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Jan 1, 2003
Here are some buildings, most of them come from the Sword of Islam mod, but there's a few previously unreleased ones. Also, most of them have been imported from Google 3D Warehouse so I only take credit for the conversion & in a few cases, some extra texturing. There will be more.

Sumo Ring

Sumo Ring (dohyō) / Sumo Tournament.

Wooden Pagoda

Imported from Google 3D Warehouse.

Galata Tower

Historical building located in Istanbul, Turkey.
Imported from Google 3D Warehouse.

Minaret of Jam

Historical building located in Ghor province, Afghanistan.
Based on Qutb Minar model by civ-addicted.

Momine Khatun Mausoleum

Historical building located in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan.
Imported from Google 3D Warehouse.

Kizil Kule

Historical building located in Antalya, Turkey.
Imported from Google 3D Warehouse.


Historical building located in Lahore, Pakistan.
Imported from Google 3D Warehouse.

Shimabara Castle

Historical building located in Shimabara, Japan.
Imported from Google 3D Warehouse.

Mosque textures

Extra textures for Arabic & Persian mosques.
Model by Firaxis.

Shah Mosque

Historical building located in Esfahan, Iran (it's not the correct model though, just the textures).
Model by Firaxis/stolenrays.


Medieval Armenian stele (Monument UB).
Model by Firaxis.
splendid ! :)
Have you used the Chauburji in SoI? I can't help but already start thinking of possible new wonders/buildings you could use it for... have you ever thought of creating a building like "provincial Town Hall", a building you can only have per province (excluding your capitals province). It could be something in the late game, which boosts stability, for those mega Empires (Ottomans, Mughals, Mameluks and Safavids). Alternatively I still think you should add the Ummayad Mosque, the 4th Holiest site in Islam, a place I'm surprised you have not added. Not to mention it would increase the importance of Damascus, a city in my opinion which is overshadowed by lesser known towns in its vicinity.
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