April's fools: Temporary database corruption

I know some of the staff are probably giggling because "that was sure a lot of angsty stuff Valka wrote; we got her good!".

But everything I said would still be a concern in a real situation. As mentioned, on another gaming forum I no longer belong to for numerous reasons, someone on the admin staff decided to play around with post count and reputation scores. This was not meant as a joke and could not be passed off as an April Fool's thing because it was nowhere near April when it happened. It was a vindictive campaign by one of the admins who had a personal grudge against several members, and thankfully enough other people supported us and informed the staff that something had to be done. The offending admin lost his place on staff and became a bit of a pariah for awhile.

So when it comes to manipulating things like post count on other sites, I'm immediately reminded of this situation what happened all those years ago, and honestly don't find it funny. It brings up very bad memories.

I don't think I'd have even noticed if you'd done the same sort of joke done on another of my gaming forums. I hadn't visited there yesterday so didn't even notice it... but it did annoy some people. The owner/admin changed the word filter so every time someone tried to type the word "the" it came out as "teh". There was a time when my editor-self would have been upset... but learning lolspeak as one of my "second internet languages" means that it's not something that would have bothered me. "Teh" is a common word used in lolcat captions, and is even used in the Lolcat translations of the bible and William Shakespaw.
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