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001 Monarch Series--Germany

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by serttech2003, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. thepiwizard

    thepiwizard Chieftain

    Feb 19, 2016
    I'm just gonna mention anything related to our win or else anything major, in chronological order.
    - Magellan's completes in 1465
    - We enter the Modern Era and get Computers as our free tech (1475)
    - I set Hamburg to a palace prebuild for Interwebz
    - Frankfurt is assigned to SETI
    - I research Space Flight
    - The Interwebs complete
    - SETI follows suit
    - Apollo does likewise
    - I assign Frankfurt to the Docking Bay, Berlin to the Cockpit, and Hamburg to the Engine.
    - The Docking Bay completes, although my Civ crashes.
    - Superconductor researches.
    - My 2 cities (Frankfurt and Heidelburg) with Wonder prebuilds get switched to Fuel Cells and Life Support System.
    - Fuel Cells complete. Heidelburg goes back on prebuild.
    - Berlin completes the Cockpit and goes on prebuild.
    - Satellites researches. Salzburg's Palace becomes the Thrusters.
    - Frankfurt completes the Life Support System.
    - Hamburg builds the Engine.
    - Nuclear Power and The Laser are researched.
    - A prebuild becomes the Planetary Party Lounge.
    - Robotics is researched.
    - Another prebuild becomes the Stasis Chamber.
    - Ecology is researched; only 5 turns to go!
    - I do a ton of fancy prebuild-swapping to keep them on time.
    - Berlin gets the SS Storage and Supply instead of Manhattan Project, while Heidelburg trades the UN for the SS Exterior Casing. Both are due in 1.
    - Pollution hits Berlin at the last moment, making me wait another turn.
    - Nevertheless, we win! The save says we collectively have spent 106 hours on this game. Don't let me tell you that - The save is here for posterity.

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