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Scapegrace's Stunningly Spurious Sivs. =]

Discussion in 'Civilization Design Resources' started by Scapegrace, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Scapegrace

    Scapegrace Obvious Spambot

    Feb 17, 2014

    Scapegrace is Proud to Present
    Civilizations from Across the World, Ever More to be Remembered.


    Scapegrace's Palais Du Rhin Presents:
    Civilizations of Africa, Old and New

    Rwanda is live!

    Burundi is live!

    Sennar is live!

    Tanzania is live!

    Spoiler Algeria :
    Algeria (Houari Boumediene)
    Start Bias: Desert
    Capital: Algiers
    UA: Workshop Of The Maghreb
    Upon adopting an Ideology, Buildings that generate Production are built +33% faster and generate +1 Culture, Production, and Gold. Social Policies are 1% cheaper for every Workshop, Windmill, Factory, Hydro Plant, Sonatrach Refinery, and Solar Plant in the Empire (max. 50%).
    UU: Armée Nationale Populaire (replaces Infantry)
    Unlike the Infantry it replaces, the ANP is cheaper and generates Culture per kill equal to double the target unit's Combat Strength. It also receives a +25% Combat Bonus when fighting in City-State territory. Upgrades as normal.
    UB: Sonatrach Refinery (replaces Nuclear Plant)
    The Sonatrach Refinery is markedly different to the Nuclear Plant it replaces; for one thing, it is much weaker, generating only +4 and +10% Production. However, it is cheaper (425 Production vs. 500 on Standard), requires Oil instead of Uranium, generates +1 Production and Gold from Tiles with Oil, is available at Refrigeration rather than Nuclear Fission, and does not prevent the construction of a Solar Plant in the City in which it is built. Requires a Factory.

    Spoiler The amaXhosa :
    The amaXhosa (uXhosa)
    Start Bias: Plains
    Capital: Mthatha
    UA: Ubuntu
    Conquered Cities spend 1 turn less in Resistance for every amaXhosa City connected to your Trade Network. Upon the birth of a Citizen, start a 5-turn WLTKD in a randomly selected amaXhosa City.
    UB: Umzi (replaces Stable)
    Does not specifically require Horses, but grants +1 Food from Animal Resources (Cattle, Sheep, Deer, Bison, Horses, Ivory, Furs) and grants a +15% bonus to Land Unit Production instead of just Mounted Units.
    UU: Buto (replaces Rifleman)
    Faster and stronger than the Rifleman it replaces (40 vs. 34), the Buto also starts with Charge and the unique promotion "Gcugceka", which grants a boost of Food in the nearest amaXhosa City upon Pillaging a Farm or Pasture tile.

    Spoiler AOI :
    AOI (Amedeo Savoy-Aosta)
    Start Bias: Desert
    Capital: Addis Abeba (note the E)
    UA: Bande Irregolari
    Occupied Cities stay in resistance 25% longer, but gain a free Courthouse and generate a free Military Land Unit upon Annexation. Land Units gain a +20% Combat Bonus while attacking for each point of movement they are faster than the target unit.
    UU: Penne De Falco (replaces Landship)
    Requires Horses instead of Oil, and has a lower Combat Strength than the Landship it replaces. However, it starts with Charge and a unique promotion, "Meharisti", which grants a +5% Combat Bonus for each promotion the unit has earned. Upgrades as normal.
    UU: Divisioni Celeri (replaces Infantry)
    Weaker and more expensive than the Infantry it replaces (60 vs. 70), but much faster, with both a base movement of 3 and the unique promotion "Carro Veloce", which grants it double movement on open terrain. Upgrades to Tank.

