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Current Science

Just started to work on Explosives
Industrialization (possible to steal, WS, factories, transports)

Since we are in a Wonder race along the Industrialization tech track....
Communism? (decreases effect of Mich Chapel, but allows UN and Espionage (Spy))
The Corporation (freight)
Genetic Engineering (Cure for Cancer)
Metallurgy (cannon, cancels GW) Also allows coastal fotress since the AI will be visiting us with Ironclads sometime soon I would guess.
Sanitation (sewer)
Conscription (riflemen)
Electricity (Destroyer)
Electronics (Hoover Dam)
Refrigeration (farmland)

There are many options at this point. What do we want to focus on? Wonders? Defense?

Sometime along the way we need to steal bridge building, but since we already have railroad, it can wait until we have nothing better to do.
Well, I hope to be able to steal Bridge Building and Industrialization within the first few turns of playing. I'm not sure if there is anything else, but if there is I'll get it. I think that if there's no technology to steal then I may go ahead and set up embassies with those civs. I know that the UN is not far off, but it'll be better than sitting around with an exposed dip :rolleyes:

For our own research, I do think that conscription could be useful. Riflemen can usually stand firm against even ironclads. Metallurgy of course as well as electricity. I believe that electricity cancels the effects of the Great Library as well.

Of the techs offered, we may just want to go for industrialization if we don't get a chance to steal it. If we steal it in the interm, we can catapult to a new tech after that. Then go for metallurgy and conscription.
I'd really like Electricity to end the Chinese technological competition. We can of course steal techs that we don't already have but Conscription will prove very important should any other civs start to flex their muscles. With fortified riflemen then we won't have too much to fear from any ironclads they should choose to send.
Just started to work on Explosives
Industrialization (possible to steal, WS, factories, transports)
Metallurgy (cancels GW)
Conscription (Riflemen)
Electricity (Cancels Great Library, Destoryers)
Sanitation (Sewers)
Electronics (Hoover Dam)

As a general rule, I would say that if the AI gets a tech that has a wonder we want, then go for that tech next. We should be getting to the point of being able to rush a Wonders worth of caravans in a few turns if needed.

Also, I might add that if we had embassies with the other Civs, we wouldn't need to be guessing whether or not they have ToG. However, I would much rather steal techs with our dips as first priority. :)
I agree with duke that electricity is a top priority. We need to cancel the Great Library and thus deal a heavy blow to the Chineese research program.
The only techs that are in between where are now and Elec that don't have to be researched are Industialization and Conscripton.

Indust. is (hopefully) going to be stolen and Conscription is needed to upgrade to Riflemen since we are at war and the AI has had Steam Engine for a few turns now. I would guess that anytime now we will be seeing ironclads near our cities. Defending against them with Musketeers would not be too good for us.
I agree that metallury is a priority too, since we sure could use some coastal fortresses in our cities when the AI starts sending all those endless waves of ships against us. However, electricity should be still be our first aim. :)
I wouldn't be surprised if the AI gets metallurgy sometime soon. I know that they like that tech for cannons and stuff. The Great Wall will come down whenever anyone discovers it, so that'll be nice.

Further, If we go on the offense, the Romans, Zulus, or even the Mongols may be a better choice for the first civ to go after in any case. The English are a bit off the beaten track, and as long as we have a decent defense in those cities near them we should be fine for a while. The Romans, Mongols and Zulus are close enough that our older cities may have to deal with attacks.

For the military minded, the leadership-tactics line is a good one to look for. Veteran cavalry can take on even fortified riflemen most times. Conscription is nice as well.
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