    I am really stupid. I forgot there were horses...and all progress on the granary was lost...and they killed some people, and took some gold. And :suicide:

    The good news is, that all of those barbs are gone now. Perhaps it was a worthy sacrifice.

    Turn 7 -- 10 BC

    Mr. Ed: Library -> Bowman
    Red Man Tobacco: Library -> Barracks
    Miss Scarlet: Worker -> Bowman

    And the Koreans are building The Great Library.

    I found the barb camp. Heading to destroy.

    Clear out a barb near Iron Range.


    zzzzz except for a barb horse from the west...there's another camp?!

    Turn 8 -- 10 AD

    Seaside Shores: Library -> Bowman
    Forest Clearing: Library -> Bowman

    Move people around and such to avoid/defend from barb horse. move towards barb camp.


    barb horse passes right by. :confused:

    Spices are hooked back up! Mount Ellipi will be growing again soon!

    Turn 9 -- 30 AD

    Red Bulls: Settler -> Settler
    Iron Range: Bowman -> Bowman
    Shuruppak: Barracks -> Worker
    Sippar: Barracks -> Library
    Light Bay Horses: Worker -> Library

    We're down to 73 gold, losing 52 gold per turn. I have to cut science down to 20% for now. We need to decide what to do, We have exorbitant unit costs. We're still losing 18 gold, and Monotheism is down to 14 turns from 7. :/

    move more people around.


    The barb comes off his hill and attacks one of my three (!) settler/bowman parties to the west. Successful defense, no health lost.

    Turn 10 -- 50 AD

    Mount Ellipi: Marketplace -> Bowman
    Mr. Ed: Bowman -> Bowman

    The Spanish are building Sun Tzu's. (!)

    Then we hear that the Spanish have completed the Mausoleum of Mausollus.
    Ottomans are now building Hanging Gardens.

    Inexplicably, our vBowman cannot defeat a puny 2/2 barb warrior. Wow.

    Move people around...and done.

    I have to go to bed now, so no save. I'll load it up tomorrow, and give a mini post set report.
  2. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    disclaimer: totally copied most of the formatting from CommandoBob. :D

    Handoff and Notes

    Two new cities, Iron River Resort and In The Middle. Both will be connected soon.


    A camp with a 1/2 warrior to the west is visible. It would appear that there is another camp somewhere to the west still.


    We got Engineering via trade with the Ottomans. We are researching Monotheism at 13 turns. We have 54 gold, though, and we're losing 14 GPT. We gotta do something about this.

    Embassy Costs
    Korea: 40 gold
    Carthage: 81 gold
    England: 97 gold
    Spain: 135 gold
    Portugal: 78 gold
    Scandanavia: 35 gold
    Ottomans: 56 gold
    2 unmet civs


    We have three settler/bowman pairs west of Iron River Resort.
    Pair A (the most northern) should head to the NW.
    Pair B (in the middle) should head to the W.
    Pair C (the most southern) should head to the SW?

    We have another settler (alone) 2NE of Mr. Ed. Not sure where he should head yet.


    All are either roading or mining tiles that are being worked, or heading to unworked tiles.

    Random Stuff

    In terms of builds, I stuck with Libraries, Workers, and Bowman, with the odd Barracks or Marketplace in some core cities.

    Our most productive city is Mount Ellipi, which nets 11 of 15 shields.

    Our top 3 most productive cities are Mount Ellipi (11 net spt), Iron Range (10 net spt) and Babylon (8 net spt). Mr. Ed and Seaside Shores net 7 spt.

    War Plans

    Our Stack of Doom in Red Man Tobacco now consists of:

    10 vBowman
    2 vHorseman
    1 vMedieval Infantry
    3 vSwordsman
    1 rSpearman

    3 more vBowman and a vSpearman are on their way now.


    04 Settlers
    25 Workers
    07 Warriors
    02 Spear
    03 Sword
    02 Horseman
    25 Bowman
    01 Pikeman (new class)
    01 Medieval Infantry (new class)
    02 Curragh

    Current Units: 72
    Allowed Units: 26
    Support Costs: 92 gpt

    Again, Monotheism in 13 turns at 20% science, -14 gpt, 54 gold.

    Handoff Thoughts

    If we lower science to 10%, we start gaining 4 GPT. Mono in 24 turns, but it might be worth it for now to try and keep our economy on track while going to war.

    Feel free to change my build choices.

    And here's the save:

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  3. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Sounds like a rough set with all those barbarian attacks! In spite of that, it sounds like you've got us very well set up for war.

    Speaking of which, we should declare within the next couple of turns and start marching -- war losses and city conquests should help bring our unit support totals down to manageable levels :)

    Edit: And looking back, this was the last roster:

    Raliuven (on deck)
    Toxicman007 (waiting
    CommandoBob (waiting)
    Verarde (just played)
    Elephantium (Up)

    Raliuven, could you swap with me? I'm in the middle of a turnset in Rat44, and that will take most of my Civ time for this week.
  4. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    I just uploaded GOTM120 and COTM90 isn't due for 6 weeks. I would love a swap. I've got the save!