    Spoiler British Somaliland :
    British Somaliland (Arthur Reginald Chater)
    Start Bias: Desert
    Capital: Berbera
    UA: A Thousand Resolute Men
    Wounded Enemy Units in Somaliland Terrain take 25% additional damage. Gain a boost of 30 Production in the Capital every time an enemy Military Unit takes damage from a British Somali Citadel.
    UU: Gideon Force (replaces Marine)
    Faster than the Marine it replaces, the Gideon force is also cheaper and starts with the unique promotion "Arbgenoch", which grants it a +25% Combat Bonus when attacking Mechanized or Armoured Units and a further +33% Bonus against any units from Civilizations who own a British Somali City. Upgrades to XCOM Squad.
    UU: Camel Corps (replaces Anti-Tank Gun)
    +100% Combat Bonus against Armoured Units. Additionally, has much greater base Movement (4 vs. 2) and Combat Strength (65 vs. 50) than the Anti-Tank Gun it replaces, as well as a unique promotion, "Wilson's Hajana", that grants an additional +25% Combat Bonus while defending against Land Units (stacks with Cover). May move after attacking. Upgrades to Modern Armour.

    Spoiler Cabinda :
    Republic of Cabinda (Luis de Gonzaga)
    Start Bias: Forest
    Capital: Cabinda
    UA: Alvor Rejection
    Bonus, Strategic, and Luxury Resources grant a +5% bonus to Gold, Military Unit Production, and Culture respectively. Every Ideological Tenet selected grants a percentage boost to Culture in all Cities equal to the Tenet's Level.
    UU: FLEC (replaces Marine)
    Generates Culture per kill and has the unique promotion "Pointe Noire", allowing it to generate both additional Culture per kill and transform captured Civilian Units into a random, non-obsolete unit for which you have the requisite technology. Upgrades to XCOM Squad.
    UB: Petrochemical Firm (replaces Stock Exchange)
    +3 and +33% Gold, as well as +2 and +10% Production. Additionally, rather than 2 Merchant Specialist Slots, the Petrochemical Firm instead contains 2 Engineer Specialist Slots.

    Spoiler Cameroon :
    Cameroon (Ibrahim Njoya)
    Start Bias: Jungle
    Capital: Yaoundé
    UA: Shu Mom
    The Palace, in addition to its slot for a Great Work of Art, also has a slot for a Scientist specialist. Specialists generate +1 of their primary yield for each Building generating that yield.
    UB: Basel Mission (replaces Factory)
    Only grants +2 and +25% Production, unlike the Factory it replaces. However, it contains a Scientist Specialist slot as well as 2 Engineer Specialist slots, generates +1 Faith for every Specialist worked in the City in which it is built, and does not require Coal.
    UU: Foumban Sultan (replaces Great Scientist)
    Rather than an Academy, the Foumban Sultan can be expended to create a Palast, which yields 3 Production and Gold in addition to the normal 8 Science. +2 Science at Scientific Theory and Atomic Theory. +1 Production at Architecture and Railroad. +1 Gold at Banking and Biology. +4 Science from New Deal tenet.

    Spoiler Dahomey :
    Dahomey (Agaja)
    Start Bias: Plains
    Capital: Abomey
    UA: Xwetanu
    Capturing an enemy Capital and advancing to a new Era trigger a We Love The King Day in the Capital. Certain Military Technologies* grant a +25% Combat Bonus for 10 turns after they are researched and make Upgrading Military Units 5% cheaper.
    UU: Mino (replaces Pikeman)
    The Mino is rather different to the Pikeman it replaces, having a +33% Combat Bonus against Gun Units and the ability to generate Science per kill. Additionally, it is a Gun Unit itself, and starts with both Mobility and the unique promotion "Dahomey Amazons", which allows it to generate a flat amount of Science when Pillaging a tile with a Resource. However, it only has a +25% Combat Bonus against Mounted Units. Upgrades to Musketman.
    UB: Akuehue (replaces Barracks)
    Not only does the Akuehue not cost any Maintenance, unlike the Barracks it replaces, it actually generates +2 Gold per turn for each Science building in the City in which it is built. Generates an amount of Science upon the construction of a Military Unit equal to twice said unit's Combat Strength.
    *The list of technologies:-
    Iron Working
    Civil Service
    Military Science
    Replaceable Parts
    Combined Arms
    Mobile Tactics

