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A Tryst with Destiny

With the building of the parthenon new ideologies of government were developed, the old mode of direct rule and tyranny was out with the death of King Udayabhadra. The people of Bharata would now have to decide what future they would prefer. Vote by choosing either

1) Monarchy(Dynasticism) : (2 vote)

Under this system the monarch rules through his ministers. He creates a ministerium with a number of ministers as is needed. These ministers administer the kingdom on behalf the monarch. The ministers make plans and proposals and advises the monarch, but the monarch has final say in whether a proposal be accepted or not, or he may put a proposal to vote by the ministerium. Players over here will act as ministers. If chosen the capital shall remain at Pataliputra.

2) City states : (3 vote)

Under this system, each city becomes a state in its own right but associated with other cities in a confederacy having their own governing systems. The states may secede if the ruler of the city is unhappy with staying in the confederacy. Players get to chose their city and decide how it'll be run on basis of a plan. If chosen the capital shall be transferred to Indraprasth.

3) Theocracy : (1 vote)

The brahminical council will rule in this case seated at Varanasi. The Buddhism would be outlawed and no other religion shall be given any support other than Hinduism. No other religion's buildings would be built and no missionary activity be taken by any other religion. Players would act as members of the Brahminical council. The capital shall be shifted to Varanasi.

4) Autocracy : (3 Votes)

Under this system, the autocrat shall have all sovereign power. Hereditary lineage may or may not be followed. The autocrat can appoint successors as he choses and on his pleasure. He would have ministers to administer day to day affairs and in some exceptional cases call them for advise. But no one but the autocrat has power to make decisions. One of the ministers may be chosen as successors, if the autocrat is happy with him. Players get to be ministers. If chosen, the capital will remain in Pataliputra.

5) Republic : (1 Votes)

Under this system, the whole of India will be governed like Takshashila is governed, by an senate of noblemen who will debate and vote on proposals put forward by senator. The senate shall be headed by a 'raja' who oversees the working of the senate (counting of votes, and veto in case of tie, and calling senate meetings, implementing senate decisions). The raja shall be an elected representative elected by the senators. The Raja serves for life or till the age of 80 years. Players get to act as senators and vote for the proposals forwarded by the raja. If chosen, the capital shall be shifted to Takshashila.

The option with the maximum number of votes will be chosen as the government civic. So chose wisely :)

The voting closes on Sunday midnight Indian Standard Time.
Why oh why did you have to offer changing the government! It is clear that most people on the forum will always immediately vote for freedoms even if it is not realistic. These kind of votes just exist to frustrate me.
I'd appreciate it if you guys could get more people on board to make the IAAR more exciting :). Three major events are gonna happen in the next 20 or so turns, Alexander's invasion, The rise of Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya, and the Cholas spawn. So more people = more chaos = more fun :D
Why oh why did you have to offer changing the government! It is clear that most people on the forum will always immediately vote for freedoms even if it is not realistic. These kind of votes just exist to frustrate me.

It is actually quasi-historical. In Indian history there were very powerful republics, and then there were monarchies. In actual history the monarchies triumphed over the republics. But here history is being rewritten and it is possible to reverse the trend. I'm just finding new ways to make the game more interactive :) and exciting.
Autocratic Republic!
Here's what I'll do with Moai's vote ( and anyone else who decides to vote like him ) I'll wait till Sunday midnight when I'm doing the counting, I'll club his vote in with whichever option gets more votes. If republic gets more votes, Moai's will count as one with it, and if autocracy gets more votes it'll count with autocracy. Unless of course he changes his mind and decides to go with one option :) .
What makes you think I'll be kind to a republic :mischief: . Also, the old system of direct rule through a line of kings has ended. The idea of a monarch ruling through a ministerium hasn't existed, its a new idea. The last guy who got his skin melted was actually an autocrat :), he wrote the book on autocracy ! And the guy who got stomped by an elephant deserved it ! xD
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