    I'll take a look tonight and post any questions (if any). If it looks good I'll starting playing.
  5. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    My summary was ripped off from TheOverseer74. :D

    Conquest by 1420AD (Turn 274; 144 turns to go)
    Find Waldo. We’re pretty sure the Vikings have him. We’re sending in the troops to find out.

    Civilian units:
    Settler 4
    Workers 25
    Slaves 0

    Military units:
    Warriors 7
    Spears 2
    Swords 3
    Horsemen 2
    Pikeman 1
    Bowman 25
    Medieval Infantry 1
    Curragh 2

    Unit Support:
    Total Units: 72
    Allowed Units: 26
    Support Cost: 92 gpt (ouch)

    Enemies/Hit list:
    Korea=>Feudalism=>Strong compared to=>8 cities
    Mongols=>Republic=>Strong compared to=>11 cities
    Carthage=>Despotism=>Strong compared to=>13 cities
    England=>Monarchy=>Strong compared to=>8 cities
    Spain=>Republic=>Strong compared to=>10 cities
    Portugal=>Republic=>Strong compared to=>13 cities
    Scandinavia => =>Despotism=>Strong compared to=>14 cities
    Ottomans=> =>Republic=>Strong compared to=>12 cities

    We have 20 cities and four settler.

    Babylon % of World Area: 6
    Babylon % of World Population: 22
    Rival Remaining: 11

    Research: Sciene: 20%, Monotheism, 13 turns -14gpt, 54 in the bank. With Feudalism & Engineering we should be researching Invention, not mono but we are already committed.

    It looks like we have about 50% corruption out to 12 tiles. I will settle loose in the west for another ring. Then we’ll probably be looking at ICS for the rest.

    We’ve got libraries going up which is good (it makes the builder in my very happy).

    Swap Iron Range: Bowman=>MDI
    Forest Clearing: Bowman=>MDI
    Backwater: Bowman=>Harbor
    Miss Scarlet: Bowman=>Worker
    Iron River Resort: Worker=>Library (not enough growth to spin off a worker, already at 10 shields and growth not for 2t)
    In the Middle: Worker=>Library (this is a core city, we want growth here)
    Red Bulls: Settler=>Worker (this city will put out workers until the end of time or at least my turn set :p)
    There is No Cow Level: MM back to growth in 1t, library in 1t and then settlers/workers here.
    Mount Ellipi: Bowman=>MDI

    Plan – Gift Viking Republic and let them revolt. Once they are in anarchy I will DOW with our border troops (as discussed by the team). We will have 6 cities turning out military units regularly which is only 25% of our potential but 50% of their potential. I am not inclined to buy others into the war. The Mongols, our only close neighbor, is half our size. If they send units towards us it will only be for leader fishing.

    Red Bulls will continue to churn out workers. There is No Cow Level will also start turning out settlers and workers so we can connect our new empire. More importantly, we have reports that Waldo was seen drinking wine in Bergen. I will send our army to find out if this is true and lay a road to Bergen’s wineries while I’m at it. I will try to capture Hareid and Bergen after they grow. Not sure how that will work out. May need to replace them. Hereid and Odense likely pose no threat. We can capture when they grow or just raze and replace if needed later. I will go for the Viking core.

    Given our goals I will go for Chivalry after Mono. Normally I wouldn’t do this (I’d either run the top and trade for it when it became available, or make a straight run for cavs instead). But I am mindful that the clock is ticking on our victory and knights should give us the punch to make a dent in our enemies.
  6. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    Lookin' good!

    So, if they don't have him, I guess we'll have to "investigate" some other civilizations?
  7. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Find Waldo and also find Carmen Sandiego. Although I don't know what she sees in him.
  8. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    I think it is the red stripes. Chicks dig a man in uniform(ly lined shirts crafted in hypnotic patterns which make himindistinguishable from his background).

    I will play tonight and (hopefully) post it as well. I have a few commitments after work so if I put it up tonight it will probably be late. :D
  9. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Turn 130 [50AD]

    Shuffle Military into position to attack Reykjavik and pick off the two workers near Hareid. Move additional units towards forest clearing including all fast movers. Advance pike from Babylon to the eastern front.

    Korea is already in feudalism. Give them Republic for 73gp since it will do us more good then it will them. That gives us enough gold for a while.

    Take Ragnar’s 20 gold for phil and then give him Republic. Scandinavia immediately goes into Anarchy. Odd, I thought they would need to wait until the IBT. Apparently not.

    Hit Enter.

    IBT – Korea building ToA
    Korea building GLH (right next to the Hallmark)
    Korea is building Sun Tzu’s Art of War. It is now clear that Korea found a secret decoder ring in a box of Crackerjacks and it has commanded them to build EVERY wonder possible in their 8 cities.