    Spoiler Gasa :
    The Gasa Empire (Soshangane)
    Start Bias: Grassland
    Capital: Manjakazi
    UA: IsiShangane
    After fully annexing a foreign City and connecting it to your Trade Network, both that City and the Capital generate +20% Culture. Courthouses generate additional Culture per turn and Hurry Production in the Capital upon completion.
    UU: Mavulandlela (replaces Lancer)
    Unlike the Lancer it replaces, the Mavulandlela does not constitute a Mounted Unit and does not require Horses, though it retains the Formation I promotion and the base movement of 4 (both of which are retained upon upgrading). Instead, it has the unique promotion "Open The Road", which grants adjacent units a +33% Combat Bonus if they attack the same target as the Mavulandlela. Upgrades to Rifleman.
    UU: Maviti (replaces Great Engineer)
    Upon expenditure, the Maviti automatically connects the city in which it is expended (or the one closest to it) to your Trade Network, and increases the Culture output of Connected Cities by +10%.

    Spoiler Ghana :
    Ghana (Kwame Nkrumah)
    Start Bias: Grassland
    Capital: Accra
    UA: Pan-Africanism
    Upon signing a Peace Treaty, generate Golden Age points equal to the Culture output of the other Civilization's Capital for the duration of the deal. +1 Local Happiness from buildings with a Specialist slot.
    UU: Ankobia (replaces Longswordsman)
    Rather more expensive than the Longswordsman it replaces, the Ankobia is faster, may move after attacking, and ignores enemy Zones of Control. Additionally, it receives the unique promotion, "Soul Disc", that allows it to increase the primary yields of all Specialists in the City in which it is garrisoned by +1. Upgrades to Musketman.
    UB: Highlife Studio (replaces Broadcast Tower)
    Unlike the Broadcast Tower it replaces, the Highlife Studio has a slot for a Musician Specialist. Additionally, Great Musicians are +5% cheaper for every Highlife Studio whose slot for a Great Work of Music is filled.

    Spoiler Lesotho :
    Lesotho (Moshoeshoe I)
    Start Bias: Hills
    Capital: Maseru
    UA: I Am The Razor
    Cities founded upon Hill Tiles generate a free Ranged Unit for which you possess the required Technology. Cities generate additional bonuses based on the type of Military Unit garrisoned inside them.
    UU: Mohlabani (replaces Gatling Gun)
    Unlike the Gatling Gun it replaces, the Mohlabani receives double the normal bonuses from Defensive Terrain and incurs no penalty for moving through it. It starts with +1 Movement and a unique promotion, "Mountain Of The Night", that grants a +2% combat bonus while defending for each point of Melee Combat Strength the attacking unit has more than the Mohlabani. To take advantage of this, however, it has a mere 25 Melee Combat Strength. Upgrades to Machine Gun.
    UB: Likampo (replaces Constabulary)
    In addition to the bonus to counter-espionage, the Likampo also grants a +1% Military Unit Production bonus for every 2 Combat Strength of a garrisoned Land Unit.
    Bonuses from unit types:-
    Melee Unit: +2% Gold per worked Mine.
    Ranged Unit: +3% Production bonus for every 5 Ranged Combat Strength the unit possesses
    Mounted Unit: Doubles bonuses from City Connections.
    Siege Unit: +1% Growth Bonus for every 10 City Strength.
    Naval Melee Unit: +25% yields from Sea Trade Routes
    Naval Ranged Unit: +1 to all yields from Sea Tiles.
    Gunpowder Unit: +3% Gold per worked Mine and Quarry.
    Armoured Unit: Doubles bonuses from City Connections and adds +50% to the yields of Land Trade Routes sent from this City
    Fighter Unit: +1 Production from Hill Tiles
    Bomber Unit: +5% Combat Bonus for Garrisoned Units while attacking for each Defensive or Military Building in this City.
    Helicopter Unit: +1 Food from Hill Tiles
    Bomb Unit: +10% Production bonus towards anything that requires or generates a Strategic Resource.
    City List:-
    Thaba Bosiu
    Mohale's Hoek
    Qacha's Nek
    Old Hoek
    Joels Drift
    White Hill
    Spy Names (M)
    Spy Names (F):-

