RevolutionDCM for BTS

I had a revolt in my favor, the first in quite a long time.
Well I knew that it wouldn't work but at least I understand basic python and took a screenshot of the error message.


Isn't there still some people that would clean it once and for all?
Is there any way to XML code in a building that reduces revolutionary sentiment or prevents a city from revolting? Alternatively is there a way to make specific civilization (the minor civs in my Earth 1100 CE Mod) immune to revolutions?
I can't find it... all the files in Assets/Config or in Assets/Config/XML seem to be game options and descriptions of game options
I don't think you can make some specific civilizations immune to Rev. I frankly don't know about plain RevDCM, but at least in some mods there's a tag in buildinginfo.XML which should allow some buildings to reduce revolutionary sentiment.
hmm.. Alternatively is there any way to force an AI to adopt a certain civic? I can make an unresearchable tech (-1 tech cost) that enables a civic called "minor civ" that adds massive amounts of stability per turn. The only problem would be forcing the AI to adopt the civic. Something like "Favorite Civic" but more extreme. Does the AI understand revolutions well enough to always adopt a civic that quells revolts? I'll need to do some more research into this but I think this is the cleanest solution
Just in case this thread isn't completely dead...

Have the space race conditions been changed for this mod? I just finished a game on normal speed and the space ship flight time, with all parts completed, was 20 turns.
I don't believe so. But it's been awhile since I've played this mod. 20 turns at normal speed for flight time does sound about right though. Your VC screen should be able to tell you anticipated flight time when you launch.
True, but I was also trying to take a rival's capital before their ship arrived (which I had no feedback about the progress of) and was surprised when it didn't arrive. Un-modded BTS at Normal speed takes 10 turns, not 20.
Hi any chance you could make a compatibility patch for next war? I consider next war as vanilla, it would be fantastic and all next war merged links for it are dead.

The only things not working are the ranged bombardment and other war related stuff when installing next war on top of revolution dmc
Change player won't work.

Single player game, fresh install of the latest version of the mod, CTRL+SHIFT+L does nothing.
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IIRC it only works in cheat mode, or at least it does so in other mods that include RevDCM.
ah thank you, enabling cheat mode restored the option. apparently I had originally been using an older version all along and an update required cheat mode to be enabled to access this easily exploitable option.
Hello, I'm playing RevolutionDCM and I have interesting issues. I'm playing noble and because of one issue after another, I only held one city until I lose. But after I lost my last city, suddenly I end up controlling Japan. Is that a feature in the mod so I can keep playing after I'm losing? Here is my save file before and after I lose my last city.


  • Tokugawa AD-1903.CivBeyondSwordSave
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  • AutoSave_AD-1900.CivBeyondSwordSave
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How to integrate this updated mod into the Rise of Mankind mod, because v2.92 of that mod crashes to desktop because of the old version of this mod used there?
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