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Star Wars: The Mod - Unit requests


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Jul 12, 2004
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Okay, people. As most of you know, a Star Wars mod is in progress. We need all the help we can get, and that's what we made this thread for. We need Star Wars units. Badly. While quite a few conversions were made from Star Wars: Battlegrounds, many have pallette issues, size problems, etc. While some still work, we need a lot of them fixed. We also need new units, as well, if this mod is to ever be released. So I'll just start out with a list by Chris85, (constantly edited):

Click on the name of the unit to see a picture.

New Units Needed
Neimoidian Shuttle
General Grievous
Assault Gunboat
Skipray Blastboat
Geonosian Fighter
Rebel Commando
Hoth Soldier
Mon Calamari Trooper
Mon Mothma King Unit
MC-40 Cruiser
Imperial High Guard
TIE Crawler
Dwarf Spider Droid
Magna Guard
Geonosian Sonic Cannon
TX-130 Fighter Tank
Palpatine King Unit
Jedi Interceptor
Republic Cruiser - Chris85 (WIP)
Theta-Class Shuttle
Venator-Class Star Destroyer
Orray Trooper
Droid Gunship
Army - No pic
Leader - No pic
Flag - No pic

Older Units That Need Fixing (palettes, resize, animations)
(Click on the name for the original thread)

AT-AT - (Resize, Center)
Dooku King Unit - (Re-extract, Palette)
Lambda Shuttle - (Re-extract, Re-size) - BlackHand (WIP)
Super Star Destroyer
- (Re-size)
YT-1300 - (Re-extract, Re-size)
YT-2400 - (Re-extract, Re-size)
Y-wing - (Re-do) -Odintheking (WIP)

Now for some unit-making help:

Star Wars Modelling Sites - Sites to find models to animate

Turbosquid (the first 1 and a half pages are free)
I.N.R.I.A. Models
Sci-Fi 3-D
Star Wars Modelling Alliance
Nixon's 3d models (a few good models here)

Conversion Help - The tutorials for converting units from other games

Converting units from Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - by Chris85
I can do some of the vehicles. No specifics at this, since I have a small list built up.
The ones I do will not be based on conversions from another game, but on meshes and booleans... so quality should be reasonable.
Give me some time to get caught up and I'll give some limited help.
I have a small collection of Star Wars meshes already, so I'll make some of those.
I'll follow this thread and post from time to time.
I could help with the pallette problems in those units listed, as well as with centering. I do not think that I could help with animations, though, unless I take a long titme doing things in 2D, that is.
Well, first we have to have the tech tree, which mrkingkong is working on. After that, we can figure out the civilizations and their units. I agree we might have some units we cannot use, but for now, there are alot of units we know we are going to need.
@ Varlin Saliptor - The ones that just need to be re-sized or centered you can do if you want. The units that need palette fixes were extracted from Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds incorrectly so they look greatly undetailed without there original palettes, so I am going to re-extract those ones myself, unless you happen to have a copy of SW: Galactic Battlegrounds.

Yes, we definately need a tech tree before we know exactly what units we're using, but a lot of those units on that list we know are going to be used anyway.

Most of the units on the 2nd list were extracted from the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds except:

Droid Control Ship
MC-80 Cruiser
Nebulan Frigate
The TIE Interceptor doesn't really need to be redone, but I'll be glad to see a newer and hopefully better version of it. :)

On my TIE Fighter I've got everything done but the Death.flc, Sounds, and In-Game Testing. On my TIE Bomber I've completed the Default, Run, and Icons for the unit; however, I still got to do the Attack.flc, Bombard.flc, Death.flc, Sounds, and In-Game Testing.

I should post some previews to show off my progress in a little bit. :king:
Well, my TIE is simply my choice for a starting unit, to see how it goes...
Unless it turns out to work correctly, then forget about it. But once I get unit making down, I will try to make some of the ones we need.
Here is an early default animation for it. The preview is VERY slow.


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Well, at first it looks like a big black blob, but when I look closer, it looks good. A helluvalot better than anything I've tried, (I can't even figure out how to make a model, :lol: )
@all space unit makers- if you need to do a death animation, just use the ICBM death.flc. It's a generic explosion that will work. I mentioned this in Varlin's thread as well. Alternatively, you can use the more flavorful Tactical Nuke Death, :D.
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