    Spoiler Malawi :
    Malawi (Kasyombe Kyungu)
    Start Bias: Hills
    UA: Flames of the Fire
    Clearing Forests, Jungles, and Marshes and improving Resources with Mines generates a flat amount of Culture. Gain one free social policy whenever a Technology that reveals a Resource is researched.
    (NB: this UA works like the production boost from chopping Forests. The list of resources is as follows: Stone, Iron, Coal, Aluminium, Uranium, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gems, and Salt.)
    UB: Nyau (replaces Temple)
    +2 Faith. +1 Culture from any Resources whose yields are directly increased by a specific Building (e.g. Deer in cities with a Granary, but not Bananas in a city with a University) after said Building is built.
    UI: Thangata Enclosure (replaces Pasture)
    Takes 25% less time to construct compared to Pastures. Generates +2 Production on Horses and Cattle, +2 Food on Sheep, and +1 Gold on both. However, each one gives +1 Local Unhappiness in the City working it.
    Resources that the Nyau affects:-
    Wheat, Bananas, and Deer (Granary)
    Stone and Marble (Stone Works)
    Fish, Pearls, Crab, Whales, and Offshore Oil (Lighthouse & Seaport, and yes, they stack)
    Gold and Silver (Mint)
    Sheep, Cattle, and Horses (Stable, and this does stack with the UI, GotOS, &c. Pasture resource game 2stronk5me.)
    Iron (Forge)
    Wine and Incense (Monastery, which you should probs go for as your religious belief if you have even a little bit, since it bumps up your Culture output significantly)

    Spoiler Republic of Maryland :
    Republic Of Maryland (John Brown Russwurm) (No, really, this is a thing, look it up)
    Start Bias: Coastal
    Capital: Harper
    UA: Cape Palmas Mission
    Upon meeting another Major Civilization, generate Faith equal to 50% of their total Faith output for the next twenty turns and gain a +5% Gold bonus in the Capital. Buildings that generate Faith cost no Maintenance.
    UU: Seaside Grebo (replaces Trireme)
    Weaker (7 Strength vs. 10) and hugely more expensive than the Trireme it replaces, but faster. May be expended to produce a copy of the unique Oyster Bonus Resource on a Sea Tile within range of a City, which may be improved with a Fishing Boat. Oysters yield +1 Food, receive +1 Food and +1 Gold from a Lighthouse, and a further +2 Food and Gold from a Seaport. This is in addition to the bonuses from these buildings. Oyster Tiles may not be adjacent to another Oyster Tile, but may be adjacent to a Pearls Tile. The Seaside Grebo upgrades to Caravel as normal.
    UB: Colonization Society (replaces Harbour)
    Forms a City Connection with the Capital over Water. Extends the length of Sea Trade Routes from the City in which it is built and adds +4 Gold to their value. Generates +2 Faith, and generates an additional +1 Faith from Sea Resources when an International Sea Trade Route is being sent to or from that City.

    Spoiler Namibia :
    Namibia (Henrik Witbooi)
    Start Bias: Coastal
    Capital: Windhoek
    UA: Giraffe Leg
    Incoming and Outgoing International Sea Trade Routes generate +2 Gold for each non-coastal Namibian City connected to your Trade Network. +1 Gold and Production from Resources on Hill Tiles.
    UU: Oorlam (replaces Lancer)
    Unlike the Lancer it replaces, the Oorlam does not require Horses or count as a Mounted Unit and retains the Pikeman's +50% Combat Bonus against Mounted Units as well as Formation I. In addition to this, the Oorlam generates Gold per Kill and starts with the unique promotion "Khoikhoi Commandos", which grants them double movement and a +33% bonus against slower Units on Open Terrain - useful, considering their Base Movement is only 3. Upgrades to Cavalry.
    UB: Rossing Facility (replaces Nuclear Plant)
    +5 and +33% Production. Consumes 1 Uranium, but has a chance to turn a pre-existing Mine into a Uranium Mine upon construction. Additionally, all Uranium Tiles IN THE EMPIRE generate +1 Gold and grant a +5% Gold bonus for outgoing International Trade Routes to the closest Namibian City.