    Turn 131 [70AD]

    Red Bulls: Worker=>Worker (Ahh! With GA, swap to Library then back to workers)
    There is No Cow Level: Library=>Settler
    Seaside Shores: Bowman=>Bowman

    Give Ragnar a call. Ask him if he has seen Waldo. He denies any connection with the disappearance of the great world traveler even though Carmen answered the phone. Deliver our DOW.

    Move SOD of 4 bowmen, 1 MDI & 3 swords on Reykjavik. Separate stack of 3 bows advance on Hareid to capture the workers.

    Advance on Aarhus – 4/4 Bowman vs 3/3 warrior – win, -1hp. Our GA begins. He is joined by another bowman and 2 horses.
    Found Tell Wilaya.
    There are units on automove. Deactivate them.

    Turn up science to 40%, Mono in 4t.

    Swap Seaside Shores to Marketplace.
    Swap Iron Range to Marketplace.
    Red Man Tobacco becomes a Courthouse.
    Forest Clearing becomes a Courthouse.
    Mr. Ed becomes a Marketplace.

    IBT – There is no counterattack. Viking pull in some workers where they will be safe until our units can liberate them.

    Turn 132 [90AD]

    Shuruppak: Worker=>Library
    Corse: Bowman=>Barracks (hmm, didn’t see that it didn’t have a barracks)

    Battle for Reykjavik – 4/4 MDI vs 3/3 spear – win, -3hp. 4/4 sword vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. 4/4 sword vs 3/3 archer – win, -3hp. Capture city & 1 slave. No loses so far. Pretty good. Start worker to purge population.

    Merge a worker into Mount Ellipi to give it a 2 turn MDI during our GA.

    Battle for Aarhus – 4/4 horse vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. Capture the city & 1 slave. Start worker.

    Advance all available units to Bergen which is now size 2. :D
    Build Karana. Start courthouse.

    IBT – Ottomans start an art/war studio. It is very modern.
    Ottomans finish ToA. They now have more useless priests than any other civ.

    Turn 133 [110AD]

    Mount Ellipi: MDI=>MDI
    Reykjavik riots. Ungrateful bastards.
    Swap There is No Cow Level to aqueduct (1 shield shy of a settler, don’t want to waste the GA shields)

    Found Adab. Start worker.
    Swap Pajamas to Courthouse.

    IBT – Mongols are moving around again. Get lost!
    Korea forgets it is already building the AoW so they start it again. :crazyeye:
    Korea then starts the Hanging Gardens because they must be building 3 wonders at all times.
    Mongols start building the GW because, hey, all the cool kids are doing it. Unlike Korea, however, they know how to build wonders and get the job done in Karakorum.
    Carthage resorts to building a great library and just to tick off Korea they finish it in Cartahge.
    The English decide it is time to build the AoW as well. A new show starts “So you want to be Sun Tzu”. It is very popular.
    But the AoW isn’t enough so England starts the Hanging Gardens as well.
    Spain joins “So you want to be Sun Tzu” and also opens a Gertens flower center.
    Osman won Celebrity Apprentice last season so he joins “Sun Tzu’s Survivor” series.
    In response to all this scrambling, we build a library. Take that!

    Turn 134 [130AD]

    Red Snappers: Library=>Aquaduct

    IBT – Korea is building the Hanging Gardens . . . again.

    Turn 135 [150AD]

    Learn Monotheism. Start Chiv due in 4t @ -76gpt.

    Babylon: Marketplace=>horse (we have 2 turn horses here)
    Red Bulls: Library=>Worker
    Mount Ellipi: MDI=>MDI
    Miss Scarlet: Worker=>Settler

    Build Telloh. Disperse Barb camp. Start Courthouse.

    Battle for Bergen – 4/4 horse vs 3/3 spear – win -2hp. Capture city – and wines! Military reports that Waldo may have been present but is currently not in the city. Install a new governor so that we can continue the search. :D Start Worker.

    Move stack toward Viking core cities.

    Give Korea Engineering for Monarchy & 58gp. What I want is the money but I’ll take Monarchy because – way not? This gives us enough gold for the 4t on Chiv.

    IBT – Barb invade. Mongols help clean some barbs up. Thanks guys!
    Portuguese start Hanging their Gardens. Its very feng shui or so we are told.

    Turn 136 [170AD]

    Red Bulls: Worker=>Worker
    Iron Range: Marketplace=>Horseman (2 turns)

    4/4 Bowman vs 2/2 barb horse – win,-1hp.
    4/4 Bowman vs 2/2 barb – flawless win.

    Give Mongols Literature for 22gp & 1 slave.
    Give Portugal Engineering for 25gp & 1 slave.
    Move SOD against nearest Viking core city – can’t see the name. They are replacing cities because they still have 12 cities.

