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Stop policeware!

Police-controlled snoops in your PC?

Only in America, baby!

I didn't sign the petition, cause I'm not froom the USA,
hence this invasion of rights doesn't affect me.

Bad luck for you guys, though...:(
I just need to remind myself I'll only live to be 120.
Normally I'd make a long post comparing USA "Democracy" to the same tactics used by Dictatorships and other corrump resigemes. But instead I'll bite my touge and just focus on the topic. ;)

I wouldn't be too pleased about it. But it depends on how they react to what they find. If they see, ".....killing the US....." in a Word Document, are they going to arrest you....(since that's the only quote they pulled) Even though the whole quote is "Countries today shouldn't be killing the US."

I don't mind giving up personal freedoms in the name of saftey and security. If you have nothing to hide...then you have nothing to loose by allowing it.

Of course...if they start stealing my 48 k bandwidth :mad: they will feel my wrath. ;)
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