    Spoiler Sagallo :
    Sagallo (Nikolay Achinov)
    Start Bias: Desert
    Capital: Nova Moskva
    UA: Cossacks Of Tadjoura
    Tiles are improved 50% faster than normal, and Pasture Resources are automatically improved. +1 Production from Desert and Flood Plains Tiles for every Major Civilization Hostile towards you.
    UU: Terek (replaces Cavalry)
    +1 Movement. Starts with Shock I and II, and generates a small Production Boost in the Capital whenever it Pillages a Tile. Cheaper than the Cavalry it replaces, and upgrades as normal.
    UB: Sagallo (replaces Castle)
    +6 City CS, +15 City HP. Costs no Maintenance and is cheaper to construct than the Castle it replaces. It also provides +1 Food, Production, and Gold from any Desert or Flood Plains Tiles with Resources.

    Spoiler Sao Tomé and Principe Split :
    Sao Tomé and Principe (Miguel Trovoada)
    Start Bias: Coastal
    Capital: Sao Tomé
    UA: Biafran Airlift
    International Trade Routes generate a percentage Growth bonus in both Cities equal to half the Gold generated. Aviation Technologies increase the yields of Plantations by +1.
    UU: JCA (replaces Helicopter Gunship)
    Unlike the Helicopter Gunship it replaces, the JCA generates 2 turns worth of Food for the City in which it is constructed upon its completion and grants a +10% Growth bonus when Garrisoned. It is also much faster and does not have to embark. However, it is also considerably weaker (55 vs. 65) and may not attack.
    UB: (replaces Temple)
    +2 Faith, +2 Food, +1 additional Food from Plantations. The Growth bonus from the UA is increased for the City in which it is built.
    Sao Tomé & Santo Antao (Alvaro Caminha)
    Start Bias: Coastal
    Capital: Sao Tomé
    UA: The Prince's Duty
    Resources improved by Plantations are doubled for trading purposes and generate one point per turn towards a Golden Age. Trading Luxury Resources for flat Gold grants a 5-turn boost to Gold, Production, and Culture in a random Sao Tomean City.
    UU: Advanturer (replaces Longswordsman)
    The Advanturer is an exceptional assault unit, able to deal 33% damage to enemy units adjacent to the target thanks to the unique "Verdandara Destreza" Promotion. It also starts with Charge. Upgrades as normal. Does not require Iron.
    UB: Roca (replaces Windmill)
    Standard Windmill bonuses. Additionally, provides +1 Gold and Production from Plantations, rising to +2/+2 during a Golden Age.

    Spoiler Sierra Leone :
    Sierra Leone (Sir Milton Margai)
    Start Bias: Coastal
    UA: Return Ye Ransomed Sinners Home
    +1% Growth and Great People generation bonus in the Capital per foreign International Trade Route sent to Cities you own. +5% Faith generation bonus per Trade Route you initiate.
    UB: Mende Palisade (replaces Castle)
    +7 City Strength, +25 HP. +75% Strength vs. Siege Units. +1 Great Engineer points from Lumber Mills when at peace. Costs twice as much as the Castle it replaces.
    UU: Teilaleimui (replaces Rifleman)
    Lower Combat Strength than the Rifleman it replaces (30 vs. 34), but has higher Movement (base 3). When at war with a Major Civilization, generates additional Gold and Faith per kill. When at peace, increases Great People generation rate when garrisoned in a City you founded by +10%.

