What Videogames have You Been Playing XX: Virtual Imperialism

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Recommendations or suggestions idk what's out there
Re-read the post you've quoted there, please.

Also, we need a new thread. Fred's thread.
Holy cow, @FredLC is still alive ! :D
Nice to see you, it's been a... pretty long time.
Hi there, buddy. Yeah, as I say, I occasionally still lurk the foruns. I just don't have a lot of time to weight in these days, thus a topic so atypical of my historical interests being the entry point.

Anyways, looks like at least a few forum vets are still around, huh?
Fred! C'mon, you're a lawyer*, so you must set an example and respect the rules! Start the new thread!

*sorry, but that's how it is, no insult meant
The new thread is here.
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