    IBT – Vikings finally advance a counterattack. 1 archer & 1 horse – both regulars.

    Turn 137 [190AD]

    Babylon: Horse=>Horse
    Bergen riots.
    Red Bulls: Worker=>Worker
    Mount Ellipi: MDI=>MDI
    Sippar: Library=>Aqua
    Iron River Resort: Library=>Marketplace

    Defense of Bergen: 4/4 sword vs 3/3 horse – flawless victory. 4/4 horse vs 3/3 archer – flawless victory, promote elite.

    Move stack next to Trondheim that is protected by a 3/3 spear. SOD=5 bowman, 1 horse, 1 sword.
    Advancing units to go after Birka now that it is size 2.
    Swap Indian Food from granary to CH. Not sure on this one – next player can veto.

    IBT -

    Turn 138 [210AD]

    Red Bulls: Worker=>Worker
    There is No Cow Level: Aqua=>Marketplace
    Iron Range: Horse=>Horse
    Red Man Tobacco: Courthouse=>Marketplace

    Receive treasury message.

    Battle for Trond heim – 4/4 horse vs 3/3 spear – lose, -1hp. 4/4 sword vs 3/3 spear – lose, -1hp, promote vet. 4/4 Bowman vs 3/4 spear – win, -1hp. 4/4 bowman vs 2/3 spear – win, -2hp, promote elite. Capture city and GLH.

    IBT – Carthage is Hanging plants.

    Turn 139 [230AD]

    Pick up Chiv, start Theo due in 6t @ -7gpt. One of the others must be coming up with Invention soon. We are still the only ones with Mono.
    Trondheim riots.
    Red Bulls: Worker=>Worker
    Seaside Shores: Marketplace=>Harbor
    Mr. Ed: Marketplace=>Knight
    Forest Clearing: Courthouse=>Aqueduct

    Hareid is now size two. Battle for Hareid: 4/4 Bowman vs 3/3 spear – win, -1hp. Capture city. Start worker. Ragnar would not give Hareid up on a peace treaty so it might be near a hidden resource. Of course it is so far behind our lines now that its not like we’ll be giving it up anytime soon.

    Nothing good to trade.

    IBT – Dang, lose our 5/5 horse on the IBT.

    Turn 140 [250AD]

    Red Bulls: Worker=>Marketplace
    Light Bay Horses: Library=>Barracks (?)
    In The Middle: Library=>Marketplace

    Outside Birka:
    4/4 MDI vs 1/3 archer – flawless win.
    4/4 Bowman vs 3/3 Warrior – lose, -2hp, promote vet. Grrr.
    4/4 Bowman vs 3/3 archer – flawless win.

    Outside Trondheim:
    5/5 Bowman vs 3/3 archer – win, -1hp.

    Conquest by 1420AD (Turn 274; 134 turns to go)

    Civilian units:
    Settler 0
    Workers 32
    Slaves 6

    Military units:
    Warriors 7
    Spears 2
    Swords 2
    Horsemen 2
    Pikeman 1
    Bowman 26
    Medieval Infantry 4
    Curragh 2

    Unit Support:
    Total Units: 78
    Allowed Units: 41
    Support Cost: 74 gpt (still ouch)

    Enemies/Hit list:
    Korea=>Feudalism=>Strong compared to=>12 cities (+4)
    Mongols=>Republic=>Strong compared to=>13 cities (+2)
    Carthage=> Republic =>Strong compared to=>14 cities (+1)
    England=>Monarchy=>Strong compared to=>9 cities (+1)
    Spain=>Republic=>Strong compared to=>11 cities (+1)
    Portugal=>Republic=>Strong compared to=>14 cities (+1)
    Scandinavia => => Republic =>Strong compared to=>9 cities (-5)
    Ottomans=> =>Republic=>Strong compared to=>12 cities (+0)

    We have 29 cities. (+9)

    Babylon % of World Area: 9
    Babylon % of World Population: 25
    Rival Remaining: 11

    Research: Sciene: 50%, Theology, 5 turns -4gpt, 39gp in the bank. We are up at least Mono & Chiv on everyone.

    Racing to connect roads to the wines and so our troops can move faster. Knights are being produced in our core cities. A stack is near Birka. Another stack is ready outside of Trondheim but might want more reinforcements there. The Vikings still have Odense behind our lines. I was waiting for it to be size 2 before attacking but I have no idea when that might happen.

    I put up a lot of infrastructure with the start of the GA and we currently have 4 cities producing knights. There are courthouses building in the outer area trying to capitalize off the GA shields in those cities.

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  10. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Time to :hammer: on the Vikes!

    I've got it.
  11. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Mr Ed - switch to two forest tiles for 4-turn knights


    Change Reykjavik from Worker to Treb to avoid Worker-abandoning the town.