    Spoiler Soninke Empire :
    Soninke Empire (Mayan Dyabe Cissé)
    Start Bias: Plains
    Capital: Koumbi Saleh
    UA: Kaya Maghan
    Cities generate +10% Culture for each different Luxury Resource within the Empire's borders. Luxury Resource Tiles yield +1 Gold for each other copy of that Resource within range of both the relevant City and the Capital.
    UU: Ghana (replaces Great General)
    Unlike the Great General it replaces, the Ghana also counts as a source of 1 Iron, which may be traded as normal. Additionally, it may be expended for a Customs House in addition to a Citadel and has a base Movement of 4.
    UU: Kuralemme (replaces Knight)
    In addition to generating Gold per Kill, the Kuralemme also generates a much larger amount of Gold than normal when Pillaging Tiles containing Luxury Resources and generates 200 Culture when Pillaging Caravans. Upgrades to Cavalry. Requires Iron rather than Horses and does not count as a Mounted Unit.

    Spoiler Western Sahara :
    Western Sahara (El-Ouali Mustapha Sayed)
    Start Bias: Desert
    Capital: Laayoune
    UA: Ya Baniy As-Sahara
    Bonuses received from killing enemy Units and Barbarians are doubled. Generate +2 Culture and Faith in the Capital every time a Great General is spawned.
    UU: Polisario (replaces Machine Gun)
    Generates Culture per kill and gains a +10% Combat Bonus while attacking for each Major Civilization with which you have a Declaration of Friendship and Open Borders. Upgrades to Bazooka, but does not obsolete. Cheaper than the Machine Gun it replaces.
    UI: Sangar (All New)
    Available at Agriculture. +25% Combat Bonus while Defending for Units stationed on top of it. Ranged Units generate +1 Culture per kill for each Sangar in the Empire.

    EDIT #God knows what: Added the following:-
    Toulouse and Wallachia-Moldova to BotG
    Reworked Romania in BotG
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2020
  2. ldvhl

    ldvhl ніщо

    May 15, 2013
    I am looking forward to seeing the complete collection of your designs.
  3. Hoop Thrower

    Hoop Thrower Cyberbolivarian Inkarri

    Aug 5, 2013
    Uh, I have a slight itch that the Xhosa will be perpetually in WLTKD, given that it triggers on Citizen birth and... WLTKD makes citizen births faster.
  4. Danmacsch

    Danmacsch Geheimekabinetsminister

    Jan 14, 2014
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Lots of interesting ideas here. :D

    After reading up on Tanzanian history I got to ask; why Ali Hasan Mwinyi as leader and not Julius Nyerere? I get that he may be more controversial, but from what I could gather he was (and is) kind of considered the father of the nation..

    You being the expert here, I'm sure you can enlighten me and my ignorance on the matter :).

    Besides that, the design is really nice. About the UA though, is it that you get the +20/10% bonus when selecting a ideology AND an additional +20/10% bonus if another civ flips to your ideology? For each major civ? I guess it's not that, because that would be crazily strong!
  5. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    1. Scapegrace tries to avoid controversial figures in her designs... and IIRC this design is leader focused.
    2. Does the Namibian UA increase gold from internal trade routes as well?
  6. Scapegrace

    Scapegrace Obvious Spambot

    Feb 17, 2014
    Note that it's only one city at a time that gets the effect, and that the WLTKD only lasts 5 turns.

    It's not really ignorance - Nyerere had a lot of promise as a leader and did a lot of good in terms of education provision, among other things. That said, he starved his people. Not really what I wanted. Mwinyi was just as important in Tanzanian history, and he made the state a lot more prosperous than it had been before. Of course, a Tanzania split is by no means out of the question. =]

    It's only 10% in all Cities when a major Civilization flips to your Ideology. I balanced this for the sort of games I play (8 AIs on Deity). Note also that it specifies flips - they have to actually succumb to Ideology Pressure rather than join your ideology first, and that's quite hard to pull off on Deity. At least it is in my experience, anyway. =]

    Nope. Only international trade routes. I should have made that clear. =]
  7. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    You, lady, seem to hate mounted units. :lol:
    Very nice designs, all around!

