The Great War

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Civ3 Scenario Creator
Dec 27, 2002
Sacramento, CA
The Great War Europe 1914-1924 2.1 By Sarevok and Rocoteh

The Great War Europe - Division level 1914-1924 1.2a By Rocoteh

it is August 5th, 1914. The First World War has just begun after the assasination of Franz Ferdinand in June by a Serbian terrorist. Austria sought to punish the Serbians for the murder, but earned the ire of Russia at the same time. Austria then took refuge in the message that Germany had given them their full support. At this time France had given the Russians their support.

Russian mobilization followed, which recieved an ultimatum from the Germans: Terminate the mobilization or recieve a declaration of war. No reply was given, and on the 1st of August, Germany declared war. 2 days later, Germany declared war on France as well as they were Russia's chief ally. The Germans then decided to unleash their war plan: The Schlieffen Plan. The plan called for an offensive against france through Beligium to hit the french in the north and to defeat the french army in 40 days.

Germany asked the Belgians to give them free passage, but they didnt. This brought Belgium into the conflict, which in turn also brought in the British Empire when Germany refused to withdraw from Belgium at midnight of August 5th 1914.

Will the Schlieffen plan suceed? or will the allied powers push the Germans and Austrian armies back? Will Austria continue its rule over the Balkans? or will serbia achieve its dreams of a "Greater Serbia"? Will the war be a short affair like the Franco-Prussian war? or will it turn into a drawn-out bloodbath that the world has never seen the likes of before? Only time will tell.

This map is for Conquests, only the Major powers of WW1 are avalible to be played as. These nations are: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Britain, and France.

Put all of the files in the Conquests scenario folder. All the essential files (Art and Text files) should be in the folder called 'TGW'.

The load time is decent, you may have to wait around 20-60 mins for it to finish depending on the computer used. Enjoy!

Rocoteh has released a version of the regular version of TGW that is at "Division level", or there are less units to deal with in the game on land. This is targeted towards those who do not want a long wait time between turns experienced in the regular version

Link to the Division version:

Link to Division Fast version:


Allied Powers:
British empire

Central Powers:
Ottoman Turkey

Neutral Nations:


Creators: Sarevok, Rocoteh

Map Creation: Aanar140
Scenario Creation: Sarevok

Army Data: Rocoteh
Naval Data: Rocoteh
Leader Data: Mobilize
Army Unit Stats: Sarevok
Naval Unit Stats: Rocoteh
Air Unit Stats: Sarevok

AI Testing: dreadknought
City Placement: Sarevok, The Last Conformist, Mobilize, Metacomet, and Al Zan
City Naming: Sarevok, The Last Conformist, Mobilize, and Phoenix

Unit_32 File: zulu9812
Unit Graphics: utahjazz7, Gogf, Wyrmshadow, ripptide, Hunter, BeBro, and W.i.n.t.e.r.
City Graphics: embryodead
Unit Graphics Help: Gogf
Tech Graphics: Rufus T. Firefly, Ukas

BETA Testers: Rocoteh, Bobby Lee, The Last Conformist, Constantine, Mobilize, Zeekater, Deceasedhorse, Volum, Phoenix, Klyden, Grey Fox, Adler17, Metacomet, Gogf, and Al Zan.

Special Thanks to:

Rocoteh: For immense amounts of information regarding army size, Naval size, unit statistics, and many more things. Without him, The Great War would not be what it is.

embryodead: For the city packs that allowed the scenario to be completed on time. In addition, the graphics given are excellent graphics that may see use in later maps. Excellent job!

The Last Conformist: For immense amounts of information concerning the BETA. He found many details that I may never have found which has made The Great War alot better.

Deceasedhorse: For great amounts of information with the BETA. Many suggestions were given that have made it to the final version that makes it great.

Volum: For good suggestions for small changes to be made. Also did the testing that uncovered a large amount of bugs in the scenario before final release.

Adler17: For large amounts of info and suggestions given to me during the BETA, including the use of Modpacks.

Gogf: For assistance with the modpacks which allowed me for the first time to include modpacks in my scenario's

dreadknought: For help and assistance with the AI that made the fighting in the scenario just a bit better and more accurate.

And to all others who BETA tested The Great war, or otherwise helped with it making it a truly excellent scenario that we all can enjoy.

This is the Main Art files, you only have to download this once as additional files will come in seperate uploads. The Download is 32 MB's

TGW Art & Text Files 2.1:

This is the Scenario Download, all updates to the scenario and additional text files will be put in this download. The download is 114k.

