What is you vocal range?

Can you sing...

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I'm a Baritone/Bass. I dont sing very often, as my voice is better suited for matching other's pitches and trying to blend in then it is for sticking out on its own
Very bad baritone ... although co-founded experimental opera company ... dealt with matters technical ;)

In fact I once approach the other co-founder who was the composer ... artistic director ... he would train singers ... some pretty bad ones ...

I sat him down very seriously ... pretended that it was a difficult subject but a really needed to talk ... he got very concerned and asked what's up ...

deep breath ... I ummm ... breath ... XXX you know how I've been doing all this technical stuff ?

Yes ?

Well ... ummm ... well ... the real reason ...

Yes ?

Is that I want to sing ... can you train me?

Big Eyed Silence ... mouth spluttering

4 seconds was all I could manage before cracking up

The shocked expression was brilliant
I don't know exactly what I am, but I'm pretty sure I'm either a baritone or a high-end bass. I think I sing pretty well, but I wouldn't want to solo.
I dunno. Similar to Paul Weller from the Jam, minus the horrible English accent.
I happen to have a fantastic voice, Im so glad you asked. I could sing most popular singers under the table. Not sure what my range would be called, but its not restricted to just one of the choices in the poll. I can even pull off decent opera singing if Im drunk enough not to worry about making an ass of myself:goodjob:
At a guess, its say that im somewhere around baritone. Can you give examples of famous singers and roughly where they fit on the scale? that would help alot.
Everyone tells me I have an excellent voice--and I know the range is big. It goes pretty much anywhere from a middle tenor to a high bass.
And I'm damn good at Shane Macgowan impersonations too.
I've gotta punk voice.
Tenor naturally, but I've had to sing baritone and even bass for certain productions before.
When I sing with my band, I don't really sing as anything in particular. Just kinda skip around. I sang a whole song in falsetto once. It didn't go over well.
Tone deaf cyborg :p
I'm so bass, I speak in bass all the darn time! I could even be considered ultra bass.
This server sucks. First time I posted it said "Page cannot be displayed" :cry:

Simplified post: My voice is good, but when asked to sing, I intentionally sound like a dying crow because I do not thrive well on the attention that comes from singing well.
Nerves will tighten the throat and cause that.

Remember you have to leave your pride and self-respect at the door when you are going to perform. ;) One thing you can do is find a song that conveys that nothing-left-to-lose attitude and use it as your opening number.
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