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In What Electronic Entertainment Have You Been Partaking #19: Cyberpunked

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Sep 16, 2005
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Despite the title, I'm not actually playing Cyberpunk 2077 yet. Still playing the DLCs I recently bought for Total War: 3 Kingdoms on Hard/Very Hard difficulty.

Spoiler :


Didn't expect to get my hands on such a high-value prisoner. The AI playing him is always a backstabbing bastard and he's a pain to deal with on the battlefield, so you know what I decided to do.
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You kept the "electronic entertainment" bit? lol
It wouldn't make much sense if it were simply "In What Have You Been Partaking," now would it?
Are we even allowed to talk about that on this forum?
It depends on exactly in what you're been partaking.
I hit level 90 in Heist and 18 challenges. :smug:
Gotta get to 24 challenges for the kitty....
I want that kitty too, but 6 more will difficult. How many do you have now?
I want that kitty too, but 6 more will difficult. How many do you have now?

24 :)

I was about ready to finish up for the league when I was on 21 or 22, but decided to just grind out the last few out to get the cat. Most I've ever done actually - even on the leagues I play a fair bit in, I tend to end up aroud 15-18. And it wasn't beacuse the league itself was outstanding - Heist, at least once most of the bugs were fixed, was kinda fun as a break from mapping, but I didn't do that much of it. My last challenge was actually getting all the theives to max level. I think I just played a character which clicked perfectly for me (Archmage Cremation Necro) so ended up pushing further into maps than I've done before - was happily clearing T16s and got to see most of the endgame bosses.
I'll go look and see which six would be possible for me.
@PhroX If you carry me through Sirus I'll get one more!
While cleaning up old files, I came across an old Windows game I used to play, Holiday Island. Sadly it was 16-bit.

However, after a bit of googling, I found that someone had "ported" it to 64-bit....by having DOSBox load Windows 3.1, and then launch the game inside 3.1. And they were nice enough to put it up for download. :thumbsup:
EGS is going to give away RE2, W3. MGSV and FO4 over the next two weeks
Already purchases most of the games on Steam except for RE2, epic may finally get me to install Epic game launcher to play RE2, It can scan my steam library now that its given me like a bazillion free games
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