    EDIT: For gender accuracy.
  8. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    Lol. In her defence, knights and lancers are common, but aren't really useful... :p
  9. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Well, that makes Knights and Lancers not useful, it says nothing about mounted units. :confused:
  10. Hoop Thrower

    Hoop Thrower Cyberbolivarian Inkarri

    Aug 5, 2013
    Also, what brought the change of the Rwandan civ from the one in your sig to the one you posted? I doubt the civ in your sig describes you anymore, otherwise I'd advice you to check that Red Breast, because that's not normal...
  11. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    The thing about unique units is that they aren't normal, you know...

    Or actually, you don't know. :p
  12. Scapegrace

    Scapegrace Obvious Spambot

    Feb 17, 2014
    Costa Rica is go! =]
  13. TranquilSilence

    TranquilSilence Grumpy Snufkin

    Nov 30, 2014
    Bright Side of the Road
    The Costa Rica design is certainly interesting, especially in regards to the UU and the unique promotions for Natural Wonders. The issue that I can see people having is the UA, I'm pretty sure that the -25% construction rate for Military units will be frowned upon as punitive design regardless of the other (significant) bonuses and how flavourful it may be. I'm also not entirely sure about how people feel in regards to UAs that do literally nothing until the acquisition of an ideology.

    Regardless, an interesting design to be sure, looking forward to seeing what else you can cook up here.
  14. Hoop Thrower

    Hoop Thrower Cyberbolivarian Inkarri

    Aug 5, 2013
    I don't like much the fact that the civ does nothing until you get an Ideology. I mean, well, you do have a powerful Caravansary Replacement, but I doubt that makes the rest of the civ truly worth it.
    I'd go with something simpler like:

    UA: Pura Vida
    After adopting an Ideology, all Buildings are constructed 50% faster but Military Units are trained 20% slower. +1 Extra Happiness from Discovered Natural Wonders.

    Much more simpler, plays with an inbuilt game mechanic and is useful regardless of your luck with Natural Wonders, which tends to be a problem with Natural Wonder centered civs in general.
  15. Scapegrace

    Scapegrace Obvious Spambot

    Feb 17, 2014
    See, that's the problem. +1 Happiness from Discovered Natural Wonders is dull. It also doesn't really reflect Costa Rica's line in ecotourism, which was, er, sort of the whole point (and is also just about the only thing keeping their economy afloat). You're meant to go fairly wide to try and get as many Natural Wonders as you can with this Civ, and that means there should probably be a Happiness bonus in there somewhere. I'll adjust it so it's a bit more useful in the early game, sure, but I personally don't see why a Civ shouldn't be balanced for a particular stage of the game. =]

    EDIT: I have done as you asked, and more besides. Hope they're interesting! =]
  16. Howard Tafty

    Howard Tafty Minister-Chairman

    May 23, 2015
    Indefinite Solitude
    Do you have any interest in designing Dahomey? it has a very interesting history as on of the lesser known Kingdoms in African History and were one of they initiated one of the many famous rebellions against the French Colonial Empire.
  17. Hoop Thrower

    Hoop Thrower Cyberbolivarian Inkarri

    Aug 5, 2013
    Not to mention the amazon units.
  18. Scapegrace

    Scapegrace Obvious Spambot

    Feb 17, 2014
    To be honest, I was kind of shy about taking on something like Dahomey because I really, really don't want to screw it up. I don't really have my eye in just yet, but we'll see, I guess. =]
  19. SuperWaffle247

    SuperWaffle247 Secretary General

    Feb 19, 2010
    I kinda want to do Costa Rica. I currently have Nicaragua as my planned non-socialist Lat Am. civ but this seems a lot more interesting. What's Our World without an enviromentalist civ? (other than Kenya)
  20. Scapegrace

    Scapegrace Obvious Spambot

    Feb 17, 2014
    You're more than welcome to use my designs, hun. Hell, it's hardly like it's the first time you've used my designs - half the planned Civs have had design input from me. Whether you wanted it or not. =]

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