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US keeper for the Olympics


Apr 22, 2003
Who do you think will be the US keeper for the Summer Olympics?
Brad Freidel?
Tim Howard?
Joe Cannon?
Kasey Keller?
Kevin Hartman?
I would assume it was between the first two from the list and I would guess that Brad Freidel would keep his place unless Tim Howard plays well in a friendly or two.
Howard has been playing playing better this season. Friedel was outstanding last year - but has looked vulnerable this year - admittedly behind a dodgy defence. Howard has been great this year - ManUs most consistent player according to Sir Alex - but should have stopped the shot on Saturday.
I's between Howard and Friedel for me...quite hard to call that one.
All depends on what Bruce Arena feels like doing with the national team. Olympics fall in the middle of the first group of World Cup Qualifiers.

I would guess Howard or Keller, my pick would be Keller. This would allow Howard and Friedel to train/battle it out with the full national squad. Would also "reward" Keller for a great career for the US as he'll be old by the time the WC rolls around. It would also allow him to impart some of his wisdom to the actual U-23 keepers - Countess, Warren, or maybe Cronin.

PS - Not really familiar with the EPL schedule, but I assume they're on summer break at this point and if ManU come touring the US again, Howard would be a big draw.
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