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Should Prime Ministers lead the 'English Empire'?

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by TyrannusRex, May 21, 2018.

  1. McGreggD

    McGreggD Chieftain

    Jun 19, 2006
    I think they should expand on the leaders and give them more depth. Make them actual characters that live and die during the course of the game. Each civ should have many, many leaders with their own unique strengths and weakness, like crusader kings 2.

    If they are they not willing to do that just remove leaders completely. It makes no sense to have the same leader for thousands of years. Same with the named governers, the whole thing is cheesy and immersion breaking.
  2. Stomper66

    Stomper66 Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2018
    I don't think they could, or would animate numerous leaders for each civ. One idea I suggested a few months ago was to keep the leaders and animations the same but maybe change the outfits and backdrop image for each era. I actually play now with the animations turned off as it increases performance massively. Changing the outfits and backdrop for the still leader image could be done easily.
  3. Zaarin

    Zaarin My Dearest Doctor

    May 14, 2016
    Terok Nor
    Announcing Sid Meier's Civilization VII, the first game to actually commit to the singular noun in the title! Play as one and only one civilization! Each expansion will add one new civ! :rolleyes: You realize, of course, that leader animations are rather expensive.

    The leader is a face and personality for the civilization. Because Civilization is primarily a single-player game, having leaderless civs would essentially be playing against faceless monoliths; giving the civs consistent, lasting faces gives you someone to feel rivalry or friendship with. It's not about accurately representing history--Civ is a 4X game, not grand strategy; Paradox has you covered if you want a grand strategy game--it's about making the player feel a connection to the game. I cringe every time I see Pedro II, or Dom Satan as I've not so affectionately nicknamed him, and smile every time I see Jadwiga; it's not because they represent Brazil or Poland but because giving Brazil and Poland a face and personality creates a human connection.

    They did that for Civ3; it looked monumentally stupid. I really, really hope Firaxis never tries that experiment again. Some Civ5 and Civ6 leader attire leaves something to be desired in terms of historical accuracy (Montezuma and Barbarossa quickly spring to mind), but the attention to detail is nonetheless stunning (just look at the detail in Teddy's coat, for instance). It would be a lot more work to do that eight times over. I'd rather have more civs/leaders. Especially since the last time Firaxis tried that we got Skinhead Joan of Arc. :wallbash:

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