    Ellipi: Knights
    Shuruppak: Lib > Knight (city has a Barracks, so...)
    Corse: Barracks > Courthouse

    Turn 1 (260 AD):

    Bowman kills a Warrior N of Birka. 1-0
    Horseman kills Spear at the city gates 2-0
    Second Horseman retreats from the second Spear.

    Disband our Curraghs since we have the entire coastline mapped -- and we're nearly double the unit cap.


    Babylon: Knights

    Turn 2 (270 AD):

    Siege of Birka continues...
    MDI vs. Spear > 3/4 MDI, city is ours. 3-0

    Swordsman kills Archer fortified a bit S of Trondheim 4-0

    Battle of Copenhagen:
    Bowman gets skewered by defending Spear 4-1
    Second Bowman shoots the second Spear 5-1
    eBowman kills the first Spear and takes the city 6-1


    Vikings offer peace. Heh.
    Iron Range: Knights
    SRP: Court > Settler
    Iron River Resort: Settler > Mkt
    Adab: Worker > Settler

    Turn 3 (280 AD):

    Bowman kills Spear. 7-1
    Swordsman dies to Second Spear in the same city (we can't see the name). 7-2

    Near Copenhagen, a Bowman kills an Archer 8-2


    Seaside Shores: Harbor > Knight
    Backwater: Harbor > Court

    Turn 4 (290 AD):

    Lose a Bowman at that unknown city 8-3


    Theology > Education
    No Cow: Mkt > Settler
    Mt. Ellipi: Knights
    Mr. Ed: Knights

    Turn 5 (300 AD):

    Bowman kills an Archer in the open 9-3
    MDI kills another Spear at the nameless city 10-3
    Bowman kills spear and takes the nameless city (now we see it's Stavanger) 11-3


    Viking eWarrior slays the Bowman in Stavanger and retakes the city :cry: 11-4

    Red Man Tobacco: Mkt > FP

    Turn 6 (310 AD):

    First things first: Retake Stavanger. MDI kills Warrior...and autorazes. 12-4

    Spain has Invention. We can't offer enough to buy it though.


    No Cow Level, Miss Scarlet: Settlers

    Turn 7 (320 AD):

    Quiet turn - I'm just moving troops into position.


    Viking Archer dies in an ambush gone wrong on one of our MDIs. 13-4
    Two Barb Horsemen die on Bowmen in the west.

    Red BUlls: Mkt > Settler
    Mt. Ellipi: Knight > Settler
    Iron Range: Knights
    Silky Red PJs: Settlers
    Forest Clearing: Duct > Knight

    Turn 8 (330 AD):

    Battle for Oslo:
    MDI storms the gates...and dies on spearpoint. 12-5
    Swordsman presses the attack and kills the second defender! 13-5
    eBowman shoots down the remaining Spear and seizes the city.

    Bowman kills a Barb near Miss Scarlet.


    Now Cow: Settlers
    Seaside Shores: Knights
    Mr. Ed: Knights
    Red Snappers: Duct > Mkt

    Turn 9 (340 AD):

    Battle for Alesund:
    2/4 MDI kills Spear 14-5
    The city is ours. That was an easy siege!

    Battle for Osdense:
    Knight kills Spear 15-5
    Another easy siege...

    Oi, I misclick and build Nina 1S of where I wanted it :( I recommend Worker-abandoning the town.


    Carthage demands Monotheism. We defy them. Hannibal backs down like the dog he is.

    Babylon: Knights
    Mt. Ellipi: Settlers
    Sippar: Duct > Knight
    Indian Food: Court > Lib

    Turn 10 (350 AD):

    Knight clears barb camp.

    We're pretty close to wrapping up our Viking campaign; I think Korea should be next. I'd rather leave Mongolia alone for a while because of the Great Wall.
  12. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Nice! And Karasjok doesn't even have a defender? That's a little crazy. But with 11 knights stacked up Korea should roll over. Looks like they are mired in jungle though, so it might be tough going just getting through the terrain. Our unit support is down to 58gpt.

    Once we roll up the vikings we can DOW on Korea, push through Ulsan and cature the final viking city of Bodo on the east coast. I don't think Karasjok is going to grow any time soon? Maybe we just raze it. It must be there for oil or salt. Why else would you put a city there? We can take the entire northern Korean kingdom and if the Mongols happen to put down a city on the suspected oil/salt it won't be there for long.

    Raliuven (swapped)
    Toxicman007 (Playing)
    CommandoBob (on deck)
    Verarde (warming up)
    Elephantium (just played)
  13. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Until my last turn, Karasjok had a Warrior. D'ya think Scandinavia might be having cash flow problems? :D

    As for autorazing the city vs. waiting for it to grow -- I'd say that's up to Toxicman. Either way should work.

