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Better World Rankings (UI) 1.3

More information in the World Rankings screen.

  1. Infixo
    New version 1.3 as of 8.06 - Cultural dominance.

    More information in the World Rankings screen.

    Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, CQUI.
    Not compatible with: scenarios (they usually modify this screen).
    Supported languages: English.

    This mod enhances the World Rankings screen. It changes 3 views: Overall, Culture, Score.

    Overall View
    It shows the information that is displayed in tooltips as numbers below icons, so it is easier to get a helicopter view on things. Each number has also a tooltip if you wanna know what it means.

    Culture View
    The changes here are actually the reason I made this mod.
    1. Just below the Advisor, there is an information on how much tourism you need to attract a single visiting tourist.
    2. Left column. Added Culture yield as it translates into domestic tourists.
    3. Central column.
    - Below the Tourism icon there is a timer that shows in how many turns another tourist will be attracted from this civ. It is based on the current tourism output to this civ. You can speed things up with Rock Bands.
    - Right to the icon - Tourism Boost, as percentage. This value is reverse engineered (not available from the engine) and if you tourism is low then it may be a little incorrect due to rounding errors (I can't fix that).
    - Above the Tourism boost - an icon for Open Borders and a Trade Route between your civs.

    Score View
    It shows all sub-scores in a single line, the "Details" button is removed.

    Multiplayer note
    The Overall tab should work in MP as of v1.2.

    - Zyxpsilon - an idea to show sub-scores in a single line.


    1. overall.jpg
    2. culture1.jpg
    3. culture2.jpg
    4. score.jpg