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  1. M

    Can you play civ6 on MacBook Air?

    Hi everyone, Looked for this question in past threads, but I can’t seem to find it. I was wondering if anyone knew if you are able to play Civ 6 on a MacBook Air 2017? Any experience playing civ 6 on this computer is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. B

    How to load scenarios on CIV 4 on Mac version of Steam??

    Hi, I have downloaded the following scenarios: https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/world-2016-after-brexit.25175/ https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/world-2014-scenario.22465/ The problem is I thought i would just be able to load them straight through the game but clearly not...
  3. M

    Which Laptop You Recommend?

    It’s been a while since I’ve been playing Civ since I don’t have a PC/laptop. But now I realized I have to move on from using my iPad Mini lol I was looking to get a laptop, but I’m kinda lost, something that’ll play Civ VI and has a nice build quality, price point perhaps ~€1500. I was looking...
  4. O

    Venice/Austria/Portugal etc.

    ok this has probably come up 10,000,000 times already but does anyone know how to restore Venice, Austria, Portugal etc. I'm running Civ 5 with Brave New World & Gods & Kings on a Mac. All the additional civilisations have vanished. I've tried re-installing the game, and disabling/re-enabling...
  5. Creestab

    Hand-Written Mod Not Displaying In List

    Hi Guys! So I'm new to the whole modding seen more or less, but I'v studied college level computer science, am a budding game designer, and have played video games my whole life (various Civ games for about a decade.) I'm currently on a Mac for the next couple weeks and thus do not have access...
  6. lefuet

    [MoO] MoO1 modernization: Remnants of the Precursors

    Remnants of the Precursors, a free fan modernization of Masters of Orion 1. needs java, so works on linux, mac, windows, .. now alpha 3.20 alpha 4 is announced to include tactical ship fights graphic minimal but fantastic low hardware prerequisites already great fun to play...
  7. Quindorrian

    Current Status of Civ VI for Mac?

    So, I have been holding out for a while to purchase this game on Mac. My primary reason is because I want to make sure that I have a rich mod-filled experience similar to what I had with Civ V (which was amazing). How is Civ VI for Mac? Are there [or will there be] lots of mods that add world...
  8. SlySlySly

    How to make a civ and leader?

    Hello. I want to know how to make a civilization and a leader. Many people would likely say, "the SDK has a template of it." Sadly, I'm on a mac so it won't help me. I want to know the basic coding structure and what it requires. If someone would be willing to put together a very simple template...
  9. Snorkelheimer XVII

    Australian Summer: Eagle warrior turns hoplite into worker, Terracotta Army disappears

    Are Montezuma's Eagle Warrior units supposed to be able to magically turn a hoplite into a worker and capture it? That happened to my hoplite early in my first game post Australian Summer update on Mac (Steam). Also, on or about turn 153 when I was one turn away from completing the Terracotta...
  10. S

    [BNW] Game freezes on loading screen using Wine

    I'm trying to run Civ 5 on Wine in order to play the Vox Populi mod on my mac. I did manage to enable the mods, but when I start a game, it gets stuck forever in the loading screen. Now, this is the second game I run on Wine and I know it can be a bit slow. I'm talking about the game being...
  11. Jerxes

    DLC "in library"

    Hi hope someone can help me here, Just purchased the Poland civ and Vikings scenario DLC in Steam (mac). However, I can't find a way to install them. I'm positive they haven't installed yet because 1) they don't show up in the game, and 2) no "view DLC" option shows up when I command click on...
  12. C

    Mods, Macs and Steam

    I've been searching all over, and perhaps my search-fu is lacking, but I can't seem how to enable mods for Civ VI on Mac with Steam. Is this possible? Have I bought the wrong version? A solution would be the best Christmas present ever. Thanks, chris
  13. E

    Enable Civ 6 Mods for MAC

    There was a fantastic script for Civ5 called "ENABLE STEAM MODS" Has anyone/could anyone get to work on reviving this for Civ6? I am frantic to have access to mods. Perhaps someone could make a new, consolidated Civ6 version of the forum page called Installing Mods on Civ5 for Mac Asking...
  14. GarethBeaumains

    Quitting game never... quits.

    I have, as others, seen Civ VI to be a very slow game. However, one of the slowest things it does is quit-to-desktop. It doesn't. It just leaves you hanging for minutes. So I have to tab out to the desktop and use Activity Monitor or equivalent to force quit the game.
  15. K

    Removing City states

    Hi I really want to remove the city states. I enjoy playing without them. I played around with the xml-files as suggested in this thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/289070/discussions/0/340412122408438515/#c340412122411790993 - but it hasn't worked. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  16. S

    Performance on mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15" through Bootcamp?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how civ VI performs on a 15" mid-2014 MacBook Pro with dedicated graphics (NVIDIA GT 750M), Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz, and 16GB RAM using Bootcamp. I suspect my machine will be able to run the game, but what settings will I be able to realistically play on (medium?). I...
  17. ELRACj

    if this release get pushed back..

    So I don't know if anyone else made plans to play the night away foolishly like I did, but if you did I have a small proposition. If the game is not release in 3.5 hours on mac, we should play some casual CIV V multiplayer. Just post under here if you are interested.
  18. ELRACj

    Mod/Map building Mac

    CIV 5 there software in the tool section on steam to allow people to create their own mods and maps for CIV V. Unfortunately for us mac users, we did not have this luxury. As of right now we have no idea if mac will have this capability and mostly likely we still won't get it. But I want to hold...
  19. Mac Civ4 Wallpaper

    Mac Civ4 Wallpaper

    Desktop wallpaper based on the artwork featured on the box. Created by Brad Custer of insidemacgames.com.
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