Some LoR gameplay questions...

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Jul 17, 2007
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I’ve noticed that a few naval units – Heavy Cruisers in particular, and I think Missile Cruisers as well – don’t get bonuses against Steamships, the way other modern warships do. Is this intentional? It seems odd that Destroyers should do better against, say, Protected Cruisers, than Heavy Cruisers do.

Is it just me, or is Enlightened a bit too good a trait? Bonuses on Observatories, Monasteries, and a 10% Research bonus just seems overly strong. Are there drawbacks to the trait that I'm overlooking?

Speaking of overly strong… aren’t Air Assault units awfully tough? 4 moves, start with CR1. In regular BtS, I used to try to get a few units up to Commando so they could accompany my Gunships deep into enemy culture, but as Air Assault can take cities, they make Commando units unnecessary AND they start with CR1 already. CR3 at 5XP. Wow. Is there a counter to them?
I'm guessing the navel units issue is probably an oversight. As for the rest I don't know I forgot that enlightened wasn't a vanilla or BTS trait.
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