    New Knights should probably head out towards Oslo and Ulsan; we'll need more units than we have in the area to take the last couple of Viking cities there.
  14. Toxicman007

    Toxicman007 Custom User Title

    Sep 28, 2009
    Well, hooray. I got a PM from Ral today, thought "aha, I can play after school". Last class of the day: "so, you four and Toxic shall have an exam on Friday".

    Will need a skip because fml
  15. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    Exciting stuff! CommandoBob, looks like you're taking over for Toxic here.
  16. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Maybe this will help:

    Okay, got it. Might get a strategy post up tonight; depends on work.
  17. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Real life has greatly delayed my ability to get into this current set of turns. I haven't had a chance to even open up the save yet, much less examine it.

    If Toxicman007 wants to take these turns back, I am fine with that. It will be Friday evening/night before I will able to anything with this.
  18. Toxicman007

    Toxicman007 Custom User Title

    Sep 28, 2009
    That's fine, I'm going away for the weekend anyway. No Internet for me.
  19. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Republic Golden Age, Turn 9 of 20
    030% Tax
    050% Science
    020% Luxury

    39 gold, -4 gpt

    Theology in 5 turns.

    City Builds
    1. Babylon (7) vKnight in 2, grows in 3.
    2. Bergen (1) trebuchet in 26, zero growth.
    3. Red Bulls (3) market in 13, grows in 1.
    4. Reykjavik (1) worker in 2, grows in 4 (so worker in 4).
    5. There Is No Cow Level (7) market in 5, grows in 7.
    6. Mount Ellipi (8) vKnight in 1, grows in 3.
    7. Seaside Shores (7) habor in 4, grows in 12.
    8. Mr Ed (7) vKnight in 5, grows in 19.
    9. Iron Range (7) vKnight in 3, grows in 3.
    10. Red Snappers (6) aqueduct in 10, grows in 9999.
    11. Red Man Tobacco (6) market in 7, grows in 3.
    12. Silky Red Pajamas (5) courthouse in 3, grows in 9.
    13. Shuruppak (3) library in 1, grows in 5.
    14. Aarhus (1) courthouse in 28, grows in 1.
    15. Sippar (5) aqueduct in 12, grows in 6.
    16. Indian Food (2) courthouse in 11, grows in 9.
    17. Forest Clearing (6) aqueduct in 8, grows in 5.
    18. Corse (5) barracks in 1, grows in 4.
    19. Backwater (3) harbor in 5, grows in 2.
    20. Miss Scarlet (3) settler in 11, grows in 1.
    21. Hareid (1) worker in 9, grows in 9.
    22. Light Bay Horses (2) barracks in 7, grows in 9.
    23. Iron River Resort (2) market in 22, grows in 1.
    24. In the Middle (2) market in 17, grows in 3.
    25. Tell Wilaya (1) courthouse in 31, grows in 1.
    26. Karana (1) courthouse in 32, grows in 2.
    27. Adab (worker in 3, grows in 3).
    28. Telloh (1) courthouse in 35, grows in 5.
    29. Trondheim (2) worker in 9, grows in 20.

    City Build Recap
    Knight [4]
    Trebuchet [1] (Bergen)
    Market [5]
    Worker [4]
    Harbor [2]
    Aqueduct [3]
    Courthouse [6]
    Library [1] (Shurruppak)
    Barracks [2]
    Settler [1] (Miss Scarlet)

    • 00 Settlers
    • 32 Workers
    • 06 Slaves
    • 07 Warriors
    • 02 Spear
    • 03 Sword
    • 02 Horsemen
    • 01 Pike
    • 26 Bowman
    • 04 Mace
    • 02 Curragh
      • Current Units: 78
      • Allowed Units: 41
      • Support Costs: 74 gpt

    Compared to Korea (Feudalism) we are Strong.
    Compared to Mongols (Republic) we are Strong.
    Compared to Carthage (Republic) we are Strong.
    Compared to England (Monarchy) we are Strong.
    Compared to Spain (Republic) we are Strong.
    Compared to Portugal (Republic) we are Strong.
    Compared to Vikings (Republic) we are Strong.
    Compared to Ottomans (Republic) we are Strong.

    We are at War with Vikings.

    03 Horses are connected.
    01 Iron is connected.

    01 Spices are connected.
    01 Silks are connected.

    City Count
    29 Babylon (Ralivuen 3.5 people)
    14 Carthage
    14 Portugal
    13 Mongols
    12 Korea
    12 Ottomans
    11 Spain
    10 Scandanavia
    09 England

    Wonder Races Report
    • The Hanging Gardens
      • Pusan (?), Korea
      • Hippo (2), Carthage
      • Canterbury (?), England
      • Seville (6), Spain
      • Lisbon (4), Portugal
      • Bursa (?), Ottomans
    • Sun Tzu's Art of War
      • Wonsan (7), Korea
      • London (?), England
      • Madrid (7), Spain
      • Iznik (?), Ottomans

    The Red Nation will rule the world by 1415 AD.
    The Purple Nation will gone by 600 AD.
    Red Rules.