TGW 1.0 Downloaded 221 times
TGW 1.1 Downloaded 163 times
TGW 1.2 Downloaded 172 times
TGW 1.3 Downloaded 29 times
TGW 1.4 Downloaded 42 times
TGW 1.5 Downloaded 237 times
TGW 1.6 Downloaded 215 times
TGW 1.7 Downloaded 393 times
TGW 1.8 Downloaded 536 times
TGW 1.9 Downloaded 850 times
TGW 2.0 Downloaded 1173 times

TGW 2.1:


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Excuse me? there are 3 votes here that are negative and no explanation. FYI no1 has a chance to have even play the scenario correctly. I get another one of these negative poll votes without comment, im talking to TF.

I agree with you 100%. The problem with polls
is that they are misused by persons that seems
to be immature in many aspects.

Best Regards

"It's ok" isn't negative ;) (No, it's not me, I haven't voted yet). I haven't played yet too, though I've opened the map in the editor and I'm quite puzzled about the borders - why there are mountains all over the east and west edge? after all X-wrapping is off. And to the south and north, why Polar Icecaps are on? I know it doesn't really matter for the gameplay, but it sorta catched my eye.
yeah, please people if ur gonna vote bad, tell me why its bad please. I get another bad vote without explanation, ill get TF involved, and it wont be pretty...

embryodead, sometimes im a little odd, my definition of bad is anything not saying its good. Ill get the ice caps and moutains for 1.1 BTW. Thanks for bringing that up.

Again I second what you say.

If someone makes a "this is no good" vote I think
that person should explain why.

Otherwise I refuse to see it as an serious vote.

Best Regards

TLC, I found the Thief BTW. It wasnt paranoia, Go look and see for yourself.

Im thinking of new features I can add to 1.1 as there are some things conccerning WW1 that I can still add to the map. And of course changes needed to be made. Any suggestions?

This scenario sounds great, I'll have a go at it and tell you how good it plays (for me, that is).

But... but... why are you so jumpy with those stating "not good" in the poll? After all, if you are not prepared for that kind of behaviour, don't make a poll for it, just ask for direct feedback.

I won't bother voting, I'll tell you what I think when I have the chance to play it.
Oh God... Since when is it compulsory to give an explanation when we vote to a poll ?

The thing is that there's already a great WW1 scenario on this board and it's nice to see another one but I won't exult about it. The map is too large, and I'm not the kind of person who enjoys to have to do something else besides while waiting between turns. Please don't take it personally. You asked a question, I answer.
A comment on polls:

I understand Sarevoks reaction on the poll.
Within 3 hours of the first download there were
2 "I do not like it" votes.

When there were polls on units, I only voted if I thought
the unit was worth a positive vote.

Should I have made a negative vote I would have explained
myself. Scenario-creators, Mod-makers and Unit-creators:
They all do no-profit work. If someone wants to turn down their
work after "taking a look" I think that person should explain
what make the scenario/mod/unit worthless.

Then there are vendettas: Procifica was attacked by one
person operating with several accounts making low votes.

Also some people identify themselves with threads
and creators and regard other people working on the
same subject as enemys.

For me its hard to understand that kind of attitude.

When/If I release my own scenario WWIII - US at the Battle
Stations, I will not have a poll since if someone should
think the work I have done for monts in is worthless
I want to know why.

OK I hope we can the end the poll-discussion and start
to discuss this in my opinion very interesting scenario.

looking good from the Editor, but here a few things about the map:

1/ what happened to the Ardennes (Forest around Luxemburg)???
2/ The Northern regions of spain have a lot of forests, there maybe even should be grassland
3/ Germany has wine south of Frankfurt (Bergstrasse)
4/Madrid is too far North in Spain
5/Ypres might have been where the battles took place, but Oostende is the city around there
6/a little bit too much mining in Scandinavia!!!
7/ since this is the Conquest Version, where are the Marshes and volcanoes?
8/ think Lvov was still called Lemberg at that time
9/ How come the cities for Belgium and Netherlands are still in teh first age, you should set them to the industrial age (as well as all the others)
10/Constantinople should definitively be called Istanbul!!!
11/why did you take a map with polar Ice caps and place mountains on the edges, you should change it (tools to copy and paste maps, ask Phoenix)-....
12/ Cyprus has hills and mountains, it's not flat...
13/going by train from Corsica to Sardinia is not very realistic, or at least you should connect sicily to Italy in the same way...

I won't vote on it yet, waiting for the next version still and waiting to have a look at a game
sorry, but my books say the name was changed to Istanbul in 1453....

EDIT: I checked it again, and you guys are right about this.... it was Constantinople in 1918 (at least I found a source saying it was in 1904)
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