1. R

    Design your CIV VI Scenario

    Please feel free to post your ideas for scenarios for Civilization VI. While scenarios are not the main focus of Civilization VI, I do think they hold as a major part of the game. Scenarios in the Civ franchise are offered for unique challenges in the Civ games. Cold war Description: At the...
  2. F

    What map(s) do you use?

    I'm playing with the most current version of Ashes of Erebus. What maps do you use? What maps do you recommend? What map is the closest canonical type to Erebus? I've seen tectonics recommended, but the land-sea ratio is horribly off, and the closest to anything sane is "70% land". However...
  3. Lohrenswald

    Guess the map 11: New map at least once per year

    aight basically this be how it works: 1. Some dude posts a map, and y'all else try to guess what the map's supposed to represent 2. Guy who guesses correctly gets to post the next map guessed on, or he can declare open floor, and then the thread is left dormant for several months it's first man...
  4. kantorr

    Play Your Custom Maps 1.1

    This mod adds a new Ruleset in Single Player and Multiplayer to play your custom made maps. The ruleset button is in the upper right corner of the Advanced game setup menu as indicated in the picture. Check out my WorldBuilder Templates mod to reduce the click intensive nature of the...
  5. kantorr

    WorldBuilder Templates

    Due to the inadequacies of the LOC_WORLDBUILDER_MAP (all ocean tiles) and of the WorldBuilder itself (no paint hexes options, or erase mass amounts of hexes) I messed with the base map scripts to generate easier to use maps for mapmaking/scenarios in the WorldBuilder...
  6. GerrardFloyd24

    Looking For Fictional Map

    Hello,I've been trawling through the workshop but all i can find are maps such as "Bigger Europe" and "Large Africa" I'm looking for maps completely made up if anyone would like to help please do.
  7. Thorburne

    Map Planning Templates

    With the strain of using the hidden World Builder in Civilization VI, I thought that it might be easier to draw out custom maps before creating them in the WB. I have created Hex map templates for just such a reason. I created them using Campaign Cartographer 3 from ProFantasy. For any...
  8. H

    Size Does Matter - CIV 5 Large and Huge Map Sizes 1.0

    So i am new to all this but i was quite annoyed at the Sizes we got for the large and Huge map sizes in Civ 6. so today i modified the game files to allow for larger worlds. How to use game creation just go into create a game > Choose Map Size > Large CIV V/ Huge CIV V World Builder just go...
  9. PonderThis

    New Continent Names Better Names 1.1

    There are too many default continent names in Civ VI that sound far too similar to one another. Like my New Continent Names mod, this replaces all of them. This mod was originally named "New Continent Names (Reloadable)" but since reloadability is no longer an issue I've renamed it. Using what...
  10. djkrose

    Meteor Survival 1.5

    Version: 1.2 Tested with Civilization VI Now also available on Steam Workshop: A meteor crater in the middle of an ice planet with just a small strip of habitable land for all civilizations to batte for. Map script...
  11. TornadoCreator

    How To Play A World Builder Map

    I've built a couple of maps on the world builder (that was hidden away in the menus) and saved them as .Civ6Map files. I've scoured this forum trying to make sense of what we've got to work with but I'm still unsure what steps I'm missing. How do I play a game using these custom made maps? I...
  12. Seven05

    Detailed Worlds 2.12

    Detailed worlds is my personal adjustments to several world generation utility functions and customized map scripts with added detail. The primary objective of this mod is to make the world more interesting, particularly with the detailed versions of the included map scripts. Basic Features...
  13. I

    Civ6_Map_Utility 1.5.0

    What Civ6_Map_Utility does: Civ6_Map_Utility has two sections: Map Sizes - Adds custom map sizes to the game Map Scripts - Adds external map scripts to the game (does not generate scripts) Map Sizes section allows to add custom map sizes to the game. Create Map Sizes like 20x20, 100x200...
  14. PonderThis

    New Continent Names 1.1

    There are too many default continent names in Civ VI that sound far too similar to one another. The zip file actually contains two mods that replace them. New Continent Names This mod replaces the default continent names with the following: Astounding Beautiful Capacious Delightful Excellent...
  15. SeelingCat

    YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

    Features: Enormous (128x80 = civ5 huge), Giant (180x94) and Ludicrous (200x100) map sizes for all map scripts Allows to set game with 63 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen Giant Earth : a conversion of Genghis Kai's GEM (Hormigas version) Play Europe Again : a conversion of NiRv4n4's...
  16. M

    Larger Map Sizes

    This small edit addresses the overly small map issues by adding three new sizes. The 'huge' map was set at 106x66. The three new sizes are: Huger - 116x72 Massive - 128x80 Giant - 140x86 I have tested all the sizes on single player and they all work on both a 2 year old i5 processor...
  17. Robe(c5) I&c

    Robe(c5) I&c

    story Screenshots
  18. Robe(c5) I&c

    Robe(c5) I&c

    story Screenshots
  19. Robe(c5) I&c

    Robe(c5) I&c

    story Screenshots
  20. Robe(c5) I&c

    Robe(c5) I&c

    story Screenshots
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