    Random Notes and Tasks
    Knights are being produced but are not yet invovled in the war.

    Theology -> Education (give to Carthage to kill the Great Library?)

    We are busy building up the core with infrastructure, markets and courts, while we are in our Golden Age.

    We have lots of workers in our core, but not enough roading to front line of warfare.

    We have two workers on a hill eastish of Aarhus, suitably protected and ready to road. They will connect to Bergen during these turns, which will let us distribute Wines to our people, couretsy of the vinyards at Bergen. These vinyards may let us lower the luxury rate some.

    We are only working 5 unimproved tiles and 4 of them are in new cities.

    Need to connect Hareid and our new western cities.

    No one has any cash for techs.

    Eveyone except the Vikings are in the Middle Ages.

    Keep up the pressure on the Vikings.

    After the Vikings are gone it looks like we will be well positioned to take out Korea.
  20. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    0 End of 0250 AD

    Not much to do.
    Mount Ellipi: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Shuruppak: library -> market in 20.
    Corse: barracks -> courthouse in 14.

    1 0260 AD

    vBowman bests wounded vWarrior 1N of Birka (1 of 1).
    vHorse sticks rSpear in Birka (2 of 2).
    vHorse repeats (3 of 3).

    Good News

    And Birka changes from Purple to Red. We gain 1 slave and 1 resister but no gold.

    Garrison Birka with conquering Horse and two healthy Mace.

    Knight moves toward front lines.

    Sword and Mace arrive in Bergen.
    Mace and Bowman get nearer to Bergen.

    Ships spilt up, time for suicide runs into the fog.

    Slave from Birka heads back towards Bergen.
    Start roading a hill 1E-1NE of Aarhus; wait, they had already started.
    Start road 1N of Indian Food.
    Start chop 1NW of Shuruppak.
    Start road 1N-1NW of Corse.
    Start road 1SE of There Is No Cow Level (mined BG).
    Start road 1NE of Red Man Tobacco.
    Send worker towards the front lines.
    Move worker to connect to Hareid.
    Start chop 1E-1NE of Red Bulls.
    Send second worker towards the front lines.
    Start road 1W of Iron River Resort.
    Start road 1N of Tell Wilaya.
    Babylon: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Reisistance in Birka and Hareid ends.

    2 0270 AD

    Mace and Bowman get to Bergen.
    Sword and Mace from Bergen to Bowman stack 1S of Trondheim.
    Wake Spear and Bowman outside Reykjavik and send to the front.

    Start road 2NE of Sippar.
    Help mine 2NW of Babylon.
    Start road 1W of Hareid.
    Start mine 1S-1SW of Backwater.

    Hire a geek in Hareid.
    Iron Range: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Silky Red Pajamas: courthouse -> aqueduct in 15.
    Adab: worker -> worker in 10.

    3 0280 AD

    Move 7 units 1W of Copenhagen.

    Irrigate new roads between Miss Scarlet and Indian Food.
    Start mine 1S of Iron Range.
    Start road 2NE of Babylon.
    Start road 2NW of Red Man Tobacco (mined BG).
    Start road 2SW of Babylon.
    Start road 1N of In The Middle.
    Preboot from Portugal over Curragh.

    Reykjavik: worker -> worker in 10.
    Seaside Shores: harbor -> vPike in 3 (we need some good defenders).
    Backwater: harbor -> vGalley in 6.

    4 0290 AD

    vSword tackles rSpear in Copenhagen (4 of 4).
    vSword repeats (5 of 5).

    Good News

    Copenhagen is part of the Red Universe; we gain another slave, another resister and another source of Horses.

    eBowman picks off an Archer (6 of 6, 0 of 1e).

    First Knight arrives in Bergen.

    Move a lot of units into Copenhagen to stifle the complaining about the new bosses.

    Start chop 1S-1SE of Red Bulls.
    Start road 1W of Reykjavik.
    Start a hilltop road 2NW of Bergen.
    Start road 1W of Bergen.
    Start road 1E of Adab.

    Drop science down to 20%, Theology in 1, +131 gpt, 25 treasury.
    Theology -> Education in 15 at 20%.

    Resistance ends in Copehagen.

    There Is No Cow Level: market -> vPike in 2.
    Mount Ellipi: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Mr Ed: vKnight -> vKnight in 5.

    Portugal is building Sun Tzu's Art of War (Feudalism).

    5 0300 AD

    Bowman and Spear get to Bergen.

    Help with road 1W of Reykjavik.
    Start road 1E-1NE of Red Bulls.
    Start road 1W of Forest Clearing.
    Start road 1N-1NE of Corse.
    Start road 1S of Shuruppak.
    Start road 1NW of Shuruppak.
    start road 1S of Telloh.
    Start hilltop road 1S of In The Middle.
    Start road 1SE of Karaana.
    Start road 2NW of Tell Wilaya.

