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Audentes Fortuna Iuvat
Jun 6, 2005
The Gathering Place

Humanity has developed the technology to explore and colonize distant planets. Sent from Earth, the first colonies on other worlds were settled in the year 2320. These new interplanetary empires seek to push the furthest limits of the galaxy and expand their influence. However, alien races are lurking on the far side of the galaxy to thwart the ambitions of mankind...

Space Opera is a scenario for Civilization III Conquests v1.22. You will play against 12 opponents on a set galactic map. Several victory conditions are possible, including: conquest, domination, culture, diplomatic, and victory points. I plan to release a later expansion with unique units and more flavor units. This is the first scenario I have released. Please give me your feedback on bugs, glitches, or other gameplay issues.

* Notes on Gameplay: There is a lot of water (outer space) on the map. I have found that playing on a level higher than I normally would makes the AI a more challenging opponent. Tech research does not follow a linear four era model. You can research techs in any era from the beginning.

I'd like to offer a special thanks to all of the artists whose material has been used in this mod, including:
The makers of Civilization III
Interface Graphics - Neomega and Bebro
Leaderheads - R8XFT, Hikaro Takayama, Grandraem, Zulu9812, Embryodead
Terrain - Vadus
Tech Icons - Too many to list, but a big thanks to all. If you would like me to specifically mention your name, please drop me a note.
* If I forgot anyone, please let me know.
Also, I'd like to thank my playtesters - KingArthur and Weasel Op

Download Links - You will need the following two downloads to play this scenario.

BIQ Download

Optional: Download in post #105 an alternate Map to play on, courtesy of Leaven.

Main File - 263MB
* Note about Downloading: The page the main file is hosted on is a little weird. Click the black computer screen icon once, then once more on the next page to get to the download link (ignore the first download link you see after clicking the screen once, there will be another one - see picture below). Download the main file here


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Here are some previews of how the scenario looks. In addition to the art from other folks that I've used, I made static graphics for the buildings, resources, a few of the techs, the popheads, advisors, cities, etc... Also included in this scenario are 16 never before released units:



Ground and Air Units
Spoiler :

Spacecraft Units
Spoiler :

Game Screen
Spoiler :

City Screen
Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Domestic Advisor
Spoiler :

Military Advisor
Spoiler :

Science: Infrastructure
Spoiler :

Science: Society
Spoiler :

Science: Military
Spoiler :

Science: Spacecraft
Spoiler :

Spoiler :
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Yes I've been waiting for this one.
@ Bjornlo, no, I've never heard of that game. The title actually came from a comment Keroro made about one of my spaceships. That's kind of when it dawned on me that I was making a scenario that fit pretty well in the space opera genre - soft science, aliens speak english, etc...

I plan to expand this to include hero type units, UU's, and more flavor units to give it more of a space opera feel. As you'll see in the scenario, I've borrowed ideas from Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Firefly (Serenity), Dune, Starship Troopers, Aliens, Halo, and probably more.
Does downloading require a newer version of Java.
Didn't Read the op.
Downloading now. You've got to watch that when you activate the java applet it opens up another window (to let you choose the file location to download to). This was obscured behind other windows I had open so for a while I just sat staring at the screen waiting for it to do something before I found it.

Having playtested this I know everyone is in for a treat - it's great!
The downloadserver seems to be quite slow... something close to downloading with a 56kbit modem...
NTL thewre are so few scifi/spacemods around here so it will be interesting to play...
It's good to see someone reuses neomegas interface, cause I think it's very good for scifimods..
Samez said:
The downloadserver seems to be quite slow... something close to downloading with a 56kbit modem...
85% after 1 hour on a 1024DSL line. yeah, it's a little on the slow side to DL, but looks soooo good it's worth it!

Congratulations Dawg on your first completed scenario. Can't wait to play.
Well i've got a 6000DSL line and for the file an average dl rate of 25kbits/s so it takes me quite a while.. (and no, I don't have much other traffic now...)
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