    Hareid is connected; fire geek.
    Copenhagen hires 2nd geek.

    Science slider up to 50%, Education in 6, -3 gpt, 156 treasury.
    Babylon: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Copenhagen starves down to size 1.
    Red Man Tobacco: market -> barracks in 4.

    6 0310 AD

    Spain learned Invention but won't sell it to us.

    Move 10 units across the border near Oslo.

    Bergen is connected. Wines flow into Babylon.
    Start irrigating 1W of Bergen.
    Start mine 1W of Reykjavik.
    Start road 1S-1SE of Red Bulls.
    Start mine 2NE of Babylon.
    Start hilly road 1NE of Iron Range.
    Start mine 1S of Iron River Resort.
    Start road 1E of In The Middle.
    Start road 2SW of Forest Clearing.
    Start road 1SW of Reykjavik.

    Drop luxuries to 10%.
    Raise science to 60%, Education in 4, not 5, +6 gpt, 154 treasury.
    Mongols are building Sun Tzu's Art of War (Feudalism).

    There Is No Cow Level: vPike -> vPIke in 2.
    Seaside Shores: vPike -> vPike in 3.
    Iron Range: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Miss Scarlet: settler -> settler in 15.
    Light Bay Horses: barracks -> vMace in 7.

    7 0320 AD

    First Knight (unit name) has no problem with rSpear in Oslo (7 of 7).
    vHorse decimates 2nd rSpear in Oslo (8 of 8).

    Good News

    Oslo is ours; no gold and two resistors.

    Oslo is not connected to Babylon.

    Drive off a barbarinan horseman in our southwest.

    vKnight rides over eWarrior in woods south of Trondheim (8 of 8).

    Start/finish road 1NW of Bergen.
    Start road 1E-1NE of Sippar.
    Start chop 1E of Red Man Tobacco.
    Start chop 1NE of In The Middle.
    Start road 1S-1SW of Babylon.
    Start irrigating 1N of Bergen.
    Help with mining 1W of Reykjavik.
    Mount Ellipi: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Forest Clearing: aqueduct -> vKnight in 7.

    8 0330 AD

    Oslo is not connected to any Viking cities either. The roads end in the wilderness.

    We spot Stockholm, the current captial of Scandinavia.

    Find Stavagner, too.

    Start mine 1S of In The Middle.
    Start mine 1S-1SE of Red Bulls.
    Start mine 1E-1NE of Red Bulls.
    Start road 1N of Reykjavik.
    Start mine 1W of Forest Clearing.
    Start mne 1N-1NE of Corse.
    Start irrigating 1S of Shuruppak.

    Telloh is connected.
    Adab is connected.
    Karana is connected.

    Crimson and Clover is established on a hill near Indian Food, claiming more flood plains.

    Move a road stack (3 workers) towards the front lines.
    Preboot from England.

    Trondheim: worker -> worker in 10.
    Red Bulls: market -> harbor in 6.
    There Is No Cow Level: vPike -> vPike in 2.
    Red Man Tobacco: barracks -> vKnight in 6.
    Backwater: vGalley -> library in 7.

    Mongols are building Sun Tzu's Art of War (again).
    Carthage is building Sun Tzu's Art of war.

    9 0340 AD

    Two vKnights easily master two rSpears in Stavanger (10 of 10).

    Good News

    Stavanger gives us a worker, a ressiter and a soon-to-be worker.

    Stavanger is not connected to Babylon.

    Start a road 1NW of Telloh.
    Start a road 1SE of Tell Wilaya.
    Chop forest 1SW of Karana.
    start a mine 1NW of Iron Range.
    Start a mine 1E of Red Man Tobacco.

    Drop science to 50%, Education in 1, +44 gpt, 169 treasury.
    Education -> Invention in 5 at 50%.

    Babylon: vKnight -> vKnight in 4.
    Seaside Shores: vPike -> vPike in 3.
    Mr Ed: vKnight -. vKnight in 5.
    Red snappers: aqueduct -> university in 15.
    Sippar: aqueduct -> vPike in 4.
    Indian Food: courthouse -> library in 7.

    Resistance ends in Stavnger.

    10 0350 AD

    vMace is redlined but hangs on to kill rSpear in Stockholm (11 of 11).
    Second vMace has a much easier time (12 of 12).

    Good News

    Stockholm is no longer the Viking captial.

    First Knight and another Knight whack down two rSpears in Molde (14 of 14).

    Good News

    It's reign as the Viking capital is less than one turn.

    Neither city is connected to Babylon.

    Odense, north of Silky Red Pajamas, is the current Viking captial city.

    Help mine 1W of Forest Clearing.
    Start road 1W-1SW of Forst Clearing.
    Start road 2NE of Birka.
    Start road 1S-1SE of Babylon.
    Start road 1SE of In The Middle.


    And the save is attached.

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